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    Ssociety got a reaction from UltraChief in Primedice   
    yeah you are right @UltraChief I should not blame pd for my bad luck  
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    Ssociety reacted to UltraChief in Primedice   
    Nah its just your luck. You know its always luck that matters and also every strategy is bound to fail in the long run. Sometimes people do make profits but they are temporary. You have to stop at some time.
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    Ssociety got a reaction from UltraChief in Primedice   
    Don't be mad at me primedice :), I am just noticing this lately, when I got a new strat , It seems that it is always being detected and I ended up busting lol.. is it true or I am just hallucinating hahaha
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    Ssociety got a reaction from Carollzinha in Hit the Palindrome Giveaway   
    I am going to bust my 10k for that 69.69 hahah.. its quiet hard carol
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    Ssociety reacted to vinka1976 in Anime   
    death note, bleach, berserk , elfen lied, super champions , ranma 1/2 and of course dragon ball
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    Ssociety reacted to reinTX in Anime   
    One piece Naruto Bakuman  
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    Ssociety reacted to Zephiera in Anime   
    Same like you! Code Geass. I also like No Game No Life and Log Horizon ??
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    Ssociety reacted to MrKnight8686 in Anime   
    Naruto  I like ninja
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    Ssociety reacted to mgod in Anime   
    steins;gate. code geass. nanatsu no taizai, anohana. and so much more..
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    Ssociety reacted to Kargai in Anime   
    At first i didn't like that much Dragon Ball Super but with time it's ok. Not as cool as the original ones but still enjoyable.
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    Ssociety got a reaction from badguy69 in My dog dead   
    I'm sorry for your loss ,badguy69 I wish dog have more longer lifespan tho
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    Ssociety got a reaction from MrKnight8686 in Ways to have good dreams after rolling!!   
    Yeah I know that feeling , I would think my lost every now and then ;/
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    Ssociety reacted to Mistletoe in Anime   
    Mine is One Piece. Tho the graphics is a meh, the story is really great
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    Ssociety reacted to Kargai in Anime   
    I'll go for Dragon Ball in a whole (DB, DBZ, DBGT, DBSuper) and One Piece, the only 2 i still watch from time to time. Attack of the Titans & Bleach are great too.
    When I was a kid I really enjoyed watching Saint Seya, Cobra and Hokuto no Ken (Fist of the North Star).
    I appreciated some movies too like Ghost in the Shell (not the new one), Akira or those of Studio Ghibli.

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    Ssociety reacted to Bojana in Anime   
    I would have to say "Death Note", but I didn't like the ending of it  Maybe "Bleach" a bit as well, but haven't seen it all  

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    Ssociety reacted to rembo2 in Anime   
    My favorite anime is Samurai Champloo

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    Ssociety reacted to RabMalfoy in My breakfast   
    I only drink coffee at night when I have to study all night long
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    Ssociety got a reaction from RabMalfoy in My breakfast   
    Pandesal and coffee , for me nothing will beat this lol.. 

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    Ssociety got a reaction from athena2007 in if u could be a superhero who would it be ....and why   
    it would be wolverine I of x-men , I just want to be a wolverine because of the video game I played when I was I child lol haha..
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    Ssociety reacted to Bojana in Phobias   
    Hahaha, I think we all are, with a few exceptions here  
    Absolutely agree, @Ssociety, nothing funny about that, although I find them less scary when they have no red nose on
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    Ssociety got a reaction from Kargai in Books   
    I like your taste @Kargai hahaha
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    Ssociety reacted to september20 in Major B U S T O   
    If I win big, i just widraw some and tip some. coming too soon
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    Ssociety reacted to athena2007 in Major B U S T O   
    i suppose you have to be a native uk speaker to read between the lines of his chat ssociety..
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    Ssociety got a reaction from showrov1993 in How do you store your bitcoins?   
    lol when I heard about bitcoin hardware wallet I am imagining a hardware that is same size as a regular wallet hahah, wtf I am thinking.. 
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    Ssociety reacted to showrov1993 in How do you store your bitcoins?   
    Yes dude.This wallet is for those user's who have Lot's of bitcoin and so far i know this Hardware wallet it higher security system in bitcoin wallet section.And yeah anyone can use this wallet if u can bear this.hehehe . Look at there u can understand what is Hardware wallet--->>> https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Hardware_wallet