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  1. AWS, the Amazon service, and Consensys will offer a cloud platform based on blockchain to their clients. Based on Ethereum's blockchain the point will be to offer an easy way to build and manage your own blockchain, with minimum knowledge about it. Source : https://cointelegraph.com/news/amazon-and-consensys-startup-to-offer-simplified-blockchain-platforms The news is nice at 2 levels : first because it could bring more people in blockchain with easy ways to develop new projects (Amazon is a giant) but also because if that work, it will make the Ethereum blockchain more important so it could be great in term of value.
  2. Update : they launched the V1 today The main new feature is that you can now exchange and withdraw Bitcore, Potcoin and Peercoin. The second one is a gifts page. You can use your sats and crystals to buy some lottery tickets. Each time a round is finished they will took winners in the pool of participants. So for example if you want to win a Smart Watch you need to but tickets at the price of 128 sats or 109 crystals and each 17 days there will be a lottery. The gits are (for now) : smart watch, gaming headset, gaming mouse, VR headset, earphone, keychain, ... those kind of stuff. Hope that they'll add some crypto related things later. Next week they will work on a special surprise for crossing the line of their first 100.000 users.
  3. In the list I gave you Jaxx is fully made for mobile (androïd and iPhone)
  4. Just a suggestion/question Like PD just add Litecoin and plan other coins in the future, I think it could be huge to have the ability to choose one currency for our forum gains. First reason is to show publicly what coin we support (the balance in our profile will be in LTC or else) Second that will allow people who only want to win Litecoin to do it. Maybe PD will have an internal exchange later for easier exchange but that's still a way to have directly the coin you want and send it directly in your litecoin balance on the gaming part. And to see how much you have in LTC directly instead of now having to make the conversion. 3rd it will allow people to have more diversity for giveaways, lending, etc.
  5. The core wallet will always be the best option but indeed it take some space on a hard drive. Online you have multiple "trustworthy" great faucets like Jaxx, Exodus or LiteVault who don't have access to your private keys.
  6. If you wanna trade in the most efficient way you need to find little exchanges where the cryptos are sold first before they hit bigger exchange. Binance was one of those little in the past ... they grow to become one of the biggest exchange out there. Than Kucoin was also a little one where coins were very interresting, but that advantage start to be less interresting each month that Kucoin grow. >> https://www.bibox.com/signPage?id=11365641&lang=en (ref link) Bibox is a new contender and for me it mix the best of both world : little enough to have cheap coins before their price increase elsewhere AND reliable enough. Their interface is the same as Binance (easy to use) and there Bibox is a AI Enhanced Encrypted Digital Asset Exchange who will run on a blockchain soon (decentralized as Binance). They launched in novembre 2017 but were in development since 2016. Their platform will offer spot trading, leverage trading, security lending and contract lending. They will also list security token which is kind of unique as we all know that this will be a hot topic for SEC. Actually they are trading a total of 137 millions $ a day, they are the 18th biggest exchanges and it will probably increase in the next few months. The 3 cryptos they trad the most are ETH, BTC and their own token. Bibox Token They have a token (Bibox Token, BIX, price is 0.8$) and like Binance they will be burning unsold tokens and every quarter, 25% of their total profit will be used to buy back their tokens to burn, until it reaches 200mil in total. So the price will probably increase in the future. Incentive rewards : Hold BIXs and complete a transaction once a week, you can get the bonus of the week ! Particularities You can loan and lend on the exchange. Lending or loaning will be at a rate of your choice between 0.08% and 0.12%, you can take an insurance and can lend in BTC, ETH, EOS or Tether. You can vote for the next coins to be added Cunbi Bao : financial product based on digital assets. Each project has its own lock-up period and interest rate. You can choose freely. The principal will be locked after the purchase and the interest begins to accrue according to the appointed time. The principal and interest will be unlocked and transferred into your account after the project is due, and you will be able to obtain the promised earnings. Without veryfying yourself you'll still can use the exchange but you'll be limited to 2 BTC a day (which is not bad ^^). I didn't read too much bad things about them until there, i mean not more than on any other exchanges especially when they are still young. So my advice is to register there to be ready in case a very promising coin arrive on their exchange and move what you bought on a biggest exchange once the coin hit a bigger one like Bittrex or Binance. Prices are very interresting on exchange like Bibox, you can sometimes buy a coin 4 to 10 times cheaper than when it hit Binance & co. To register on Bibox : https://www.bibox.com/signPage?id=11365641&lang=en Non-ref link : https://www.bibox.com/
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    You'll find everything there : PS: try to post your question in the right section
  8. yea maybe it's me who make a mistake on this one. 0.01 was the price at ICO it seem, so maybe i bought in pre-ico or i'm just mistaken the coin (had invested in multiple coins late last year ^^).
