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  1. 1. @ravenyvolle (place 1 to 10 if it existed) 2. @Zy15 Prinzsarhea 3. @Milica That'll be my choices if I had to take only 3. But every one of her deserve some credit in one way or another. GG girls, you rock !
  2. You can't have more than 1 friend a month, more is im-po-ssi-ble ... ^^ More seriously if people have to think a little more before adding everyone as friend, i'm in. Nice idea Vinc.
  3. At least ^^ Username : kargai screenshot
  4. 2 times 78.76, but no 77.77 for now ^^
  5. That happen yes. When you run hundreds or thousands rolls, having a run of 13 reds is not so much even at 2x.
  6. Kargai (main) and KargaiBank for me, simple.
  7. Hi Wolfy username : kargai Your games are my retirement plan and I don't want to be homeless il my 3rd age. So i'll be glad to be in your whitelist, thanks