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    antiS got a reaction from ABBMOK in 2.2x   
    I'm trying this technique:
    Payout: 2,2x
    Chance: 45%
    after 1. lose don't increase amount. After 2. lose (and every other one) rise amount 2x until win. After win, return to base bet.
    I'm playing with this technique about 4,5hours with 400x profit. I like it
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    lost 0,2 and busted with martingle:

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    lost 0,2 and busted with martingle:

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    lost 0,2 and busted with martingle:

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    antiS reacted to Mhedz in Hello guys   
    Hello guys,how are you all?
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    antiS got a reaction from alixgamerx in new member   
    welcome  and enjoy the game
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    antiS reacted to Serlite in how to calculate roll number from payout   
    The formula for figuring out what range of roll numbers you need for any given multiplier is pretty straightforward if you break it down.
    Let's start with the relationship between win chance and multiplier:
    2x multiplier = 49.5% chance
    5x multiplier = 19.8% chance
    10x multiplier = 9.9% chance
    From this, the relationship is clear: Multiplier * WinChance = 99, or WinChance = 99 / Multiplier. How does this tie into roll number? Well, let's take a look at relationship between win chance and roll number:
    49.5% chance = under 49.5, over 50.49
    19.8% chance = under 19.8, over 80.19
    9.9% chance = under 9.9, over 90.09
    From this, we can see the relationship RollNumber = under WinChance, over 99.99 - WinChance. Let's put this all together to get the RollNumber in terms of Multiplier:
    RollNumber = under WinChance, over 99.99 - WinChance
    Since WinChance = 99 / Multiplier,
    RollNumber = under (99 / Multiplier), over 99.99 - (99 / Multiplier)
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    antiS reacted to ravenyvolle in 500k -0.12 balance:)   
    So after receiving my prize in miss Pd, I withdrew 0.03 and left 0.01 to play with. I was down to 500k and decided to play in other site. For almost 2 days of playing, I was able to increase my balance from 500k to 0.12 by random bets and risky strategies but it worked:) 
    I love to play with 77.77% win chance and randomly change it to 76% and 75% and max bet it all.
    So yeah I was happy because my risky strategies are working and would stop playing for a few days because maybe they will get even. haha 
    Ps. Guys, try stake.com its one of the best sites for gambling because it has lots of other games like blackjack and roulette which are my favorites:)
    Goodluck and have fun!!:) 
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    antiS reacted to Bes19 in 19x is hawt!   
    So i made a depo of .01 to try different strategy. My favorite number is 19 since i was born on19th, so the strategy i did is 19% win chance. This is on autobet and this is the first time that i tried it. I know it's risky af but Life is all about taking risks right. So here is my strategy,
    Autobet : 5.2x or 19% win chance
    Base bet is 10 sats
    On loss : 40%
    But this strategy is not for a long run. I just used it for an hr and got a good profit. I think this strategy will not work for a small balance. Try it with atleast .01 bankroll. Good luck guys! More greens for us <3
    P.S i will try different strategies everyday and will share it here.