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  1. Goodluck to everyone and thanks PD! Username: Blizzkhan
  2. 94.53 Bet: 59,182,205,295 placed by Blizzkhan on 25/05/2020 Wagered 0.00004300 Multiplier 6.00x Profit 0.00021500 87.34 Bet: 59,182,268,413 placed by Blizzkhan on 25/05/2020 Wagered 0.00004300 Multiplier 6.00x Profit 0.00021500 3.21 Bet: 59,182,479,957 placed by Blizzkhan on 25/05/2020 Wagered 0.00004300 Multiplier 6.00x Profit 0.00021500
  3. There are a lot of persons who are 100% sure that theres an algo or something similar tracking their patterns. While i think is silly, it can make sense. Lets take into account a few things; firstly, the house (casino) have the advatange for 2 big things; 1. House edge 2. Gamblers are fools by nature There is a counter argument about the algo who tracks you, and is that if the house is literally born to win by default with enough bank, then why bother and risk getting caught? either a) they are sure they wont get caught b) they truly dont do that. The magic thing is also the fact that casinos like primedice are, in short, a good way to see if a profitable casino can work without rigging. The principal reason of why Primedice is so popular is because you can check, in a logical and objective way, the results of your rolls. No bullshit in between. The truth is, casino games are made for you to lose in the long run. Gambling is made for you to lose in the long run. A profitable gambler is bad for the house, obviously.
  4. Theres no safe strat for wagering because you are gambling. That said, low payouts with flat bets are the way to go. Something that persons need to understand is that, unless you are playing a certain strat which let you increase the balance in a realistic way (martingale), you wagering is limited by the amount of balance you have. Sounds obvious but for example, that means that with $1.00 if you dont increase that amount theres a fixed max amount of wagering you are going to make. So in short, if you increase that $1.00 to $3.00 it changes. 98% from 90% are nice wagering threshold if you dont care about the money. Specially good for hunting challenges.
  5. Im going to center this comment on the first thing. I can totally understand why gambling only an amount of money which is a small part of your income is healthy. But lets be real, gambling itself isnt healthy. Hear me out. From a person to person standpoint, is fair to say that there are people out here able to have enough self control and dont greed, persons who are capable of only using $50 a month to gamble as a hobbie, instead of going to the shop to buy a xbox game they'll gamble it where they want, thats ok, but the problem is when the fact that you are gambling makes you lose your mind for some reason. There is a reason WHY gambling has become so popular as a model, to the point where there are persons who dont dare to touch games with a ''luck'' based economy model. Is ironic to say it in a casino, but the problem lies on the person and in the way the mind works. And lets not talk about these persons who, because of gamble, literally destroy their lifes or make it way harder. Like really, the only safe gambler is the one who can gamble but choose dont to unless he can allow it.
  6. This is one of the biggest economy crashes in the last decade. The changes that this pandemic problem will cause for the next or so year will be big. The thing is, a certain number of countries will handle it better than others, so is expected that for some will take YEARS to recover, what this means for crypto? well, i would say that it will affect the prices as well for a good chunk of time. Dont expect nothing big for now, and try to build up a good reserve of each coin that you find the best to invest.
  7. There are many reasons of why poker is a good/famous type of gambling game. First of all, unlike most of the traditionals casino games where you are playing by yourself, this is perfect for a mult table type of gameplay, which in truth adds more variables. Watch people playing poker at a ''high level'' looks cool, but the truth is that isnt more deep than watching any streamer playing high stakes type of tournaments online. I played poker for a chunk of type because of a chance i had, at the same time i tried to get better. I was able to found very educational information and i tried to get better at the craft, the truth is that you can study about poker for 20 years and still need to be able to adapt to the person in front of you, specially in high stakes. Is possible to profit decently enough in poker if you have experience, bankroll and you arent playing on a site where in exchange for your time, deposits and play method you arent getting back enough benefits. In short, poker is a cool game to watch and play, perhaps one of the most fun ones to play for hobbie, but playing poker to win money and specially in mid and high stakes requires being very good at the craft.
  8. Racing itself is a high risk without a solid reward. I dont think you should race unless you have enough balance and a solid reason to do so. The best plan is to follow a same pattern of betting, like, betting a flat amount in 98% payout or something like that. Even so, your best case is that you are playing normally without chasing the race AND the race is just something extra just in canse, and even for that you'll need to have like, a high wager amount which means high base bets for a long period of time. Chasing the race is never a good idea.
  9. This topic is interesting. Lets think, how making the big bonus of the month reloads can benefit the site? simple, as already said, most people isnt going to claim the 100% of the value. And those who do and are able to get the most of it, are likely to play and bust while bored anyways. Is a genius move from that perspective. Now, since this is obvious is also obvious that the amount given must be higher (if all claimed) than the typical coupon. For those who get the coupon version is ok and for those who get the reload (non vips most likely) spray and pray.
  10. Your case is pretty common. For challenges it happens a lot, perhaps too much. The fact that you can hunt a high payout then change the strat because of not coming and then... it happens, has to be one of the most frustrating experiences. The more money the worst.
  11. While i can totally understand why people wants it; isnt going to happen. Crash, a game that in my opinion is more easy to handle is clunky to play. The only way i see a texas holdem poker game modal coming is if they commit 100% to it, like creating a new and separated way to play the game not in Stake/the page itself. People need to understand that multiplayer games are hard to handle, in the sense that unless you create a software made for them is going to be clunky, it will feel bad and this is only the ''tech'' aspect of things, lets not talk about balance, rakeback of the mode and everything else. It can be made yes but is worth it? thats the 1 million dollars question. I'd rather not have something that having something that works BAD. In a few years i can see 100% coming with a ton of preparation. For now, not even in my wildest dreams. Just center in making better what there is currently please.