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  1. I dont know dude. But I hope lol. I quit gambling
  2. Hello everyone! I would like to announce the official launch of new and interesting dice site. It has a lot of bonuses and rains in it. Great faucet amount and wagering contests with progressive jackpot! I would like to see you there! Ref link: https://windice.io?r=0s0yom4sf Clear link: https://windice.io
  3. The Risk Lover: Loves risk and will most of the time bet on very low winning chances. Im always risking cause I dont like sitting for long time and chasing for long time.
  4. I have a lot of them. But I think best guy I meet is Faris and its still Faris forever and ever.
  5. My current messages count - MESSAGE COUNT 209,600 And its keep growing since 2015 lol
  6. I actually prefer playing on site,but when u are out and leaving it play for few hours,better to use autobot cause it can save all the rolls and ur stats.
  7. My opinion that everything is happens in our life is 50% about luck.
  8. I like to play manually and 2x is kinda strange,but this one sounds good only if u will not get super long streak of reds. Other way gonna be big fail