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  1. manalo ng isang pulutong? pd: greenzone salamat
  2. only 1k? i think no one will join hihihi
  3. i agree, nice idea PD will be more more more FUN!
  4. i hope up to 4000$ in next month lol
  5. hahaha iy gan, ane dulu emang bandal pas kecil. maklum tetangga ane bangsat semua hahaha
  6. if this giveaway already over, ask mod for closed this thread. @neya
  7. my biggest win arround 150$ played poker, but the next day I busted all + 50$
  8. usia berapakah agan pertama x main judi? dan apa jenis judi nya? saya usia 9 tahun atau tepatbya kelas 3 sd, main tuo(2 logam dilempar) disekolah. hahaha momen indah sulit dilupakan!
  9. GreenZone


    i hold all my coin
  10. i think now the time for buy alt coin,take that risk!