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  1. I play No Limit Texas Hold'em mostly. All other types of poker look not so attractive to me, but I do play other games once in a while, especially if it's a free roll.
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  3. We are on PrimeDice Forum, and the advantage of the house on PD is 1%. You really think it's "massive"?
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  5. Please, do explain. Tell your story.
  6. https://primedice.com/?iid=house%3A118572677083&modal=bet https://primedice.com/?iid=house%3A118572677597&modal=bet
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  8. There are some nice picks of winnings on Primedice Instagram. Those are my favourite multipliers, only I bet with much smaller amounts. It's nice to see someone won that big.
  9. Sure it can. Only the probability of that is pretty low. If your aim is to win $100 one day through gambling, you will succeed after many(or not that many) tries. But if your aim is $100k, it is very likely that you will never succeed. And also with an aim like that, you will losing significant amounts all the time.
  10. Guys, stop posting 1 for the answer. Look at what Para and Sing said. They are right. Happy New Year, everyone, btw. Win big in 2023!