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  1. naku bigti na mga onpal, wag na kayo mag onpal
  2. middleman saan? bakit super mahal na ng fee ni cph?
  3. haha, that is possible bruh
  4. just bought only almost 300$ cpu only, dont really know about specs in computer , when i bought i just said for gaming and latest
  5. Thanks primedice , now i can play better and fast with my new Lenovo desktop, bought 10$ btc and i play primedice , in just 1 day i won 400$.
  6. Haha just for fun guys , despacito mobizen_20170814_115951.mp4
  7. you mean my balance? it is more safe if you have 0.03
  8. Yeah its risky, but that is the spirit of gambling, as long as i have enough balance this strat really work, i won 0.2 in just 1 day.
  9. i think its a bug?? what happen guys ,