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  1. Bet: 24,553,562,666 placed by Betwrong on 15/10/2018 Wagered 0.00030048 Multiplier 1.10x Profit 0.00003005 EDIT: Oh nooooo! I haven't noticed that the Minimum profit should be 0.00003000 ETH! Can I edit my post later or would it be better to make a new one? EDIT 2: Finally made it!
  2. Betwrong

    Ethereum's Important Upgrade May be Delayed

    I think they are postponing it because ETH is okay currently, and no one can predict the impact of the upgrade. For the same reason they pushed Casper’s launch deadline to 2020.
  3. I don't think they were compromised because from what I know YoBit has always been like that. I remember spending some time there around 2 years ago and the situation was exactly as you've described. I lost 100k sats there trying to trade and then left the site for good.
  4. Betwrong

    New Comer

    Hello @Technono and welcome to PD Forum! It's nice to see that the community is growing. The more options the easier it is to find the truth.
  5. The sooner this will be implemented the better for humanity. I know it sounds sounds pompous, but it's true. Doctors around the world will have the data they have never had before. I mean statistical data in the first place, which should be taken in to account when prescribing a medicine or a treatment.
  6. Not everyone is aware of this news yet: https://m.nasdaq.com/article/bitcoin-ruled-commodity-palladium-etf-shines-cm1030552 but undoubtedly it will make BTC rise in the nearest future. As they say in the article: It's a big step forward in Bitcoin's recognition, and I'm the market will react accordingly.
  7. This is really a great news! To be honest, I'm a bit tired of waiting for Bitcoin to bounce back to $20k. Maybe this will speed up the process? We'll see. Hopefully it will.
  8. Betwrong

    Ethereum Surges 33% Within 4 Days..

    Since there were no valid reasons for ETH's dropping I'm sure it will moon in the nearest future. By "moon" I mean it can grow 3-4 times in USD price, and eventually, but later, it will surely surpass it's former ATH.
  9. Betwrong

    🏆 [0.08 BTC] Colonial Challenge!

    Bet: 24,018,659,542 placed by Betwrong on 13/09/2018 Wagered 0.00010010 Multiplier 1.01x Profit 0.00000100 Bet: 24,045,276,903 placed by Betwrong on 15/09/2018 Wagered 0.00010100 Multiplier 1.01x Profit 0.00000101 Bet: 24,055,541,091 placed by Betwrong on 16/09/2018 Wagered 0.00001230 Multiplier 1.01x Profit 0.00000012
  10. Betwrong

    How i hit 9900x Payouts

    Big multipliers have always been my favorite ones. It feels so good when you hit the desired 99.99 or 0.00. Good luck!
  11. Betwrong

    Local Bitcoin Price Hits Record-High of $24,000 in Iran

    It was discussed on bitcointalk, and turned out to be an inaccurate information. https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5017699.0
  12. Betwrong

    BTC Quick Plunge - What Caused The Huge Drop? 🤔

    This only confirms that the dump was made by one person, or maybe by a few, but by not many traders definitely. The market is bleeding hard currently and just looking at the front page of CoinMarketCup right now can give us bad emotions. But it's not for the first time, right? We know, BTC will recover even harder in the nearest future.
  13. Betwrong

    PD Sudden Crash? 🤔💔

    Yeah, right. Though it's only me. So, let's take a break and chill out a bit like @UltraChief suggested. I'm sure PD team will fix everything soon and PrimeDice will be back and booming, as always.
  14. Betwrong

    Faucet abuse

    Thanks for your replies, guys! But it still remains unclear to me, can someone be banned for just claiming the faucet "too much"? I mean, couldn't PD just limit the number of claims per day? Or, maybe "Faucet abuse" is something else. Maybe it's "faucet farming" like posters above suggested. Then it's totally understandable and of course such users should be banned.
  15. Betwrong

    Faucet abuse

    That's what I've been thinking too, @BladeMaster. But let's see what will mods say.