  9. Even at the low actual price that's still 4 times the ICO price That's why i don't sell mine for now. I still made 4 times my investment and I don't believe it can drop a lot more than that. So it's all good if it pump ... and it's still good if it stay that way 😛
  10. Yo, since that today LTC was officially added as a new crypto to play with on our favorite dice casino , maybe it can be a nice move to make some balance on faucets and play them here to multiply them (or at least try). There is a list with some of the faucets I used in the past and that I know are still paying today. 1. Moonlitecoin : http://moonliteco.in/?ref=3ee5745927d0 Classic one. You'll not be able to make tons of LTC there but it's a stable and always paying faucet. Not a lot of risks to claim for nothing. Easy 25.000 litoshis a day once you'll reach the max loyalty bonus. 2. Crypto Mining Game : https://cryptomininggame.com/?ref=af65afa1cf66 If you can hassle your way up to 600-700 Hpower it's start to be interresting and at 1000 Hpower you can probably claim 0.05 LTC each month with minimal time on it. More details : 3. Freebitcoin.win : http://freebitcoin.win/ref/160626 You'll can claim between 400 and 600 litoshis up to 85-90 times a day (classic faucet + daily bonus ones). That will be around 50.000 litoshis, but you'll have to work on captchas for that. (but you also can claim their other coins). 4. LitecoinFaucet : http://litecoinfaucet.info/ref/LgwbfNKvmQu4RdtntQBzksVY7aMrijVAfZ A classic faucet where you can claim once a hour : 150 litoshis (30% chance) 200 (65%) 500 (3%) 1000 (1.9%) 5000 (0.099%) 1000000 (0.001%) Non-ref links : http://moonliteco.in https://cryptomininggame.com/ http://freebitcoin.win/ http://litecoinfaucet.info/
  11. Bet: 22,237,084,544 placed by Kargai on 10/05/2018 Wagered 0.00000103 Multiplier 1.98x Profit 0.00000101 60.00 Bet: 22,242,714,543 placed by Kargai on 11/05/2018 Wagered 0.00000102 Multiplier 1.98x Profit 0.00000100 50.00 Bet: 22,243,720,918 placed by Kargai on 11/05/2018 Wagered 0.00000102 Multiplier 1.98x Profit 0.00000100 90.00 Bet: 22,244,070,330 placed by Kargai on 11/05/2018 Wagered 0.00000102 Multiplier 1.98x Profit 0.00000100 40.00 Bet: 22,246,012,267 placed by Kargai on 12/05/2018 Wagered 0.00000102 Multiplier 1.98x Profit 0.00000100 20.00 Bet: 22,256,782,878 placed by Kargai on 13/05/2018 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 2.00x Profit 0.00000100 10.00
  12. I'll be very cautious with WCEX. Last year they postponed multiple times all their roadmap (ICO, tokens distribution, etc) being unable to deliver what they promise. And they were often reported as a scam (on bitcointalk, reddit and co) Don't know if it's true or if things have changed since that but do your own researchES, just wanna warn you all in case
  13. Just a quick update say that they put a minimum limit for each withdraw. The limit is only at 0.1 $ for each currency so it's not much, it's 1000 satoshis in BTC for example. People were probably transfering funds for 20 sats or so and that cost them servers ressources. But it's still a very low limit. In the last 3 weeks i was able to withdraw 2 Potcoin and a dozen Dogecoin (+ few hundreds sats + thousands litoshis but i don't really claim them, same with K3B and Bitcore)
  14. Most of us already know about the main advantages of the blockchain technology : decentralization, better security, easy backup or simple to audit the “book of records” in real time, ... But that's not the solution who will fixe everything neither, blockchain have some limitations or even some inconvenients. 5 of them are detailed in the article and they are : Governance issue, Responsibility issue, Constantly growing volume of data, Capacity issue & Confirmation time issue. Source : https://bitcoingarden.org/blockchain-is-great-but-lets-observe-the-other-side-of-the-medal/ It's nice that someone told us about the "dark" side of blockchain, the things that will still have to be improve or change in the future.
  15. Agreed but the fact is ... they will do it anyway. Nothing we can do about that. Was the same with the nuclear. They invented it, they didn't take in count all the implications it could have ... and they end up using it sometimes for the greater good (bringing energy to masses) but also for the worse (nuclear bomb, tchernobyl, ...). Since there is money to make with those, they will try it. And later will try to deal with the bad consequences ... as usual 😛
  16. 19. But 4 never played and 10 played very little. You are my 2nd most active ref in fact ^^ But that don't bring me Hpower only few sats (2.000 in total). PS: for what I can see until there, mining Hpower help to increase the performing index. At least this one increased a little after mining Hpower for 1 hour.
