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  1. i would have to answer @Bojana, as she has had to bail me out of some serious situations, and she has always had my back from the beginning
  2. @hui@Edward @MICRO @Franklin @Stunna Could this request be taken seriously with the amount of votes here, or should i poll for more?? Currently the vote is overwhelmingly YES.
  3. I didnt know if this was common knowledgebut i have heard people ask Simple ___ Just enter the letter z on WIN Increase by box
  4. I'm not sure how true this is, but someone told me you can also pay higher fees and have a faster transaction time...but I have also seen high fee transactions take 6 hours. Im pretty sure this accellerator works by adding in a little extra mining trickyness.. I think it is working as another form of mining, and when you send them the tx, youre actually helping their miners find the transaction, therefore, they get paid for it..Ya think?
  5. Its all just so weird....like a liquid mass...so easily changing shape and going in random motion...
  6. I wonder who has the most tattoo work here....possibly a tattoo contest? I may be entertaining the idea of sponsoring a contest for the PD Forum
  7. people.....strategies are all relative to seed outcome. What may work for one person wont always work for others
  8. i am impatient when it comes to transaction times because btc value is time sensitive. What is 10usd could be 25 or 5 after the confirmation wait time...aggravating
  9. i ALSO FEEL AFTER SOME THOUGHT, That the VIP tag shows appreciation for the fact that youve wagered a shit ton of money and didnt faucet farm.. It shows the site cares about you playing real money
  10. The only people that are opposed are the people who accomplished it only wagering a small percentage compared to then... People that wagered 100btc two years ago would only have about 25 wagered now...no major accomplishment
  11. I just think its like inflation and should be based on the actual amount in VALUE wagered
  12. LETS TAKE A VOTE So I was thinking... Back in the day, when btc was 300usd each, it wasnt so hard to have 100btc wagered and achieve vip. Now, btc is so much higher in value its ridiculous to even reach 50btc wagered I currently have 66.277btc wagered. that equals over $286 thousand usd. Two years ago, $286,000 would buy how many btc?? 953btc DO YOU SEE MY POINT??? Lower the level for VIP... Its reletive to inflation. @Edward @MICRO @Stunna @Franklin L
  13. So this fork happened. Great news, transactions will increase in speed, and everyone will be so happy. The cost of btc will be better for the buyer and more equally distibuted among its users. These things were said and more....what a freaking joke. The only thing i have ever been told that has proven to be 100% accurate, is that the behavior of Bitcoin, is like the end of time in relation to prediction. You can no more accurately predict it than tell someone how much longer the sun will live. Always an Intellectual idiot out there to puke out tiny facts and push their hustle....but in the end, btc will do whatever it does. I compare it to chasing a rolling football..(american football)
  14. Hello you wonderful sharp fellow, welcome to the fold. I wish to you the luck of the Irish, and the financial genius of the Jews...and the Vodka of the Russians. Be well, and play smart...EZ RIGHT?
  15. Verified 100% @sourc3code is my go-to guy LOL...very trusted and no BS-----EVER
  16. American Express has a card called Serve Card. It allows you to do instant card to card transfers, also CHIME Card I do all of my buying and selling using these prepaid cards, and SERVE has NO LOADING FEE!!!
  17. It was expected to be a hard fork, which it was NOT. It ended up being a soft fork, and with no issues. I'm not seeing much in the way of validated concerns, but we shall see.
  18. even offering to return the funds would be nice for those who sent unknowingly..but that as well is not an option. What was worth something today may be worth something totally different tomorrow, and with that in mind, its a little concerning thats my issue.. if btc crashes, i cant pull it and sell it while its still worth something... i could easily see 100usd be worth 20 tomorrow
  19. btc and dont panic should never be held in the same context or conversation....jus' sayin
  20. DO NOT DEPOSIT!! Until the situation has been resolved, deposits are being held and not credited. I always buy, and then send right away to my account on PD before I go to the site. I made a pretty decent deposit today and will not see it until "soon" I feel really nervous, because in the world of btc when this has happened to me before, i ended up not getting my money, and soon after, the sites were closed. I know PD is credible, and that I can trust them, but who can you really trust out there in this world when it comes to money?? Im giving the benefit of the doubt to support, and hope the situation is resolved soon...other sites are not ALL doing this, and hopefully soon it will be sorted out....but these things are time sensitive
  21. Thanks for all who participated!! May do another in the NEAR future, so stay tuned!!!
  22. minimum bet 1 sat 1 sat bet minimum post TWO rolls, with all 4 numbers matching, 1 sat bet minimum. they can be different numbers for the rolls, but all 4 numbers must match