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  1. i would have to answer @Bojana, as she has had to bail me out of some serious situations, and she has always had my back from the beginning
  2. @hui@Edward @MICRO @Franklin @Stunna Could this request be taken seriously with the amount of votes here, or should i poll for more?? Currently the vote is overwhelmingly YES.
  3. I work at a computer all day, and own the company I work for lol Investing there is a good option, especially when they are doing wagering contests
  4. I didnt know if this was common knowledgebut i have heard people ask Simple ___ Just enter the letter z on WIN Increase by box
  5. I'm not sure how true this is, but someone told me you can also pay higher fees and have a faster transaction time...but I have also seen high fee transactions take 6 hours. Im pretty sure this accellerator works by adding in a little extra mining trickyness.. I think it is working as another form of mining, and when you send them the tx, youre actually helping their miners find the transaction, therefore, they get paid for it..Ya think?
  6. Its all just so weird....like a liquid mass...so easily changing shape and going in random motion...
  7. I wonder who has the most tattoo work here....possibly a tattoo contest? I may be entertaining the idea of sponsoring a contest for the PD Forum
  8. Got a few hours before the bank opens, we shall see how things go today
  9. people.....strategies are all relative to seed outcome. What may work for one person wont always work for others
  10. i am impatient when it comes to transaction times because btc value is time sensitive. What is 10usd could be 25 or 5 after the confirmation wait time...aggravating
  11. I got the whole streaming thing figured out better, and later today will probably fire it up and do some streaming... Gotta hit the bank this morning. I will post the link if i decide to go for it
  12. heres a site called Yolodice that I play quite often. Theres NO TIMER ON FAUCET for all the faucet players...lol I think the autobet feature is insane and has tons of options i like https://yolodice.com/r?DBqE-7HQ
  13. i ALSO FEEL AFTER SOME THOUGHT, That the VIP tag shows appreciation for the fact that youve wagered a shit ton of money and didnt faucet farm.. It shows the site cares about you playing real money
  14. no problem...the site even lets you lock in your withdrawal addy in case youre worried someone could hack it...(why lol)