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  1. I agree about the fact lots of things would improve without money : less stress, less jealousy, more "real" interactions (i will do that for you and you give me that), more people will do a work they are good and love to do instead of a paycheck one, less ressources will be used to make the money people need to buy ressources, things will be less global and more local, ... But I don't believe it will stop war & co. The monetary reason will just be replace by something else like to have the power over others. This is inherent to humans, they want to be better/stronger than others. Wars and fights existed way before money. Same with the family time. Back in the days people tend to go to work in the fields, mines, hunting or so on and spend all day long to work, seeing only their family few moments a day. That wasn't rare that mans where not with their family for days, weeks or months. Actually I believe we can spend more time with our family nowadays ... but we spend that time in devices (smartphones, computers, television, ...), going out with friends, ... instead of being present with our relatives (back in the days they don't have a lot to do except staying home with the fam). So it's mostly a choice people don't make today, in most of the countries the number of hours you can work a week is limited, in early ages you worked as much as you can.
  2. Challenge : send 1 BTC for Kargai's retirement. Just a random idea like that ...
  3. Raven's words always lead to wrong thoughts if you haven't realize until now Anyway, just in case i'm reading ... preparation is better than being sorry ...
  4. Facebook decide to make their biggest executive shakeup of the last 15 years by appointing new leaders for WhatsApp, Messenger and Facebook’s core app. We don't care about that ^^ What's most important is that they will form a new group focused on blockchain technology. The new blockchain group will be headed by David Marcus, who heads the Messenger group and is... (interestingly enough) director at Coinbase, the famous crypto exchange. Source : https://www.recode.net/2018/5/8/17330226/facebook-reorg-mark-zuckerberg-whatsapp-messenger-ceo-blockchain Facebook is definitely looking at blockchain and cryptos. Lots of people believe they could create their own coin. But I believe their priority will be to put the network on a blockchain, giving user more security and a decentralized way of storing their informations. They probably have the power to work on both at the same time tho
  5. I'm sharing this article because I believe it's full of nice informations if you are trading cryptos. Most of the people who do it are not made to do it and will end loosing money in the process and on the long run. The author share some advices, some well know and some he made via his own experience : don't trade what you can't afford to loose, educate yourself, watch and learn from others, track your deals and meditate. Each one is explained and I agree with all of them. Source: https://smartoptions.io/trading-bitcoin-without-emotions/
  6. If you forgot the bet : it worked. If not : you didn't hit it strongly enough ^^
  7. My opinion is : why ? They can make a lot of money with it too. They just have to manipulate the market like they did in the past with gold, silver, commodities, real estate & co. I'm sure banks don't care too much at how and what people use as money if they can take the best share out of it. And If they manipulate the market they will make the price pump and dump how they want to make their money. On one side it's even better for them, if they don't have to possess buildings for people to deal with our banks accounts => they'll save money, they'll save money in salary, etc. Best of both world for them.
  8. Until the next update where things will go back again ... 😁😝🤐
  9. Why not making smaller teams of people who are already active on forum ? Like 2 teams of 10-12 people + 1 général (support) + 1 captain (mod) I believe the best way to motivate others to participate and join the groups is to let them see that we enjoy doing the races and winning some satoshis in the process. Than they'll have to postulate to one of the teams (like a thread to post their candidature with why they want to join the team, why they'll be a good fit). And they'll have to make a specific task on their first week in, to proove they can be an asset (baptism by fire). Like that it's on each of the participants to do the work to join and not the leaders to spend time to push everyone. And no more drama. We will not ask to everyone to be uber active every week on a constant basis but after 2-3 times of doing no jobs people could be replaced by someone else waiting in the purgatory. Or if both teams find a new candidate the number of participants in each could increase (14 instead of 12, than 15, etc.) Or we could add a team, etc. There is still the creative aspect which is by default subjective. There will always be issues with that, that's ne nature of it, each will judge it according to what he feel and if the judges don't understand a certain type of creation ... the creator will always have a hard time making them feel what he did. So maybe 3 judges who change each time ? Like having 6-7 judges and taking 3 differents one at each race, mixing them with time ? Mixing judges, mixing tasks, ... dunno what we could do more... (but still thinking at it)
  10. And some people say that I spam ... looking with intensity at @Irena & @hui
  11. eToro is an UK base company and BitPanda an Austrian exchange. Both asked today for a better and more unified regulation in Europe when it comes to cryptos. “We’d be happy to have regulations, so we know where we stand” EU regulators including the European Central Bank have supported an international effort to standardize the rules, while some sources have conversely said that the industry is too small to warrant urgent action. Source : https://cointelegraph.com/news/in-a-bid-for-transparency-european-crypto-exchanges-call-for-regulations Individualy some European countries are moving (France for example) but it seem everyone is doing his own thing and there no global decision for the european market. So maybe it's time to move faster if the European Union don't want to be left behind.