  17. We are on the verge of 2 technological explosions in the woming years : Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence. And both could be connected in many ways to multiply their power. This article from The Merkle just scratch the surface of a great number of possibilities but that's a nice entry point for those technologies who are not at maturity right now. They take some examples as how the travel industry could be disrupted by them, how powerful chatbots will become, how some attacks will be prevented even before happening, ... Source : https://themerkle.com/what-happens-when-artificial-intelligence-and-blockchain-tech-collide/ The more fun in that is that i'm sure we are not able to see how far things can go from now on. Not only with both those tech but also with other like robotic, domotic, renewable energy, space, ...
  18. Nothing special. I go 2-3 times a day, launch the highest missions I can, launch a mining with the crystals and ... that's all. Now that i'm at 1000 Hpower i will probably try to be a little more consistent (3-4 times a day) just to withdraw all that I can. But the "perfect" timing to maximize gains is every 2 hours and a half (when level 15).
  19. That's where I believe you are wrong. There is lot of reasons for people to want to have power over others, not only for money. You can't expect every human being happy to be at the same level as others. There will be always someone who will want the ressources of someone else. You just can't split everything equally between all. You can't expect that no one will want to be more recognized in the community than another. You can't share the sun equally, the water equally, the coast equally, ... some fruits or vegetables can't grow everywhere. That's not even happening in other animals, there is always someone to lead the pack, etc. Even in the neanderthal era there was different level of power, people who have the best food, people who fight other to have a girl or a place to stay, etc and they have no monetary system, no society or example to live by, ... they were "natural" withtout any knowledge about rich/poor, social classes, power, ... they had more powerful ones because that's the nature of things. Even animals who don't think have the rule of "the strongest survive" and by default that make different power level between them (female will go with the strongest, strongest will eat first, ...)
  20. But you become premium automatically once you reach 1000 Hpower (it took me 3 months without being very active). The performing index is a "secret formula" of them but there is some factors who are : the difficulty to mine the coin "in real" (BTC being hard to mine the index is lower). I'm making some calculation to know if mining Hpower instead of a coin can increase the performing index too. When you reach 1000 Hpower your missions don't give you the Hpower bonus, it's replace by the ability to find referrals. So maybe mining it will help the global index. I just launched it so i'll have the answer tomorrow
  21. This article try to explain what's most important when you decide to invest in a digital asset. What could be making your investment worth it or not. According to them the value of digital assets (relative price) is determined by three major points : value anchoring, liquidity, and consensus value. They explain in details each of them using the Matrix AI Network as a case study (it's a great project by the way). Full article : https://bitcoingarden.org/what-kind-of-digital-assets-are-worth-holding-an-in-depth-analysis-of-the-matrix-economic-ecosystem/ What do you think ? Will you add more aspects to it ?
  22. I agree about the fact lots of things would improve without money : less stress, less jealousy, more "real" interactions (i will do that for you and you give me that), more people will do a work they are good and love to do instead of a paycheck one, less ressources will be used to make the money people need to buy ressources, things will be less global and more local, ... But I don't believe it will stop war & co. The monetary reason will just be replace by something else like to have the power over others. This is inherent to humans, they want to be better/stronger than others. Wars and fights existed way before money. Same with the family time. Back in the days people tend to go to work in the fields, mines, hunting or so on and spend all day long to work, seeing only their family few moments a day. That wasn't rare that mans where not with their family for days, weeks or months. Actually I believe we can spend more time with our family nowadays ... but we spend that time in devices (smartphones, computers, television, ...), going out with friends, ... instead of being present with our relatives (back in the days they don't have a lot to do except staying home with the fam). So it's mostly a choice people don't make today, in most of the countries the number of hours you can work a week is limited, in early ages you worked as much as you can.
  23. Finally reach the 1000 Hpower line ! My balance is now 31.700 sats, 21 Doge and 180.000 Litoshis. I will go to the 50k sats to withdraw than try some other coins like Potcoin or ETH to see the speed. The bonuses seem pretty nice to be honest : I can now mine Ethereum, Dash, Potcoin, Bitcoin Cach,Bitcore and Peercoin. And also mine some mining power. At each mission claim, HPower reward is replaced by a CHANCE TO EARN REFERRAL. And win 10% of all their gains. Each HPower over 1000 is based on the performance index of each cryptocurrency, so I will mine at a highest rate Before 1000 we had a 50% chances to discover some crystals, the limit go to 80% now Plus I have now my own page with performance, stats and promo message with my referral link, indexed by Google, The point is to win more affiliates but I doubt it will help a lot tbh >> https://cryptomininggame.com/?ref=af65afa1cf66 (ref link)
  24. Challenge : send 1 BTC for Kargai's retirement. Just a random idea like that ...
  25. Raven's words always lead to wrong thoughts if you haven't realize until now Anyway, just in case i'm reading ... preparation is better than being sorry ...