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  1. i did not watched from 2 weeks and i promised i would not watch it again because its bad but you gyuz forcing me to watch it again even i am single 25 years old
  2. no i dont like this site NorisaCorme so small faucet lol
  3. from that sites i did not anyone except Genesis mining legit site and i have already mining there
  4. name : Team Race atleast 4 to 12 teams as you want each team have 4 members and one person will lead the team. they should be given tasks the team who completed the most tasks within the time will won the game first prize :55% go to the first team 2nd prize: 35% go to second team 3rd prize 15% go the third team thats it hope you like my idea.
  5. all good except last two sentences 0.001 min bet with 1.5x thats insane no one afford that
  6. sorry i cant tell you because its broke of rules there not allowed
  7. provide some services on some site and earning nice income from there and also from gambling little bit sometimes
  8. AC Milan will win with 2-1 good luck
  9. nice info thanks for sharing with us
  10. you are welcome dear good luck you are welcome and good luck to you
  11. yes its looks but dont get bored good luck use faucets deposit option too you are welcome happy you like thanks
  12. oh my God 999 dice scam now i did not know before thanks Edward i will not deposit anymore there
  13. Dear check this was my last withhdrwals i made from faucets i am in level 12 http://prntscr.com/fxichy
  14. yes dear legit site paying from years look it my withdrawls http://prntscr.com/fxi2mv thanks and good luck to you hope you enjoying there