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  1. thanks for posting this will try this later after work
  2. well better luck next time.. win sum lose sum
  3. My two friends has been debating about this "lucky charm" that he recently bought. He said that since he bought this item his winning rate have increased in gambling. How about you guys do you believe that certain items may affect your luck? For me I personally believe that luck is just luck.
  4. You are so pretty! Congrats for winning! You seems familiar.. have you ever been to the Philippines?
  5. slow but sure for me but sometimes I tend to bet more when on losing streak
  6. still positive as of the moment hopefully it stays the course
  7. If you were given a chance to bet your life for 10 million dollars will you roll the dice? the odds would be 50 / 50
  8. nice hit so congrats I will also try and hopefully get lucky like you
  9. I don't think it will be halved in a few weeks though
  10. wake, eat, work, play, eat then sleep then repeat
  11. barcelona 2 - 1 manchester united winner barcelona
  12. PSG 1 - 2 Juventus winner Juventus
  13. bayern 1 - 0 internazionale winner bayern
  14. Happened to me around 3-4 times