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  1. BeJIuKuu

    Script and Website Building .. SCAM

    For a long time, the current went to Prime, and then what kind of person throws a link, by his stupidity went, I hope I 2FA code will save and hacking will not be 🙁
  2. BeJIuKuu

    LTC for the new year

    Right now it would be realistic to buy Litecoin to play not only on Primedice, and on other casino sites) 😉 But I think it will not drop to $ 36, at least I think it will fall down to $ 40 Until the new year is not long left 😄
  3. I answer that there will be 6400 $, not less 😃
  4. BeJIuKuu

    Ripple (XRP) will be $25

    Too I wait when will rise, and that I save for this coin)
  5. BeJIuKuu

    Boom 0.1 BTC Achieved!

    Damn, dude, you have powerfully raised, I wish you such success)
  6. BeJIuKuu

    1st day .1 LTC bust :(

    From the first day (sorry bro I hope you can win even without losing
  7. BeJIuKuu

    Rain Bot

    It ... it's just you're a drain, and you look after those who merge. But know, I tozh noticed such a phenomenon when it merges automatically)
  8. BeJIuKuu

    Русский стрим Обсуждение

    Яр,жаль что ты как раньше не стримиш,помню последни раз когда смотрел,ты пыталься выбить 9900х и отвлее. и не упустил(
  9. Оо,спасибо,что обяснил) Теперь буду общаться как не когда)
  10. BeJIuKuu

    Дизель шоу)

    Оу,интересно вспоминать)Помню любил смотреть на канале,уже забыл на каком.Но все же,если будет время,посмотрю на днях)
  11. BeJIuKuu

    Активность чата

    Если так,некая субстанция именованная "маями" исчезнет.Но с другой стороны,половина актива исчезнет)
  12. BeJIuKuu

    Information is on 5x

    Yes, he is right, there is no limit, you drag your luck or fortune, it's as lucky)
  13. Yes, everything will be a dude, most of the time everything will show. But if I honestly would like to play with different crypto-currencies)
  14. BeJIuKuu

    9900x HIT!

    Wow)Very nice =D Good luck you further)
  15. BeJIuKuu

    Биткоин в 2018 ?

    Может и упасть,я пока что гадать не буду