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  1. The player does not leave the game even after winning and there are a number of reasons for this. For some, this is an opportunity for self-realization, someone only wants to amuse their ego, but for some it may be a banal recklessness and sometimes even nonsense. Therefore, it is erroneous to believe that only money moves people, there are much stronger and powerful forces capable of holding a person and drawing him into the world of online casinos I myself played so early with the opinion of winning, and in the end I lost, and now I don’t care about winning or losing, because I’m on PD, I’m sitting for Stake for chat and a little fun)
  2. I have many difficulties to manage my bank, my problem is that most of time i play with all my balance without using vault feature. I think maybe that having a bigger balance will protect me from red line, but no i always end busted even if the amount is big. Only I use the repository, doupstis half the balance, I lose on the main ... now, when it is necessary to beat the loss, I take the storage immediately and, because of the past loss, make a mistake or hurry) 😂
  3. I've been playing for a long time already there were pluses, but of course there are more minuses. I read a lot and watched the video how you can win at the casino. if you are a VERY cheating person, then there will be some losses within a reasonable framework if you want to earn and not lose... It is better to play on the quiet and be with your money and not complain that "my salary is busted"
  4. Disappointment and Fail ... But there were all moments when Bitcoin fell, and that would be no exception. I would payout half of Bitcoin (even 3/4 withdraw) and play the rest for the rest, but those that were withdrawn will be in the wallet for now Bitcoin does not rise again)
  5. PD stupid because I LIKE) At stake, bitsler and so on, though different for games, but they are pre-game, the scheme is the same as Dice, I would even say more draining. PD can easily add all the games, but they keep the old dice, because in my opinion it is a symbol of PD 😁
  6. The settings in the settings, in my opinion, have a big effect on rain, especially if the capital of the stake is small, so you can still get it. If this is a small bet, hidden preferences should be rare. Except for a big bet on elephants, there is a chance to get it, even without a chat. But,I think all this - it's just random ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. In general, for me such a player and youtuber-Bitcoin official Since he did not just win (albeit strategies that are losing in 99% of the game), he also filmed on video with his face and reaction, and it was clear from him that he could allow the game with such bets and that he was in the black) At first I was inspired and watched his channel, but then somehow I connected him with PD for a year and a half and with all the crypts, later I abandoned it with his channel, but he continued to sit on PD and then I realized that I myself could become a first-person player 😅🤣😎
  8. So it is possible to enable PD on two tabs, but I don’t think that I can do something with one account. I ran 2 dicebot and 2 sites (PD and stake) and then I will say yes that the computer and RAM will be chromate, and during a long game you will need to clean the bot system, and even worse, the computer will work.
  9. Initially, I also played with dicebot and there happened such that I also forgot when I went to PD, I accidentally clicked on the bones and the bot automatically stopped. And after I realized that you can first turn on the PD website from the browser, and turn on the bot, and then you can sit on the PD chat and type rain 😅 Minuses: 1) Sit on the PD site and dicebot is eating RAM 2) Other programs and games are torqued (~ 3-5 FPS)
  10. Now I am already with the bestchange exchanger immediately on the card or throwing a purse, but before that I was sitting on several wallets. Normal in my: 1) Spectrocoin. Easy to use, multi-functional, uses two-factor authentication. 2) Exmo. I bring and withdraw and keep the crypt 3) And all the famous - Blockchain. Security and security, Reduces transaction costs etc
  11. Damn, I forgot to write at the end that the balance will be more or less possible to play with other x. For example, if from 3k to 30-50k satosh, then I already play 5x, 50x and so on) And since I also know this is a dangerous strategy,but it’s not so scary to lift everything evenly from the rain 😃
  12. I myself play PD manually, and after making conclusions or losing balance, I’m still missing some little thing, and I’m trying to get up to them. I myself play 1.1x in such a case And my strategy is to start doing pre-rolls until I catch 3-5 red for 10-20 bets and then I try to catch a long, but not red, but green already, and play max bet until tripling (and more) balance, then quiet at 10x turn and play I wonder how you like my method of sub-pane, yesterday I brought it myself with 3k sat 200k, and it seems like norm.How about that?
  13. I myself thought the same way in the first years of the game in PD and I also thought it depended on the players online and the seed numbers. And the very thing when it all broke up 🤣 After I realized that even a change of seed and I understood that seed cash everything would not be exactly changed, but after changing Sid, you can catch your luck ... But sooner or later, the new seed will come 😫
  14. As for the purse, yes, the commission for withdrawal of 5k satosh is a ridiculous amount and your bank’s PD, and I think with the bestchange exchanger, you can actually use the PD as a purse bank Only here PD is not a bank, but a casino dice, and I LOVE to be loving and playing dice I will lose my entire bank) So I think PD does not fit in roll wallet)😁
  15. According to My girls who are here on the forum with their (maybe not) faces are girls and women, etc.) I myself am in other casinos or poker where the girls are bred. And here, on Prime, they don’t seem to ask for advice and rush into their VC, which means that not 1% of real girls are on PD)