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  1. I love brazilian culture, when I was a child, we watched brazilian movies, I loved all of them, Tropicaliente, A Próxima Vítima, Escrava Isaura
  2. Thank you @PARANORMAL very interesting to see this video
  3. I am afraid too, and they are ugly fuuu
  4. yeah, thank you so much, you helped me
  5. I turned on the song at full volume and my children started to dance like crazy so fun
  6. I live in Moldova, but I am bulgarian, what song should I post? Here is moldavian song
  7. he also lies, a very unpleasant situation, abbas at least does not appear in the chat
  8. Username: NatalyD Now guys, help me to insert my new signature with my ref link, how to do it?
  9. Haha, just make it, it is soo simple, and you will be happy I had the same, when I was editing this video Thank you so so much Thank you so much
  10. Hey guys. here is my last video, hope, you will like it
  11. @Vladimir @Irena @Bojana very polite and sympathetic guys. I had to write to support and I got help imediatelly