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    No need for the question anymore Boston did their best, they made an awesome playoff run withtout Hayward & Irving but the inexperience of their young players made them crumble in some games like Rozier & Brown on this last one. I believe they deserve more the qualification then Cavs but lebron was just really great all serie long anwe saw the revelation of the youngsters. Tatum was just phenomenal, Brown and Rozier were huge even if they lack consistency. Morris & Horford were strong and Smart was hungry. I believe they have a bright future for next year. On the other hand the injury of Chris paul is at the worse moment and I can see GSW joigning the Cavs to another same finals as usual. Pretty boring imho, they will murder the Cavs if it's the case.
  2. I don't see how it's an abuse if he don't plys with more faucets than the number allowed by Primedice. At 9800x he will have to play on average thousands time to hit it. If he's able to loose so much time on it, he probably deserve those 490k sats ^^
  3. Czech Republic is not often in the news when it come to the crypto market, at least a lot less than other european eastern countries (like Russia, Ukrain & co) and western countries (France, Germany, ...). But today it's their turn to hit the news with one of the main natural gas provider (Pražská plynárenská) in the country who announced they will accept Bitcoin as a way of paying the gaz bills. And as soon as next month. That represent 420.000 potential customers. Source : https://byznys.ihned.cz/c1-66146820-prazska-plynarenska-zacne-od-klientu-prijimat-bitcoin-chceme-se-priblizit-mladym-a-nebyt-vnimani-jako-stary-moloch-rika-vedeni I wonder if at least 10 people will really use it in the next few months but still it's a nice news, more and more Bitcoin and cryptos will be accepted for day to day stuff, more it will reach people across the world.
  4. Recently (since 3 weeks) I replaced the late SatoshiWars faucet by Cointiply. It take me exactly the same amount of time. >> https://cointiply.com/r/o1Nw (ref link) The main advantage I see in Cointiply is that there is lot of different ways to earn satoshi on the site. And it's an easy faucet to claim, part automatic and part based on attention (there is almost no captcha to fill). 1. Faucet First you can win sats via a classic hourly faucet, that's the only place you have a captcha. Every hour you can roll the faucet and depending on the number (between 0 and 99.999) you'll win less or more sats. That amount can increase via a multiplier depending on your activity on Cointiply. More you use different ways to earn money, biggest the multiplier will be (usually between 1.5x and 2x). More days in a row you are active with the faucet, more you'll have as Loyalty bonus (+1% every day). 2. Games There is lot of games you can play (in HTML5) and you'll be rewarded for being active with them. 3. Videos Watching short videos you'll can earn few coins too, new videos will be available here and there during the day. 4. Offer Walls By far the best way to earn. You definitely can earn like 5.000 to 10.000 coins a day, I even made 20.000+ once I had some times to allow to the site. Because that's the reverse of the medals, that section will take you some time : surveys, game to install, giveaways to enter, site to view, ... I recommend you MinuteStaff and TapSearch where you can fill survey quickly. 5. PTC Ads Newly added you'll can look ad ads against few coins. Not really great but still a way to make few dozens more each day. 6. CPU Mining A classic way to mine with your computer. I don't recommend it but if you want to let it run while you sleep, that's still some rewards. 7. Mining Game That's the one you want to use for almost automatic gains. With all the coins you earn on the site you'll can buy some buildings who will make you win coins automaticaly each hour. Buy buildings, upgrade them and your mining power will increase. Not only you will earn some bonus directly by when your mining power start to be decent you'll earn a part of the global pool of the site. After 3 weeks i generate 1248 coins a day, and actually 1 coins is more valued than 1 sat (and I never used CPU mining, games or PTC Ads) Withdraw The minimum withdraw is 35.000 coins (around 50.000 sats). For now I never withdrew since I reinvested all the coins to buy buildings on the Minin Game but I looked around and Cointiply seem to pay without problems. Conclusion If you are ready to deal with the hassle for 1 month I believe the website can provide a nice 2.000 to 3.000 daily sats with minimum time after that. Or more if you like doing surveys. Ref link : https://cointiply.com/r/o1Nw Non ref link : https://cointiply.com/
