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    eldrindcm got a reaction from zale023 in Slow Profit Strategy for Plebs   
    This strategy is awesome! BUT KEEP AN EYE IF YOU USE IT!
    Thanks @zale023 for sharing this strategy  From 120k satoshis to 330k satoshis in 2-3 hours! 
    I just want to share my mini-heart attack moments

    After 16 reds, lose 0.00012246 BTC, but here comes the green and got 0.00016909 BTC, so profit is 4,663 satoshis.

    Another mini heart attack when I already hit 20 reds. In my mind, what if it will not hit green then I get busted. But after the 20 reds, it did hit green with profit of 0.0011 BTC as seen on the photo above
    Again, this is a nice strategy but watch if you'll use it as you can get busted
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    eldrindcm reacted to ALIXGAMERXz in how to deposit ??   
    guys can you tell me how to deposit i really do not know and i want to have some sat more than the facut thingy ??
    really ! 
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    eldrindcm reacted to alixgamerx in WHAT IS BITCOIN?   
    hello guys !
    Bitcoin is an innovative payment network and a new kind of money. Bitcoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority or banks managing
    transactions and the issuing of bitcoins is carried out collectively by the network. Bitcoin is open-source; its design is public, nobody owns or controls Bitcoin and
    everyone can take part. Through many of its unique properties, Bitcoin allows exciting uses that could not be covered by any previous payment system.
    see you !!
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    eldrindcm got a reaction from Carollzinha in 88,888 GIVEAWAY   
    Yeah  I thought I'm gonna close this thread before my birthday, but til now only 6 winners
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    eldrindcm got a reaction from mgod in rebit.ph may nakasubok na ba?   
    May limit din sila, kailangan din ng verification. Pwede ata student ID kahit 18 years old above, wala kasi naka-indicate na for minor lang. Mas madali ata maverify dito kaysa coins.
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    eldrindcm got a reaction from Kevin13 in BUY AND SELL (COINS.PH TO PRIMEDICE)   
    Karamihan sa atin, coins.ph ang gamit na wallet. Kapag hindi coins.ph ang ka-transact o pagsesend-an mo, umaabot ng 170k hanggang 200k satoshis ang transaction fee. Marami na siguro ang naka-isip nito, pero ginawan ko nalang ng thread. Pero kung bawal po, paki-delete nalang po mod
    PARA SA MGA MAGDE-DEPOSIT: Imbes na mapamahal tayo sa transaction fee, isang tao nalang ang magdedeposit (tawagin nating ADMIN). Isesend ng mga gustong sumabay sa coins.ph wallet ni admin ang bayad, tapos magdedeposit si admin, tapos iti-tip nalang sa PD kung magkano man yun. PARA SA MGA MAGWI-WITHDRAW/CASHOUT SA PRIMEDICE: Yung mga may balak na mag-cashout (tawagin nating Pinoy 1), baka pwedeng magsend nalang si Pinoy 2 sa coins.ph wallet ni Pinoy 1. Baka may balak kayo, or mention niyo yung nakikipag-transact ng ganito, mapagkakatiwalaan at kilala na sana.
    Kung may suggestions/questions, reply lang po
    Maraming salamat po
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    eldrindcm got a reaction from Thugstream in Today is a Sad day   
    Same here, @zale023. My family believe that my father died because of a disease that he didn't told us. The day before he died, I was about to approach him but something is telling me not to, so I didn't. Since i'm not living in our house, I was not able to talk to him for almost a week (before he died). That's why until now, it still breaks my heart.
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    eldrindcm got a reaction from Thugstream in Today is a Sad day   
    I feel you, man. I lost my father 2 (going 3) years ago, the painful part is that I didn't have the chance to say goodbye nor tell him how much I love him and proud of him before he passed away, he died in his sleep/didn't wake up anymore.
    P.S. this topic should be posted on Off Topic section
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    eldrindcm got a reaction from Thugstream in Today is a Sad day   
    Time really heals, little by little. But until now, it still hurts whenever I remember him, but better than when it's still new.
    I don't think non-moderators can move their posted topic from one section to another, just report your post and indicate that you need to move the post to Off Topic section or the right section where it should be posted
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    eldrindcm got a reaction from DreamStage in Password cannot be empty   
    When a user signs up for a Primedice account, the password field is optional and there's this message "You do not have to set a password or email to play." Some users just disregard the password & email option since it's optional. But when that user tries to login again, "Password cannot be empty." error will be encountered. Why not just make the password field required? With this, we do not need to contact support just to set a password for that account.
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    eldrindcm got a reaction from crazybitcoin in problem with my forum balance   
    If you're using pc, it's in the upper right side of the screen
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    eldrindcm reacted to ravenyvolle in Joke bank 4 ??   
    A woman was having sex in an apartment 20 floors high with another man. She then heard her husband coming.. 
    She told her lover to stay like robot and not to move.

    Husband: What is this?

    Wife: This is a robot I bought to have sex with when you are traveling...

    Husband: Okay.. Lets have sex now...

    Wife: No sweetheart.. Yesterday I got my period, so I will go and make a cup of coffee for you..

    After she left the husband said: Damn I am so horny, I will f*ck this robot...

    He tried f*cking. The man started talking in a metallic robotic way..

    "System error
    Wrong hole
    System error
    Wrong hole.."

    Husband: Damn robot is not working properly.. I am throwing it out of the window..

    The lover realized that he was on the 20th floor he said:


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    eldrindcm reacted to Kevin13 in What an interview!!   
    If theres ledust and Robear interview then you might check this one also.
    Reporter: Sir, can I interview you about your dog??s?
    Man: Sure, why not?
    Reporter: Where do you usually bathed your dogs???
    Man: The white one or the black one?
    Farmer: Uhmm,,the black one sir.
    Man: In the bathroom.
    Reporter: The white one sir?
    Man: In the bathroom also.
    Reporter: Oh, I see, what kind offer food do you  feed to them?
    Man: The white one or the black one?
    Reporter: The white one this time.
    Man: I usually feed him Pinnacle dog? food.
    Reporter: The black one?
    Man: The Pinnacle dog? food also.
    Reporter: (Raised his eyebrows and get mad a little) Where do they nap?
    Man: The white one or the black one?
    Reporter: The white one.
    Man: In the dog? bed where there's a bean bag in it.
    Reporter: Hmmm, the black one?
    Man: The same also, in the dog? bed where there's a bean bag in it.
    Reporter: (annoyed) Okay stop, let me clear this, why do you always ask if it's the white one or the black one, where in fact your answers are the same.
    Man: Okay, calm yourself. Well, I will also make it clear to you that the white one, that is mine...
    Reporter: Ooh, then the black one? 
    Man: That's mine also.
    That's an annoying interview.
    Let us make some good and positive vibes guys and gals on Primedice. weeeeeeeeeeh!!! 
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    eldrindcm reacted to Zoltan in 🏆 Bitcointalk - The Bet ID BINGO Competition!   
    There is a new Bitcointalk Contest here:
    Have fun and good luck!
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    eldrindcm reacted to Jenn09 in New Updates forum Emojis   
    Yea as i've seen awhile ago it is already here in forum you can give emojis to someone you like, thanks, laugh off & also can give upvotes This is nice updates, Kudos!  More power to this group