  12. I don't loose big. Easy. And if I do, I punch a wall saying "Loosing hurt !" ... than i'm like "ok but hitting a wall with your hand hurt more, so that's not so bad"
  13. Already tried to logout/login and clear cache & cookies I guess ?
  14. This article present what Bitcoin is and 3 ways Bitcoin could be brought down, co-opted, or made irrelevant. The first one is ... government (no surprise), the second is Facebook and the 3rd is the multiplication of coins and projects. All 3 are explained in some extend in the article. Source : https://www.technologyreview.com/s/610809/lets-destroy-bitcoin/ What's important is to have that external point of view and not being blinded in one way or another. I don't buy all the guy said in this one but that's definitely a nice read
  15. That's indeed a great news. Especially coming from the USA that are often looked as "model" for new technologies, influencers, marketing & co (Silicon Valley, New York, ...). Thanks for sharing Han
  16. The 4M left will take dozens of years before being mined so we have time for that anyway And what will happen? The same as now. 17M were mined but there is not 17M BTC on the market, 4-5M are probably lost forever on some old hard drive, were lost in one way or another. The price will probably increase due to the "psychology" of people who will see it as more rare. But it will not as much important as a pump in the price when there will be real life daily usage for the Bitcoin, at that time it will increase way more than the fact that we ended mining BTC.
  17. This video by the great Andreas M. Antonopoulos try to answer a lot of questions about some technical aspects : Can a blockchain exist without miners, proof-of-work, or blocks? What are the implications for security, trustlessness, and decentralisation? Not all distributed ledgers are blockchains. What is the influence of alternative energy generation on mining in proof-of-work cryptocurrencies? Should we use alternative algorithms that generate "useful work" in addition to mining cryptocurrencies? The hard promises that Bitcoin provides are valuable and useful in themselves. What is the difference between proof-of-work and proof-of-stake? You will discover the answers in the video :
  18. Bet: 22,202,814,519 placed by Kargai on 03/05/2018 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 990.00x Profit 0.00098900
  19. Just saw that little video and I find it awesome. This little guy is incredible !
  20. That's probably not the case for every people who changed their names but 80%+ are doing it probably because they scammed/hacked someone, don't want to return a loan, don't want to be annoyed by beggars and/or (none are exclusive) because they send nudes and are scared that the person expose them. Or maybe they shared nooodes with someone, they found the other one ugly and don't want to speak again with him/her so they "disappear", create a new name and try their luck with someone else. (i bet 99% are in this last case scenario)
  21. Bet: 22,163,149,453 placed by Kargai on 25/04/2018 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 990.00x Profit 0.00098900
  22. Multiple time 20 or 25+ reds on different casinos. On PD I believe it's 18 or 19, don't really remember (don't want to ^^)
  23. Agreed. I asked some 5 to 10 years old childrens around me about the colors and they were like "No, that's ugly. I can do better than that". Even after few days I'm still not fond of those flashy pink/green/orange ... that hurt my eyes ^^ I'm sad to not have access anymore to the previous tip I sent/received. I didn't take notes about them.