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  1. username: grifter1870 Merry Christmas
  2. stakeusername: grifter gudluck jesse go for 1btc
  3. i already have this but the problem right now is i cant see my code on my gmail account
  4. lol i think will not be easy for you buddy! its a long journey to stand... but well gudluck then!
  5. i tried but im still busted all
  6. guys make sure you have some examples, then post it here please, share some of your favorite movies, just some trailer of your fav movie will do....
  7. hope you like this song guys......
  8. welcome back @ChuckyFucky hope you will have a great time here in PD
  9. thats not true sir, its either scam or getting infos from yours.... be careful on it.....
  10. Hey guys since when i got bored, i used to watch movies like im doing movie marathon. I just wanted you to share your favorite movie trailer in any genre will be fine and post it in this thread. No need to post the full movie, coz its prohibited or may cause a verbal problem to our community here in PD... So feel free to post it here now! My Fav trailer movie this 2017 is:
  11. hi maam @Rina0109 pinoy ka po pala hehehehe nice to know you here maam ^_^.....
  12. ;D lol i thought you are a japanese sir hehehehehe sorry
  13. ;D sounds interesting @Kristoffff hehehehehe nihonjin no utau?
  14. i'll just grab a bottle of beers... listening to my favorite musics too... it will makes me calm
  15. omg kurian, im so addicted to idian musics, if you only know, my wife too....
  16. hmmm this music is kinda interesting to me though... hmm i love the rythme also, if this music would be played on my father's disco mobile, it will be a blast ;D party till no ending ;D.... hi @keian here's my own version of that song, with my idol from japan, name Taka, a lead vocalist of One Ok Rock band...., hope you like it also
  17. omg ;D disco disco party party hahahahaha, im gonna pick this on my despedida party soon ;D give an example sir, you can post it here
  18. hello mavz, bro there's no need to put you on blacklist bro, just stay cool, just like what i first empression on you
  19. i love justin timberlake's song too