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  1. thanks @RabMalfoy, whats your pd name I will tip you for the help
  2. Morning everyone, I have deleted the 2fa authorisation from my phone by mistake and can not login to PD, I have messaged Dan and unfortunately I have not had a response so I am also the forum for a little help to l9cate another admin as I only know one admin, is there someone else that can help remover the 2fa and allow me to login
  3. i have used it many many times now and is working well
  4. I know as well as any other gambler on this site that NO STRATEGY is safe, what I am looking for is an idea of a few strategies that I can maybe tweek a little, even the 50% at 10 sats and 100% on loss is still dangerous. so I am looking for something I have not seen or tried maybe and then if it works or I tweek it I can share it.
  5. the problem with changing the seeds is I will be asleep LOL, I will try this over night, what is your profit like with this strat.
  6. I ran a 99x test today and i hit over 800 reds before i hit a green, that was CRAZY, if I start with 100 bb with 2% increase, I only have to get 250 reds and it is game over. but thank you I will keep the numbers in mind and let you know.
  7. I have played many strategies in this game some good and some bad, so I decided to ask the forum for some of their strategies. I have a 0.3 balance and I am looking for a relatively safe strategy to run on autobet over night. If I use your strat and I make a profit I am going to offer a 10k reward.
  8. I am going to try the final stage with a 0.3 depo and see how far it goes. will update you later
  9. do you have the link I would love to read it please
  10. thanks bro, I changed the layout to make it easier reading.
  11. I have posted here a few time regarding strategies to use and ways to play and I thought I would update the progress. i have been reading many forum posts on strategies, and tips and picked a few that I have used that I have worked and not worked as well as my own plays that do well. i have tried and tested lots of these methods with alt coins like doge and burst so I can have stupid amounts for small investment. The first thing I am going to say is this the martingale system is a sure way to break the bank, I was playing on a alt site with doge, i had 500 doge running a 2.2x and 100% increases on loss with a start bet of 0.00000040 and BUSTED, I was so happy that i was not using BTC, it took 42 reds in a row and I was done the martingale system is a killer of balances please be careful and watch the bank. the way i play is auto bet most of the time, i like to sit and watch the outcome of a system for a set period and then switch it up, so I normally start with the following, and so far not doing to bad. i DEPO 0.2 BTC ( remember I use PD and an alt site which I will not name out of respect for the PD team ) i then convert my btc to LTC get 17 LTC and off I go. 3.3x is a great little bet, BB 0f 0.00004000 increase of 60% on loss, i run this until i reach a profit of 25-35% at which time I stop and change systems NEXT 10.421X BB of 0.00001000 12% increase on loss and leave it for a few hours on autobet, i normally get between a 5-10% return from this and switch it up again. this time I move on to the manual betting and run the 3.3x again 0.00004000 BB doubled on 2 reds and switched from high to low and back on each win, 4 reds in a row and I switch it up again, again I run this for a set period. I normally stop with about a 50-60% profit and convert the 23-25 LTC to burst and receive 97000 burst, i then place auto bet on, 10.421X 0.00000100 BB 12% increase on loss and go to bed. wake up next day and off I go again. now the reason this is working for me is I have the ability to use altcoins which gives me survivability, however be under no illusion I HAVE STILL BUST. just remember this is a guide and every system will in the end LOSE, I know that you know that and the developers know that, but this one is currently working for me good luck all and of course if it works for you and up like is great and tips are better JAJAJAJAAJA
  12. if you have a better strat for 99X sharing it would be a great idea LOL
  13. this is a very dangerous question in my opinion, it can open a can of worms and stop people being friends LOLOL, however, in my opinion, we have a couple of situations, USA is a very powerful country, HOWEVER, if Russia decides to join forces with china you have the ultimate super power, with Russian training and China population of 4 billion people that could easily walk through the whole continent from china to Spain and there is not a force that could stop them, and this situation that we have with Mr trump at the helm, it could easily cause people to not want to help the USA, there is all sorts of outcomes that could happen, this current situation with North Korea, is proving that Trump is a crazy MOFO, willing to start a war at the drop of a hat
  14. thanks for the information, I am however unable to use db as it will not function on my Mac, I have tried everything except splitting my hard drive and running VB, ( cant do that it is sacrilege to poison my mac with windows ) so I will look at another way, again thanks
  15. good morning everyone, I have a very quick question, and I hope someone can help, Is there anyway that you can get a full and complete list of ALL transaction on the site, INCLUDING every single bet, I am a number guy and like to run stats and charts for me to see the my own betting patterns etc, now in order to do this I would need a complete list of every bet made and the number outcome from each bet win or lose, I dont know if this is possible and if so how can it be done. thanks