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  1. yay thank you! i got both eth and btc one
  2. are we allowed to ask more then one question here? also what game have you won the most in?
  3. blueprints (i hope you remember me im also ccc222 )
  4. What is the Biggest withdrawal done in Primedice? (amount) Username: Blueprints
  5. Bet: 31,093,409,465 placed by blueprints on 14/05/2019 Wagered 0.00004000 Multiplier 66.00x Profit 0.00260000 Bet: 31,093,484,983 placed by blueprints on 14/05/2019 Wagered 0.00004000 Multiplier 66.00x Profit 0.00260000
  6. Bet: 31,029,430,974 placed by blueprints on 11/05/2019 Wagered 0.00000136 Multiplier 6.00x Profit 0.00000680 11.69 Bet: 31,029,458,909 placed by blueprints on 11/05/2019 Wagered 0.00000544 Multiplier 6.00x Profit 0.00002720 93.36
  7. Difficult to be happy with little when you have so much. So be happy those that have little because for you it is easy to be happy with anything. Haha hes the first ive heard complain about that though. Most just deal with it, anyways pd staff are too busy to work on something like this with stake.com and all.
  8. Are we allowed to copy and past topics we make here onto steak? Like as long as their not too old, and their relevant. I want to copy and paste a help guide for withdrawals, i think it will benefit both forums.
  9. How desperate have you been when youve lost ? What did you do or feel like doing? Its truly an aweful feeling for sure.
  10. I agree Tho praise is always good thing.
  11. I have played slots before and sometimes its really infuriating and other times a lot of addicting fun. But There doesnt seem much more to it than spinning the reels or pressing one button. Does anyone know of any slot strategies people use? Is there such a thing as a professional slotter haha. OR is it really the most heavily dependent on luck gambling game ?
  12. I became saturated in gambling and became an overall badder and broker person.
  13. I dont see any option to cashout with bitcoin. And everything is in php not btc. Seems kinda wierd and questionable, But i imagine someone will try everything out and reassure.
  14. Haha I dont understand though. You can only send a user One friend request EVER. If you try to ever send a request again then you get the message "You have already sent a friend invite!" In order to be spammed they must be making many accounts and spamming you with requests? Or did some update happen and now they can literally spam you with requests non stop lol.
  15. Is primedice ever going to add withdrawal fee options for transaction fee? That way no ones complaining about withdrawals being too slow when their given the chance to have higher fee for better confirm times. Or is everyone too busy at stake. Hope this one day gets added. I feel better playing at a place where i know i can withdraw fast when i win.
  16. Ok so Ive recently withdrawn on stake.com and have my withdrawals stuck because they were sent with such low fees 150satoshi/byte. Luckily one of the withdrawals was sent to my wallet where I was able to do the child pay for parent method and had my transaction confirmed in 30 minutes. What You Need: You need to have control over the unconfirmed bitcoin aka Private keys of the addy that they are at. You will need to have bitcoin to cover bigger fee's, so small transactions wont really work. And thats about it. Your basically spending the unconfirmed bitcoin but this time with a higher fee. Use this to determine what kind of fee https://bitcoinfees.21.co/ Ive read its recommended to add double the fee so it covers the first unconfirmed transaction and the second unconfirmed transaction. If you have a blockchain wallet, then your good! But if your using a wallet that doesnt let you spend unconfirmed transactions then you will need to make a transaction yourself. I use https://coinb.in/#newTransaction which is what i had to use since i use bitcoin core. ez pz sadly for the other two withdrawals i had, their still unconfirmed on blockchain and sites giving me an estimate of 3 days for being unconfirmed. I cannot do child pay for parent on those because i did mistake of not sending it to an addy i have control over.
  17. Whenever I change sides, most of the time results in me missing a green, had i not changed and remained confidently on the same side patiently waiting for that green. But whenever i switch sides off of impulse it usually ends up in a streak of reds. Do you guys have the same experience and thoughts with switching sides?
  18. Very true. Would also decrease amount of stolen account cases prolly. Or maybe not
  19. Have you guys ever thought about how Primedice or other casino owners can just log onto an account and play (and already know their roll results) to make huge fancy stats so that they seem popular and trustworthy? I think because of this possibility, and because of no method to prove they are NOT doing this, online casino stats are Meaningless. And should not serve as a trust factor when determining the legitimacy of a casino. Or what do you guys think?
  20. random, I just quickly made a username and pressed randomly on my keyboard.