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  1. What will your server or even your loved ones think when you gave them a BCH tip card rather than money? Presently on account of Bitcoin.com and bitcoin money you can state thank you with an exquisite tip. We as a whole love to offer gratitude or even give endowments so why not do it cryptographic money style and express appreciation with a tip card of BCH. If the tip creator(you) dont need to print out the tips, they can send a BCH tip by email utilizing the Tips.Bitcoin.com framework. The procedure is so natural, you can print a pile of cards and give out little portions of bitcoin money to everybody you know. This overly straightforward tipping card can be found at Tips.Bitcoin.com as well. As I would see it I believe that it will be an incredible and fun method for acquainting individuals with the crypto world. I believe it's a flawless thought and I'm certain it will be effective. Goodness and if your stressed that it will go to midsection on the off chance that they simply hurl it in the junk well have no dread since assets will be come back to the purchasing party if not utilized by the expiration date on the card. I think its marvelous! Investigate and let me recognize what you think. source: https://news.bitcoin.com/express-your-gratitude-with-bitcoin-coms-new-tip-generator/
  2. So... Last month I’ve got a big problems ,so used to start play smart and try to recover. All started from giveaway payout,for which I got about 0.0009-0.001 btc. For that moment I found a good strategy and started to play. I turned 100k into 400k within 1 hour and decided to stop,because I got 10000 DOGE tip and wanted try to win with them. I started play with DOGE and in 30 min everything was good,until I stopped autobetting and decided to play manually. I was up to 13k doge and dropped 0. I felt myself so mad and started to play with BTC again. From 0.004 btc I made 0.03 btc because got lucky on some really crazy bets. I was so happy and withdrawed to my wallet. After I deposited to 4 different sites same amounts(0.0025BTC) and got left 0.02 btc in wallet. On 1st site(slots) I busted really fast,so went to 2nd one (DD). There I putted by accident 2.4% win chance,but I wanted 2.4x and won about 0.07 BTC. On 3rd site I busted and on 4th one I turned 250k into 0.01 btc and cashed out. So by the end of the day Iv got 0.1 btc in wallet. Next day I deposited it all to primedice and turned into 0.2 btc,by doing my simple strategy. So luck didn’t want to leave me. From 0.2 btc I deposited 0.1 to stake and turned it into 0.25 btc by play BlackJack. It was the 2 luckiest days of 2018 for me. I made 100k into ~0.35 BTC. I hope one day I will make something similar to 1 btc
  3. Eugene265

    Personal luck of a person!

    My opinion that everything is happens in our life is 50% about luck.
  4. Eugene265

    My Technique for Winning Big

    I like to play manually and 2x is kinda strange,but this one sounds good only if u will not get super long streak of reds. Other way gonna be big fail
  5. I have no idea about top 10,but my opinion about top 3 must be : 1st Bitcoin 2nd Ethereum 3rd Bitcoin Cash
  6. Eugene265

    What’s your highest all in bets?

    As I remember,my highest all in bet was 0.3-0.4 btc
  7. Eugene265

    The collection of tipping-games

    It reminded me of old times Cap. I guess we should create Primedice wiki to save old things like this one.
  8. Eugene265

    What’s the reason to keep bank accounts?

    Well, before I used bank account for saving some profits and some part of money with which I dont want to play. But since vault came out I dont see any reason to keep bank account
  9. I guess my best moment was when I turned my old (2500 sats) faucet into 0.2 btc But there was a lot of others good moments,like new friends,giveaways win etc
  10. Eugene265

    Exchanging cryptos in game?

    I m sure it will be very helpful for a lot of users,it can save ur time for sure. But as i heard we will not have a system like that.
  11. Minimum withdrawals became very small for now. I think it’s really easy to make withdraw with not so big depo
  12. Eugene265

    2019 : New Year, new resolutions

    I quit gambling and started work more. Now Im having less stress, Im not mad on people and feeling much better Also im thinking about to buy car soon,so can drive by my own self
  13. Eugene265

    Low or high!

    To make a correct dessision,u should have a good feeling of the game and predict side sometimes. But its all about ur luck only.
  14. Eugene265

    New login page Primedice?

