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  1. Gary Vaynerchuck, Evan Carmichael & Impact Theory. All are mostly entrepreneurial and not funny
  2. I add one of my Twitter account. Don't really know about Steemit so i'll digg later on this one, do they have a french section or contributors ?
  3. Nice job but i believe it's better to deal about your problem with the stake support and after that posting on their forum. Primedice & Stake are 2 differents things, no need more confusion between both imho
  4. BTC 100%. BCC/BCH will work for a few months because of the name and the fact that lot of people have them "freely", so they can trade/buy/sell with them. But after a while (end of the year maybe) it will fall because that crypto don't have an interesting specificity that others don't have.
  5. Never. For any amount of money in the world and even not with and odds of 99.9/0.1
  6. @madmic6660 i believe that to point of the thread is to post YOUR pic of YOUR trip. @boykamatis is the one who know best but posting random picture from Internet has no interest imho. That's the same photo you can found on Tripadvisor or the website of the hotel (Karma Jimbaran)
  7. Kargai

    Legit Mining site?

    zale and his ref link lol Bes if you don't have the money to invest in mining equipment + tou internet suck, don't do it and don't go for cloud mining imho. Like derghost said it's mostly scam or you'll be only profitable after more than a year or 2 ... and only if the crypto you mine is still at the same price and don't drop. Eobot with no investment is possible but it will take you months/years to have something decent. One of my friend has 10 GH/s after ... i don't know how many months to claim faucet every day. Not worth the time. Still imho the best option is to read some books about trading and go to Bittrex, Poloniex or another trading website. You can start small with few $ on a small crypto who double his price and increment after every good deal you make.
  8. My 1st would be ETH too, but to give another opinion than others i'll go for NEM (XEM). Almost at his best price (0.23$, max was 0.28), a nice push since a few day who eventually can go on for the rest of august.
  9. Yes Dan you assume right, sorry for not posting in the right section. Thanks toohoola for the answer, indeed i saw that it was the same reset for the bets but assumed it was normal (new session, new bets). For the ignore list i found that really counter-intuitive, if i log in from differents devices during the day, ignoring someone is useless.
  10. Hello, just wanna share a problem that I encounter for some time (or maybe since the beginning i don't know). When I add some people in my "Ignore list" on PD chat they are not ignored anymore if I logout and reconnect. The list is deleted. If i never logout it's fine. That's a little boring cause if you ignore someone it's not to see him again everytime you logout/log in. But maybe there's another reason I do not know? Thanks for reading.
  11. Young Boys 2 - 1 Dynamo (winner Young Boys)
  12. Ludogorets 1 - 1 Be'er (winner ludogorets)
  13. Olympiakos Peraeus 2-2 Partizan (winner partizan)
  14. I believe neevebank don't really want an honest answer, he's not really wondering anything, just spamming the forum to made some satoshis
  15. Chelsea 1-0 Inter (winner Chelsea)
  16. Real Madrid 2 - 1 FC Barcelona (Real win)
  17. Manchester 1 - 1 Tottenham (Manchester winner)
  18. Username: Kargai Joined date: 13.05.2017 Thanks for the giveaway Zoltan & hui
  19. Kargai

    GOT or TWD?

    The most fun is "The Walking Thrones". "Games of Dead" is a bit boring
  20. 2-2 after 90 min, PSG win after that