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  1. im sorry and where we see is results?
  2. Well, I think if Ed wanted, he would not let Bitcoin run away, especially since two years ago he was being taken out for half a day, then it seemed to me that Ed let him go, but then the chat exploded with jokes about it, I remember teasing beggars often with a message Tips from Ed Edward has sent 0.77700000BTC to Dagmarion And last year, this trick was repeated by LeDust when he passed on the Bitcoin moderators to givaway.😁 I would return it to the owner, even if the tips were not public
  3. Bitcoin is definitely a pioneer and flagship, but it looks like a wheel. And the ether is already developing, it is more stable, it is open. If Bitcoin was presented as an uncontrollable currency, it turned out to be very controversial, but due to the fact that sometimes the owner of the source and final code did not track, which is sometimes beneficial to fraudsters, as well as to governments that want to leave no traces in the economy. In general, as if they did not intensify their attack on Ether, bulls, the ether will not work, and it is then that it gives an answer not to show off a bit, but I also attach graphics for five years I didn’t draw them you can check for yourself )
  4. это до поры до времени))ведь может быть и не палец и не вносу скоро оказаться))) лень до попоболи их всех скоро доведет,дай бог ток в виртуалке) Завсегдатаи,меня интересует резонно 5 топ тем на которые стоит обратить внимание и в будущем отслеживать,либо же треды,как для информативности так же и для обогащения. Просто смотрю тут очень разбросс большой типа ГивОф,Гамблингов,Стримов с Гивами,еще слышал про еженедельные и тд конкурсы,прогнозы,но в притык не пойму.Где. Если не сложно накидайте свои топ 5 тем,тредов
  5. in first post avtor say : First 150 people.....mm ok))) Good luck for me and litle anouther (sr my bad eng, not like googl,im russkiy)) username:Dagmarion
  6. nice stream)) Thats first stream when im win))) Thx streamer))