  15. Hey guys! So I promised yesterday,I’m gonna post strategy how I managed to turn 0.0009 btc into 0.03 btc within one hour. Here we go... First of all u should pick a base bet(for example I’m using 1/300 of balance) So with 90k balance,my base bet was 300 sats. I changed seed b4 I started to play and after presses auto betting 1.01x until u gonna have about 2000-3000 bets on seed. After carefully move to 2x and play only ONE SIDE! It’s very important thing,don’t change your side. Play 2x without on lost. Just straight 100-200 bets. After start play 2x with on lost,but don’t go so far,because u can get big red streak and bust all. Martingale only up to 4800 sats(if ur starting bet was 300 sats) The next step is to get 4 greens 2x in a row and after change payout to 20x and back to base bet. Make 15 bets,if no hit double base bet and make 15 more and again,until u gonna get green. After u are gonna hit green,make 5 bets more to have a chance catch a short streak of greens. And go back to 2x until u gonna get 4 greens in a row again. I’m not gonna say that u don’t have a chance to bust,but this strategy work pretty good to me and I’m happy to share it with u. Good luck in betting!
  16. Eugene265

    My favorite Films & Series

    Hello to everyone again! Today I’m gonna share with you my favorite films and series. As I wrote in the introduction before my favorite films from MARVEL studios and favorite series is Game of Thrones. But there’s much more of them which I like. Let’s start... From MARVEL studios my favorite films are: IronMan2,Avebgers(1,2), Thor(Ragnarok), Antman and Wasp, Infinity war and venom. I’m my opinion those films are the most excited ones and have the biggest influence on each other. In the 2019 I’m waiting for Captain Marvel and Infinity War 2. From comedy’s my favorite one is Babysitting part 1 and 2. This film is absolutely funny and I’m sure everyone of you will take a fancy to it. From fantastic movies, I give my preference to Transformers (1,2,3,4) Watched all of them and still didn’t fall out of love with them. Why do I like Game of Thrones and recommend u to watch it... Because of the workmanship bearing, acting and extraordinary sets are as stunning as the gigantic extent of the arrangement. Somewhat moderate at first, yet it's a grabber once you get into it. Within those series,I also liked new one called “The Purge”. There’s only one season for that moment,but I strongly recommend you guys&girls to watch it! As well I like to watch Gotham and waiting for the next season,which should came out in the spring. Sometimes I’m watching series from DC like “Flash” and “Arrow”. Hope you guys&girls will enjoy watching them!
  17. Eugene265

    Introduction of the Legend265

    Hello everybody! I didn’t make any introduction about myself yet in 4 years ,so I guess it’s time First of all wanna say that meets with Primedice totally changed my life. I found a lot of friends and good people in there. I had a great time and still having it... What’s about me? My name is Eugene and I am 23 years old. I was born in the Russia, Moscow. I studied in different countries ,but didn’t go to the University yet. I’m international rollerblade instructor and working in quest room as well. Hopefully next year I will change my mind and finally will go to get highest graduation. What about my favorite food? It is sushi,pizza,KFC,Burger King,McD. I like almost all kinds of fast foods. Kebab is my usual dish for lunch What about my favorite films/series? Well,I’m a really big fan of MARVEL studios. Watched all films of it. Waiting for 2019 because of new films like Captain Marvel and Infinity War Part 2. My favorite series is Game of Thrones for sure. About my favorite books and games. Favorite books are S.T.A.L.K.E.R. The games are Call of Duty, Battlefield, Assassins Creed and Stalker as well. About gambling. I started gamble when I was 18 years old from the games like BlackJack and Roulette. Also in year I had meet cryptocurrency. A one year later I found primedice.com and it became part of my life. For now days I’m trying to gamble less and put more energy into my real life. Hope you enjoyed reading this small information about me =]
  18. Eugene265

    Introduction of the Legend265

    Awww,that’s so funny and lovely ❤️I❤️R❤️E❤️N❤️A❤️
  19. Eugene265

    Introduction of the Legend265

    Well... I finally found answer. If you want to win,just don’t play 😆
  20. Eugene265

    My favorite Films & Series

    Okie,if I will not like it, I will never comeback
  21. Eugene265

    My favorite Films & Series

    Prison break is awesome. Watched it as well. Actually last season was not so cool,but others was so good.
  22. Eugene265

    🏆 [TIER] Prestige Challenge!

    Bet: 26,112,792,260 placed by Eugene265 on 07/12/2018 Wagered 0.00000976 Multiplier 990.00x Profit 0.00965264
  23. Eugene265

    Green profit stats - is it important?

    For me it’s not very important. Because if u are down about 1.5 btc like me and ur target to make stats green,it will not work. You should have a good plan and keep trying until you gonna reach the result
  24. Eugene265

    Why you should watch all of Star Trek

    Thanks for a such good explanation Cap. I will let u know if I like it or not
  25. Eugene265

    Introduction of the Legend265

    I wanted... u know Farik,but I failed. I don’t know when will be next time,but I will announce it on the forum I guess