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  1. makikwarta

    bitcoin sudden price drop

    hey guys what can you say about the price drop of btc? should we get worried? or this is a big chance that it will go sky rocket? feel free to share your analysis regarding this topic.
  2. makikwarta

    Bitcoin To Drop As Low As $1000 This Year

    the reason is that there are so many new cryptocurrency out there and people are investing on it because they are thinking that it will be the same as bitcoin that started small and cheap and now its worth more than 10k
  3. makikwarta

    Hello everyone

    welcome back. i hope you will enjoy your stay here in pd forum, and good luck to all your bettings with pd.
  4. makikwarta

    Someone still uses bitcoin faucets?

    faucets now are no use because of the price of bitcoin,the amount of satoshi that they are giving away are less, that you will then think that i dont want to do this task anymore for a small amount of satoshi
  5. good luck to you man!! more winnings to come.
  6. makikwarta


    if you want a profitable mining, you need to spend money to get money. you can build your own rig but it its very costly. also cloud mining you need to purchase some mining power to make profit from it.
  7. its better to save bitcoins because as we can see the prediction has become a reality, and it will go on and on and by the time it reaches its maximum worth you will be a multi billionaire if you save bitcoin rather than selling it while the price is not that high.
  8. makikwarta

    where to get free xrb now?

    i appreciate what you shared.. but the link you shared is not working properly, maybe the website is closed. i appreciate what you shared.. but the link you shared is not working properly, maybe the website is closed.
  9. makikwarta

    where to get free xrb now?

    hi guys.. i observe the price of exchange from xrb to btc, and it is quite shocking how xrb is profitable when exchange to btc.. any website you know where to get xrb for free please share.. thanks in advance
  10. makikwarta

    Never give up till the End

    9900X is quite difficult, its a matter of pure luck to win this setup. people win here because they are in the right timing when green will appear. but mostly you will get a floods of red and never green until your bank roll is depleted
  11. makikwarta

    Forum Questions and Information

    is pay per post gone? there is no transfer option.
  12. makikwarta

    Thing's Money Cant Buy

    that is so true. money can buy evrything but it cant buy love, happiness, dignity, respect, and all the good feature of a man or woman. dont love money. because money is the root of all evil.
  13. makikwarta

    poor eyesight

    exercising you eye muscles will help strengthen you eye, it will also help regain your 20/20 vision. you can search on youtube on how to do exercise with your eyes
  14. makikwarta

    Your Religion and Your God

    I am a proud christian.. our god is the father and jesus.. its not just the father we should worship but remember that jesus is the way to the father.. in the bible jesus said.. "i am the way the truth and the life.. no one goes to the father except tru me". John 14:6
  15. makikwarta

    Moderator's ratings

    hi guys, in this topic you will have the chance to rate all the mods, rate all the mods on pd, from scale 1 to 10, and explain why you gave him/her that rating.