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  1. This is actually the best strategy for wagering, from what I know. But betting same bet size with 50% win chance all the time works as well, most of the time.
  2. Same as you, mate. My entrance into the world of gambling was very similar to yours. Regarding being a winner or not, it all depends on luck, and I wish you lots of it!
  3. I wouldn't say it would be not fair, but I bet very few platinum players would hang out there anyway. Platinum or not, we all enjoy talking with all the folks of our community.
  4. Iceland is nice. I'd live on Iceland too.
  5. Only 5 red never happened to me, but I got only 24 reds once, and it was so nice. I'll never forget that feeling. It was my birthday too.
  6. Hello, @MilicaR ! Nice to meet you! Congrats on getting the job! Welcome to the community!
  7. Eating is indeed an effective way of managing your stress. Maybe you go to gym or just walking a lot after eating, and that's why you are not gaining weight? Anyway, I'm glad you've found your way.
  8. I personally know a guy who believes that Earth is flat. I talked to him about that. In short, if you think the Earth is flat you also have to believe that all airline companies and all the governments in the world are conspiring to conceal it. Crazy, right
  9. If you think PD is analyzing your strategy, and then adjusting the outcome so that you won't be winning any more, you are very wrong, my friend. 🙂 Your words are good for poker game, though.
  10. Be prepared for everything going online, it's a new reality that may last for longer than we think. The good news is that PD is not going anywhere, pandemic or not.
  11. The numb er is 12.91 for the "Around the Globe: Switzerland " challenge. No. No success yet.
  12. It's not wasteful for me because I enjoy the hunt regardless of the outcome. Of course I'd enjoy it even more if I'd finally hit it, but no bot can guarantee it. You can lose lots of your funds when using a bot, and still end up empty-handed.
  13. Yeah, I know about bots, but thanks for trying to help, anyway. I just enjoy manual betting, that's all. I relax more with this kind of betting.
  14. I prefer manual betting even when hunting for particular numbers, like 12.91 today. Made 1,300 so far to no avail. But I know I need to do much more than that to finally catch it. And so I will. Nothing much to do during the quarantine anyway. Why not to play dice, and have fun with manual rolling?