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  1. Nataly

    Dream car

    yeah, that is why is hard (((
  2. Nataly

    Dream car

    My dream car I have to work hard to buy it (((
  3. ahahah rembo 100% impossible, we would be all millioniars here
  4. @Dan wooow, thank you so much i am really happy @Irena dear, i am happy to see your pics, you are awesome girls @Irena @Bojana @Mirela
  5. I wish I have some mil of satoshis to change it in december, need to earn more mooore
  6. he withdrew his 1BTC and dont want to share with us the strat
  7. @Dan you are great man, as always. Now forum will alive again
  8. Woooow @Irena dear, you will be my favourite dear subscriber please, share youк pictures, I will be happy to see
  9. mmm, I thought it is a lottery, thank you
  10. Me too and this is not really good, it takes time and my nerves
  11. I just saw in stats winnings, why?
  12. Is there a lottery like on freebitco.in? I dont see
  13. So nice kurian, you are very good brother
  14. Today BTC rised for 100$ nice
  15. у моего мужа есть канал такой, у него есть видео про инициализацию ключа BMW, я вот сейчас сделала инициализацию ключа с машиной, потому что после того как аккумулятор сдох, машина не закрывалась с кнопочки? опять ютубчик помог
  16. may be it will stay under 5000$ few month but can grow up in few days much more, like was last month
  17. i have YouTube channel, mde this cake for video, also I have more different cakes
  18. my faucet on PD is 100 satoshi, but yours?
  19. i will try from Stake again, faucet there is much better
  20. Before i have tryed this strat only on Stake, Part A was ok, today tried on PD, was really risky