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  1. At least while waiting we can watch the grass, the sky and the sun. The almighty sun that is going to incinerate us
  2. Animals are great, pd is great, chat is great, busting is great, pioop is not great. Go home pioop i hate you
  3. There are some limitations you know, dancin' around and that sort of stuff but in the end the evil side wins.
  4. I dont know what will happens at the end of the contest but i will try my best to win, i guess.
  5. Yeah is pretty know that is random within the next 24 but because of the wording it could be -exactly- at that time so that would be troll i guess lol
  6. I was literally sure that it would end atfer exactly 24 hours but thats boring i guess
  7. I dont care about bitcoinprices, crypto prices or about global peace i just want this to end
  8. I forgot about this. Im sorry Cap. but this has been pretty long man, please finish this endless suffering already, i plead you
  9. This is getting pretty boring. I hope it ends soon because is too short and too large and too zz z z z....
  10. The other thing i want to talk about is about snakes, snakes are angry and dangerous right... well they can easily die if you literally kick them in the face. I think.
  11. Well lets talk about busting: is a magical event that happens when you put your money on 1.10x payout but you lose, that feeling is busting. Yeah i know.
  12. This is going to be a pretty crazy challenge but i like it sir 24 hours posting in this site is going to be crazy insane and magical doesnt it
  13. 0.00 Bet: 37,052,582,466 placed by Blizzkhan on 18/09/2019 Wagered 0.00000000 Multiplier 1.01x Profit 0.00000000