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  1. IF pd EVER shuts down, there'll be stake but I like PD more of course. Or I'll go to 999dice with 25k sats withdrawal fee and 50k sats minimum amount of withdrawal for btc and also plays ETH, LTC and DOGE with reasonable w/drawal fees and minimum amount to withdraw.
  2. Primarily on the reason that I find some of the posted topics quite entertaining and I usually look for topics on other members' playing strategies, investment opportunities and so on. The giveaways and satoshis awarded per post are just added bonus which makes PD forum really awesome!
  3. Thank you for pointing this out. I know of the currency exchange section on the forum but I'm actually referring to an integrated exchange service on PD site itself. Nonetheless, I'll be sure to avail of the existing currency exchange service that PD has should the need for it arises. Thanks UltraChief
  4. I definitely agree to this. In fact, it's what I suggested in my reply to Dan's post about the things we'd like to see in PD's new version. I like exchanging my funds from one currency to another from time to time while playing dice to see what would bring me luck and a currency exchange feature on PD would be very convenient rather than making multiple depo and withdrawal transactions for different currencies.
  5. As for me, I've been refreshing the site countless times already but it's still under maintenance. So I'll just sit idly in front of my computer and will patiently wait til the site is up again. Well that's besides working on my pending tasks at work
  6. The current version's UI is better than the previous ones but it would really be nice if we experience lesser lags. Also, a currency exchange feature from btc to ltc/eth and vice versa would be great. It would be convenient for players who wants to exchange their funds from one currency to another, plus the site may choose to charge a small fee for the service, hence, additional profit for PD
  7. Undeniably, one of best in the craft/genre! Each of their performances is unique and well-thought. Always proud to be Pinoy; thanks to these talented ones who never fail to bring nothing but great honor and pride to our country
  8. Wow! Thats great! Thanks Yaro I actually rolled 0 at roll 1400 this morning so i thought of choosing 100400 as the closest resemblance to my roll number. More luck your way
  9. Thank you po. PM mo ko if pwede na ah? May tatry lang akong strat, hopefully mag work
  10. Signed up on bitcointalk. Thanks for the giveaways PD
  11. Maraming salamat @Br1 Smooth and fast txn. Til next time. awh mamaya ulit. hahaha