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  1. My changes will of course be ridiculous, but I will still write. I almost always were lazy with a big letter L, I was too lazy to do simple things, like: take out the garbage, go for bread. In my youth time I went to school and boxing sections by force, but I still liked going to boxing than in school. And now I'm over my school life and the real has begun - Hell 😭 In the morning, that they would not be expelled from the university, I had to change my laziness for activity, went to the dances and practiced not sleeping at lunch. And after that I became, let's say, a -hyperactive fool.
  2. After a big win, I take out somewhere 4/5 of the balance, and I distribute the rest in the chat or I play it risky, the most stupid after winning and withdrawing it is to catch a long series of red ones. to the site, and in the best case - win, and at worst strengthen the Reds series and lose the whole balance 😫
  3. I always liked PD with my community and all sorts of promotions. For the long existence of PD, an improvement in the visual component of the dice itself is clearly visible. Most of the PD in the beginning of the week are constantly trying to do a contest, etc. 😄
  4. Recently there was an incident in New Zealand Where in the end,at least 49 people were killed and 20 seriously injured in mass shootings at two mosques in the New Zealand city of Christchurch Friday. But I will not discuss and analyze this case, but I would just like to discuss something. All this thought came to my mind after my parents told me that I would tie up playing and shooters, like CS: GO, Battlefeild, etc. In short, they say that all the people who were in the incident are people who are sick from such games, and after such words, I wanted to laugh. I didn’t understand what the joke of people and all sorts of yellow newspapers was to insult the game industry because not similar to the motive of people. And what do you think, is it true that the games are nothing more than in such cases, or is it just that I am the same 'maniac-tererost' (God forbid) P.S.:If anything, sorry for such topics, I just wanted to speak and discuss. All the best and peace! 😁
  5. Funniest: @MerKieva Friendliest: @Subareg Forum Hero: @AlphaStorm Chat Hero: @Kate865 Most Lovable: @zuxel Most Intelligent: @Yaronovich Most Influential: @igarey Best Moderator: @biggad Funniest Support: @Katarina Favourite Support: @Bojana Favourite Staff: @Dan
  6. Да я в детсве был готов визжать и панична чувтвовать себя 😅 А когда заходил в кабинет,то вообще не смог говорить,мой языковой барьер окутало страхом и всегда бывало не приятно и даже плохо вспоминать эти дни в стоматологии...
  7. We all know the game CS: GO. And in this game there is a competitive scene or e-sports. There were bright stars in the 2014-2018 existence of the cyber-sports scene. One of them is Astralis. At the moment, Astralis looks very strong all over the world. Not for nothing, they occupy the first line in the HLTV rating (Half Life TV). They won 9 trophies this year (DreamHack Masters Marseille 2018, ESL Pro League Season 7 Finals, ECS Season 5 Finals, ELEAGUE CS: GO Premier 2018, BLAST Pro Series Istanbul 2018, IEM Chicago 2018, ECS Season 6 Finals, ESL Pro League Season 8 Finals), but the most important victory is in Facet Major 2018. All these titles were given and team record 1000 points (3 team in history, reaching 1000 points). Intel Grand Slam owners (5 gold bars for each player). Players: Glav1e, Xyp9x, Device, Dupreeh, Magisk and their coach: Zonic. Doubts can be considered their legends throughout the cybersport scene. And what do you think?
  8. For all the time in PD, I often did not notice the sum of the bet and x, because of this, usually 99.9% turned out to be bust... As an example, I was recently on the balance of ~ 200k satosh, I played 9x, then he Loss should be 11%, and I did not carefully put 110%, and then in a matter of seconds it turned out to drain the entire balance😱 It was a wild mistake for me, and what were your experiences?
  9. Was the case in the summer of 2018 big bust was - 320k satosh And after depositing 100k and from the contest on the forum (I don’t remember which one) I got another 60-70k satosh And this was the Greatest Bet: 0.00012 BTC (45x) And the victory was: 0.0054 BTC
  10. Today, among all the cryptocurrencies, bitcoin and ethereum deserve the most attention. Investing in any asset is risk based. Bitcoin or ethereum is not an exception here. And the risks are the same here, despite the fact that Bitcoin has a longer history. Ethereum demonstrates such a rapid growth, which equalizes the stability of Bitcoin. Although the stability here is also relative, because during the existence of Bitcoin, we have seen fatal falls. (So the ethereum survived the fall). Chart: https://www.coinbase.com/chart What is mine? If we compare the payback, this parameter is approximately equal for both Ethereum and Bitcoin. On average, the miner manages to cover equipment costs for 9–12 months. As for the final choice of a virtual coin for extraction, each one makes a decision individually. But since Ethereum is fresher than Bitcoin, therefore, for mining, a cryptocurrency would be preferable. What do you think and what is your opinion?
  11. 9 I never thought I could talk about PS, XBOX and Nintendo) I remember when they were in 2000, when I was still 5-6 years old, I liked to save money for computer games (then the disks for personal computers were in square packaging), but, alas (almost) I managed to buy games for pirates , in crooked Russian. For example, I remember: Spiderman 2, the sound hero, the web of shadow, etc. But during the years 2003-2004, I bought a nintendo-sega mega drive from mom and dad, for my time it was strange, but it didn’t make it less steep, and later I could beg PS 3 for another day, PS ) And about the pirated shops and "licenses" that were sold, I think I would express it. There were games in square boxes (now pre-angled ousted square ones) Childhood, along with the year 2000 and all game consoles, was the best)
  12. Of course, it will be, if not this year, then in another 5-10 years Bitcoin will be used directly with an ATM and will have Bitcoins, so to say "major") 😂 For 10-11 years, Bitcoin has become widely known, and is in great demand, for anyone until 2020 there will be more demand, and along with many cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin will be more stabilized. It would be desirable that Bitcoin could pay for orders, etc d. without transfer to other currencies, the commission, because of which you can lose some money too.
  13. The vault is by far the most reliable and efficient. I don’t focus on the fact that this is the vault I’ll output, I see it as if I’m breaking any bet and X. I used to keep a lot, about a million satosh and etc, but after that, when I moved, I brought all this stuff, so that money for repairs and food, etc. enough, now somehow I don’t cram into the vault, but I take them out on trivia.On the kind of gifts with aliexpress for relatives or friends)😃
  14. In the summer I thought every day whether to invest in bitcoin or not ... Thinking that by the new year it will rise and everything will be Chiki-piki, I delay this moment right up to winter, I got a bit depressed, as Bitcoin is now experiencing a bad time. According to the schedule for 2016-2019, Bitcoin only grew, and on average it could be $ 7-8k, I think now Bitcoin decline is not for long, and after the New Year everything will start to grow in a new way) And what do you think? P.S.:https://coinnet.ru/grafik-kursa-bitkoina/
  15. It sounds interesting, of course, for throwing interesting gifs for fun. The tags are 50/50 Personally, I would not mind even more such new studies in PD. In the chat, it is not always just that it smells serious, sometimes it is funny, and sometimes a full TRASH session takes place in the chat) 😹 In general, do not think PD so "improve", you can in different social services. networks (those in which hyphae, voice, etc. are allowed)