  5. PD was the first one I tried and on the first day I was like "wtf is that shit? Spending all my day to claim faucet and there is no way I can make something decent with it". Than I learned the interface in details, start to read some strategy (martingale, Fibonnacci & co) and trying other websites. Starting there it was ok, I started to grasp what dicing was about ... and i'm still here
  6. I am to be honest (at least in mind). I don't go to party very often, usually doing stuff on my own (sport, museum, reading, ...). I'm just active with cryptos because I believe it's my way to make enough bucks in few years to unplug from Internet and go to live by myself in the country (gardening, growing my food, owning bee farms, meditating, exercising, taking 2 steps back from this always more speedy and stressful world, ...). But need money to buy the house and live without a salary until the end of my life so I have to put some extra work and make some sacrifices now
  7. Good news for our argentineans crypto fans, Argentina's Banco Masventas stated that from Monday their services will be available for customers to execute payments around the world with the help of bitcoin. It's a first in Argentina and the bank took the exchange Bitex as partner for this. Everything will be available in only few days, starting next monday (28th May) Source : https://bcfocus.com/latest-news/argentinas-banco-masventas-will-accept-bitcoin-for-payments-from-next-week-onward/9686/
  8. Everybody know Binance, one of the Top 3 exchanges in the crypto market nowadays. The will be soon a totally decentralized exchange and will launch the Binance Education Initiative too. Their main goal is to provide a free access to education so their project will be an educational platform where you'll can find free and neutral informations. And for that they will need the contribution of a maximum of people. They started to recruit people via a blog post today : https://medium.com/binanceexchange/binance-academy-98cf3af9ddb6 For a start they want mostly crypto-related video about blockchain, tokens, security & co. And if your video is selected you'll will some BNB coins and could be published on binance directly.
  9. There were awards like "best admin", "best mod", "more fun support", "best kargai out there" (nobody win this one even not me), ... Some of the people wear it in their signatures still today because you know it's like beauty contest, all you'll have in life is this one so stick with it as long as you can
  10. Very unlikely (not impossible tho). He announced Ripple on amazon.com for the 15 may and ...nothing. Never heard of it before so I don't know where he catch the news except out of pump and dump people. Again, 25$ a coin and 99 992 233 977 coins as total supply would mean Ripple will be most valuable than the total GDP of the USA. Could a crypto be bigger than a country like the US? I don't believe so. People need to calm down about Ripple lol
  11. I wasn't, i was always too shy to spoke to my screen, I never broke the barrier. And I'm not an online person (I want lot of money in cryptos to live alone in the woods for the rest of my life).
  12. When I was teenager I did the same with girls I wanted to visit too ... never worked.
  13. I created my own simple one few years ago with the categories I needed at that time : work, software, e-book to read, ... But before that I used this one
  14. I often look at what people say about the crypto Verge because I believe it's a great case study. It's a coin where the team is really active from a marketing point of view, they always try to make people talk about their coin. Sometimes it's positive but they make a bunch of mistakes too (paying the pump by John McAfee, partnership with Pronhub, ...). They promised a lot, they don't deliver a lot but still they seem to be there and convincing new people to believe in them. In this little guide you'll find a little study about Verge and about what to take in count if you still want to invest in it or not. https://www.bitdegree.org/tutorials/verge-price-prediction/
  15. Recently eToro published a 10 pages study of their own about the cryptocurrency Dash. The study come with basic numbers about Dash, the history of the coin, a review of the team, some use cases and technical description and also the future of the coin, etc. But most important they spoke about the future token valuation, thecnical analysis, investments risk & co trying to come with an answer to the question : is Dash a good investment ? You can read the PDF here : https://www.docdroid.net/siXZokY/dash-etoro-research.pdf
  16. Just to know if the affiliate commission for Litecoin will be added in the near future or if it's not planned at all Same for the achievements (even if they are useless nowadays), will LTC be taken in count for that ?
