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  1. tnx for the advice personally i use the bank method and i set a limit for myself but even when i think i have everything under control, sometimes i lose focus and just start busting everything. the problem is that once you start losing you start chasing for a win to "get back" where you were and that's how you lose all your money.
  2. i think it's a good idea. if you can't give out the amount you are talking about you should be banned until you give the money you promised.
  3. i think i would return it but i would probably make some jokes before doing it
  4. timdp

    Ignition poker

    i would also like to know how things are. please post an update in this thread when you sign up
  5. my highest profit was around 0.2 but as always i got greedy and lost it all had a lot of fun though
  6. i really doubt that other people's win or loss affects us
  7. i'd like to think of myself as slow and steady but sadly i get greedy sometimes and try to win big fast and i lose every time
  8. best of wishes and hope you get well soon buddy
  9. wayyy too slow for a jump scare :))
  10. i really like the idea about the chat one. i guess the problem is that no member is categorized by the region so there is no " russian member" and thus the bot can't limit the notification to a specific chat. i think this could be solved by giving the user the option to only be in one chatroom at a time. there could be an option for them to check... something like "would you like your notifications be shown across all chat rooms ? "
  11. in the "old times" btc wasn't worth this much and pd wasn't this big. it is very and i mean VERY unlikely that we ever see a 1k satoshi faucet. it's kinda impossible. it would cost way too much for the site and they really don't have to do it... so i guess even tough we would all love to see it, it won't happen.
  12. i mean you probably only gotta get second accounts and fakes because most people here on this website already have an account
  13. hello to everyone and specially the mods what makes you give someone reputation? what do you seek in a post/topic ? have you ever been like " well this post/topic isn't that great but i'll give it rep because he/she is my friend" ?
  14. timdp


    hey everyone have you ever cheated in a poker game? have you ever heard of people cheating? i wanted to hear some stories about people who cheat at poker and do or don't get caught. i think there are some cool stories we could share
  15. i think we might see some downfall but in a long enough time we will surely see it go even further unless some drastic accidents happen obv