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  1. Thank you everyone for the feedback! Yes, alts should be banned from the lottery and anyone caught using alts should be blacklisted and banned from the lottery. I myself can't come with an idea of an RNG that would get the job done for this lottery, but I believe there are many among PD users that can come with an idea of how the system should work. Any ideas are welcome. Hopefully, the PD team will throw an eye over this and maybe find it good enough to implement it.
  2. I believe a daily/weekly lottery system would be great and it might keep things moving. Here is my idea: - three daily/weekly lotteries that are different because of the buy-in: 1000 sat, 10000 sat, 100000 sat - each player can only buy-in once (no alts allowed) and there is a limit of players (for ex. 500). -there is only one winner and he wins a percentage of the whole sum raised by the buy-ins: 90% and 10% goes to the house (to PD). Let's say 500 players pay 1000 sat for the lottery. It's not much, I think anyone can afford it. The final sum is 500000 sat. The winner receives 450000 sat and the house gets 50000. My thought is this: first of all, this gives new players (but not only) a chance to win a bigger sum which they can gamble after. Bigger players can participate in bigger lotteries, like the 10000 one or the 100000 one. The house always wins a percentage of that while losing nothing, it's a win-win situation. If the lottery is daily, you limit that to only once per day so players don't focus only on the lottery. It's entertaining, the house also wins, players have a chance of winning big so they can gamble more. Thank you for your attention, I am waiting for your feedback.
  3. Because people in general do not want to watch box, they want to see a fight and that's all. What is a different pace of a game and a perfect defensive strategy, they simply call running. What has no blood and no bone snapping punches to the head, they call a boring fight. Mayweather saw that a long time ago and picked on fights with really hard punchers knowing that people want to see him knocked out because they hate his style. He studied his adversaries at each and every single match, from the first one to the last one. For people who really appreciate boxing as a sport, his dance is absolute art, he deflects with his shoulder roll, he has incredible speed and accuracy and most important, he pays attention and plays everything smart. He's not a bruiser, not a mexican style fighter and people hate that. Regardless of anything, he went out 50-0.
  4. It is going to be a Mayweather fight, i already placed my bets. Although a lot of people hate his boxing style, it is really efficient and it's a huge problem for big, professional boxers. McGregor is a good athlete, but he is also very impulsive, which will lead to his body getting a bit tight after Mayweather will begin taunting him. We will probably see some action from McGregor in the first 4-5 rounds, until he realizes he is losing points and the fight will end in a split decision, if he is lucky enough to land.
  5. How about a competition of storytelling, to put our imagination to work? Fiction, 150 words max, on a subject or title chosen by PD staff.
  6. Username: horacewooddw Thank you edward!
  7. Username: horacewooddw P.S. Thank you for the last giveaway, that was nice!
  8. Here's the deal: today's date is 12.04.2017 The first one to hit the number 12.04 on a minimum 100sat bet recieves 150 credits. Post the bet id here. The contest starts now. GO! Edit: The giveaway ends when the date changes. If there is no winner, I will not credit anyone, but instead I will start a new giveaway. Later edit: Congratulations junnez for winning the giveaway! I'll come back these days with a new one.
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    Happy birthday Milan, may you celebrate this day with all the riches in the world. And bacon. From Sir Horace Bacon