  17. Bet: 22,325,968,065 placed by Kargai on 21/05/2018 Wagered 0.00000050 Multiplier 5.00x Profit 0.00000200 Bet: 22,325,969,380 placed by Kargai on 21/05/2018 Wagered 0.00000050 Multiplier 5.00x Profit 0.00000200 Bet: 22,325,984,211 placed by Kargai on 21/05/2018 Wagered 0.00000050 Multiplier 5.00x Profit 0.00000200 Bet: 22,325,986,930 placed by Kargai on 21/05/2018 Wagered 0.00000050 Multiplier 5.00x Profit 0.00000200 Bet: 22,325,999,861 placed by Kargai on 21/05/2018 Wagered 0.00000050 Multiplier 5.00x Profit 0.00000200
  18. In a recent interview : Amber Baldet, the former executive director of JPMorgan Chase's BlockChain Center of Excellence (BCOE), saysthat major banks like JPMorgan could be setting up cryptocurrency trading desks "sooner than people probably think." She also said that the regulations need to be active and official before all can happen, but it's definitely on the rails. Source : https://www.cryptoglobe.com/latest/2018/05/major-banks-entering-crypto-space-sooner-than-people-probably-think-says-former-executive-director-at-jpmorgan/ What will happen ? Do you believe that "lambda" people will turn to officials services for dealing with cryptos ? It's loosing the "be your own money manager without intermediaries" of cryptos but I believe that lots of people, who don't know how technology work, will have trust in officials and banks. They will just go with them because they are used to it.
  19. For those who still have a hard time grasping what the differences are between Proof of Work (Bitcoin, Ethereum, ...) and Proof of Stake (Dash, Neo, ...) this video will help you understand it. It's very simple but I believe it can help some of the members to see visualy how things work.
  20. Compound is a startup newly backed by ... Coinbase. They will incubate in the company's new effort to develop blockchain innovations. Most project think about generate interest or dividend income but Compound believe it's not perfect. They stated that "it's not good enough: they are either centralized and have substantial counterpart risk, or require robust order books for each type of cryptoasset, which generally do not exist." They will laucnh first on Ethereum's blockchain and will allow people to earn interest no only on their Ether but also stablecoins and utility token. And important : with a complete liquidity. The interest rates will be decided via smart contracts and will be dynamically update in real time. Compound’s core technology also eases reporting, since each money market is transparent, auditable, and completely predictable. Basically it mean that instead of holding the coins in your wallet and making no profit out of it, you'll can make them hold it for you to win some interest (if you trust them ofc). Source : https://medium.com/compound-finance/compound-raises-8-2-million-to-create-money-markets-for-crypto-assets-6dfa593f8e5e
  21. Miniera, the start-up cryptocurrency mining business allegedly located in the former biggest coal mine of the Netherlands in Geleen, seems to be collapsing. Co-founder Christian Petermann has been arrested in his home on May 16th. I amost want to say "same old same old when it come to mining business" but making generalities is bad and there is still (few) decent mining project out there. But in this case the guy seemed shady since the start (he was some sort of politician before coming in cryptos, so... #NoGenerality) and the Neblio community start to raise questions about him pretty quickly (Miniera was launched on the Neblio blockchain) : he promoted ponzi scheme like Bitconnect ... meaning he was guilty from the start and deserve jail for that 😛 Their whole project basically revolves around being located on an old coal mine site, but once some people contacted the owner of the mine the guy plainly never heard about Miniera before. You can read all the story here : https://crypto-scene.com/2018/05/17/miniera-io-from-fud-to-fiod/
  22. You sure about that ? we are in "gambling discussion" and I don't see how the initila post in gambling related 😁
  23. Even if I'm around for only 1 year that was already an incredible journey, things have change a lot so I can't imagine how it was at the beginning And I can't wait to see how things will go further in the future !