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  1. Betwrong Bet: 50,000,000,158 placed by Betwrong on 13/02/2020 Wagered 0.00001003 Multiplier 2.00x Profit -0.00001003 At least I tried. )
  2. Hello, my fellow PD users! I want to inform you that an interesting event will take place this Sunday on sportsbet.io. 26/01/2020/ 2PM UTC, 3 days from now, the very first Bitcointalk Poker Tournament will start. 5 players, including me, have been registered so far, but more than 20 players are expected. If you love to play poker, and you are a bitcointalk user, I encourage you to take part in this one. This tournament is Password Protected, so, if you want to participate, you should contact @efialtis on bitcointalk, and password will be sent to you via PM. Read more, following the link below: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5217547.0 See you at the tables! Good Luck!
  3. Betwrong Bet: 50,000,000,158 placed by Betwrong on 13/02/2020 Wagered 0.00001003 Multiplier 2.00x Profit -0.00001003 At least I tried. )
  4. I prefer to play with high payout, 99x, 120x, 990x and 9900x. I wouldn't say that playing with low payout is safe. From my experience, I always lose more with it than when playing with high payout.
  5. WWF, cause they are reputable. Maybe others are good too, but I stick to what I know the best.
  6. But is it healthy for you, overall? Lentils and chickpeas are good sources of protein too. I sound like a vegan, but I'm not actually. Just want to revive the conversation.
  7. I just checked AUSWALKS' stats, and overall the guy has lost less than 26.79 BTC but it is still f*cking mind blowing!
  8. I live in a big city, so all kinds of foods are available in my place. The only question is what to choose to eat healthy? I've been hearing about benefits of milk consumption from my childhood, but with the newest researches published, I've started to doubt it.
  9. When I google this question I frequently come across sites saying that milk is a healthy food. But is it really so? Some medical professionals say that your bones don't gain, but rather lose calcium because of milk consumption. Others say that by drinking milk one increases their chances of getting cancer. I personally don't know about bones and cancer, but I've noticed that people who drink a lot of milk are often overweight. What's your opinion about milk, guys? And what do you consider the healthiest food, and why? I personally think it's fish. Especially wild fish that you catch by yourself around the place where you live. Once I heard it, and I still can't disagree with the notion that fish, mushrooms and berries found in your region is the healthiest food for you. I used to like to eat chicken in the past, but they put so many antibiotics in them these days so that it's almost impossible to eat it. Same goes for pork and sometimes for farmed fish too. I'm talking about meat here because fruits and vegetables are obviously healthy, but, imo, you can't live eating only fruits and vegetables. Well, I personally know some people living this way, but for me it's impossible. Also, I would not say I could call those people healthy. I have an impression that vegetarians get sick more frequently than those who eat meat or fish, at least from time to time. So, please, share your views on this topic.
  10. Bet: 40,722,568,578 placed by Betwrong on 03/11/2019 Wagered 0.00000108 Multiplier 1100.00x Profit 0.00118692
  11. Good Luck, @shailu! Only remember: never risk an amount that you can't afford to lose. I did that mistake couple of times in the past, when I was thinking that after 10 or so losses with 50% win chance I should definitely win in the next 2-3 bets. Nope, the next 3 rolls were reds too. Don't repeat my mistake.