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  1. connesa


    i do have an account in hashflare since 2016 and its profitable that time its just now that it looks scam.but its paying before.
  2. connesa

    btc on 5k$ what might happen next?

    well we all just wait havent reach the dip so far....ill buy in 5k$ 😉
  3. if ever that btc reach the lowest dip 5k$ what do u think will happen?will it bounce up like what happened last 2014,or going down more?the 2014 graph was just like whats happening atm in btc but we still dont have assurance what might happen next.so what do you think about this guys?
  4. connesa

    Tips for coins.ph para iwas sa ban

    di nman nila ini isa isa lahat yan.kung d lalagpas ng 1 btc transaction per day tingin ko ok lng yan.well isang beses ako nsita jan sbi ko lng remittance un dahil ofw ako.since then ok nman na lahat.so far wla nmng hold or block issue s account ko
  5. it can worsen more honestly....instead of feeling ok once you bust it will trigger more stress...but its ok being just past time not to get involve that much i think was more healthy.
  6. i agree with this but sometimes the eagerness to win back was the hardest part.just today i busted another .5 in 3 gambling site because im trying to recover the other .5 yesterday so the ending 1 eth lose.
  7. connesa

    Bitcoin for Pizza

    also read about that one,well honestly who ever thought that bitcoin will go that high any way?
  8. connesa

    What would you do if you won 100 btc?

    100btc omg!ill start my own bussiness in manila and never work abroad anymore.10%would go to charity and 50%would go to bank or buy a property.the remaining 40 will be half for bussiness.well who knows right?
  9. connesa

    PH CHAT - Keep It "Buhay" 🇵🇭 ✌🏽

    nakakatuwa na merun na palng ph chat.ung matagal ng inaasam asam e nakuha den sna lng wag mgng ghost chatroom anu bb?ok ung mga pagames mas nkakabuhay ng chat.
  10. connesa

    Things you do when you lose big

    well before im always chasing losses but not now.if i lose today well tom.is another day😊
  11. this was kinda nice suggestion really.well the new look of pd makes me really cofused tho.
  12. connesa

    How to deal with them....

    this one really make me laugh so he pm me asking for a pic and i already said i was a boy but he still kept on insisting.... so wish granted enjoy😊
  13. connesa

    Singles On Valentine's Day!🙃

    yah making on extra money on valentines day...ha ha just hope i can get more ampao to date my self after🤣🤣🤣🤣
  14. connesa

    Singles On Valentine's Day!🙃

    i miss me,i need me,i like me,i love me....thats what you called self support🤪🤪🤪🤪