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  1. Can some please help me out with this question, Who is the brain behind bitcoin?
  2. i have introduced bitcoin to my family except my old parents.
  3. I Have known bitcoin for past 6 years with out investing in it, until 4 years ago that i just invested little money in it but am regretting not putting much in it then.
  4. Only the greedy will fall into the pit of scammer,
  5. I trust bitcoin for the next twenty years...
  6. I have also learned my lesson, i lost lot of btc to the bad guys, so one need to be very careful in handling btc
  7. would ''bitcoin cash'' price catches up with bitcoin price in future time?
  8. i know bitcoin since year 2010 but ignored it then until last year that i bought some satoshi, it was late.
  9. what would be bitcoin price fate after all pre-mined bitcoin has been mined?
  10. it would even go beyond your imagination.
  11. Hello member, i want to confirm maybe am the only person that pray for bitcoin sky rocket, for some time now, bitcoin has been included into my prayer point. how about you?
  12. Is there any online wallet that allow bitcoin QR code print out? if yes! please give name of the wallet.