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  1. Yesterday I shared with you what the next hard fork for Ethereum will change for miners (https://forum.primedice.com/topic/33243-ethereums-network-upgrade-to-reduce-mining-rewards-by-33/) so today it's good to see what will change for most of the users. Let be clear, the average user will not see any change with the Constantinople hard fork but on the tech side a lot will change. No least than 5 majors ethereum improvement proposals (EIPs) will be launch : a more efficient method of information processing a means of optimizing large-scale code execution a more equitable pricing method for changes made to data storage facilitate a certain type of scaling solution based upon state channels and "off-chain" transactions. reducing block mining reward issuance from 3 ETH down to 2 ETH and delaying the difficulty bomb for a period of 12 months. You'll can read about all those proposals in more details here : https://www.coindesk.com/constantinople-ahead-what-you-need-to-know-about-ethereums-big-upgrade/
  2. Centralized mapping services like GPS (owned by the U.S. government and operated by the Air Force) are vulnerable and unreliable according to the FOAM co-founder. That's the reason why he wanted to create an application using smart contract technology via the Ethereum blockchain. He created FOAM : https://foam.space/. FOAM's solution is to spread the work of cartography among a diffuse network of individual users, who register locations on the FOAM map using a cryptographic technique called proof of location. FOAM is targeting several use cases, from games to supply chain management. Source : https://www.coindesk.com/foam-is-live-decentralized-world-map-launches-on-ethereum/ The users will be rewarded in FOAM tokens to motivete them to use the dApp and people will trade those tokens to reward, challenge and vote the accuracy of the newly registered locations. What ya think about it ? Is a Google Maps on blockchain is of some sort of interest for you ?
  3. Linzhi is a new company launched by Chen Min (former chief chip maker at Bitcoin mining chip developer Canaan Creative) and their main purpose will be to build and sell various cryptocurrency mining devices. Their first product is an ASIC miner designed specifically for Ethereum and Ethereum Classic (maybe not the best timing according to the previous news I shared here : They plan to be an alternative to the mining giant Bitmain and their Antminer E3s. Linzhi’s product could produce as much as $20 in ether per day — about $17 more than what miners would make using a Bitmain miner. At this rate, Chen believes the money people would pay for a unit could be earned back in as little as four months. That's a bold statement ... and a big risk to take since the the product will only be release in April 2019 ... and lots of things can change before that. Source : https://bitcoinmagazine.com/articles/new-mining-manufacturer-linzhi-announces-ethereum-asic-miner/ So let's wait and see but I know i'll not be one of those who will gamble on an expensive hardware maybe for ... nothing
  4. Ethereum's blockchain will have a new hard fork in the coming months (named Constantinople) and the goals are (among other things) to improve the network efficiency, the fee structure and to prepare the blockchain to scale effectively in the future. In fact they plan to be able to manage 1 million transactions per second. That seem great for the nerwork and for Ethereum who suffered a big drop and some bad press recently ... but not for the miners. Because the reward for mining ETH will be less interesting. "The hard fork will reduce the payout to miners from 3 ETH to 2 ETH for every block mined on the Ethereum blockchain." Source : https://www.cryptoglobe.com/latest/2018/09/constantinople-ethereum-s-network-upgrade-to-reduce-mining-rewards-by-33/ So if you mine coins or want to start to do it ... better to forget ETH probably
  5. As we know (or not) Shapeshift had to change their business model recently, it was an place where you bought cryptos without revealing your identity but they had to compell with the law and are now asking a full KYC registration which kill the best part of the service. But they are not the only one on the field and there is still few options if you want to enjoy the "anonymous" way of life to buy BTC. Some are already weel known like Changelly or Coinswitch, some will have their spotlight time with the "death" of Shapeshift (like Flyp.me or Changenow). And this list only provide 4 sites but there is more than that (Metamorph Pro, Faa.st, ..) Source : https://news.bitcoin.com/four-alternatives-to-shapeshift/ Did you alreadu use of those 4 services ? If it's the case what do you think about it ?
  6. Stellar Lumens is definitely a blockchain hype at the moment, few days ago I told you about their new partnership with IBM (https://forum.primedice.com/topic/33106-ibm-launches-stellar-based-blockchain-payments-platform/) and today it's for a totally different reason. Lightyear Corporation is an universal payments network built around Stellar and they announced the acquisition of the Chain's startup. Chain develop some enterprise-level blockchain applications for financial organizations such as Visa or Citigroup. Together they will form a new company named InterStellar that will be a high-level, end-to-end blockchain development solution that will enable organizations to issue, exchange and manage assets on a flexible, scalable and multifunctional public network. Source : https://bitcoinmagazine.com/articles/stellar-based-lightyear-acquires-chain-forms-new-entity/ That's a good news for the future of Stellar Lumens, especially for business related projects around crypto.
  7. I know we have lot of pinoys and pinays on this forum so the news could interest some of you Actually the Philippines Peso (PHP) is facing a high inflation rate which (6.4%) with an exchange rate of 1 PHP = $0.019. Which lead philipinos to exchange some of their FIAT money to cryptos. In fact in august the average sum was around 500.000$ traded between both each week. That could be explain because PH government seem pretty open and positive about cryptos in general, they recently approved 2 applications for new crypto exchanges, and soon they will release draft rules to help govern cryptocurrency exchanges. The biggest bank (UnionBank) plan to get involve in mining operation, etc. Source : https://www.manilatimes.net/cryptocurrency-trading-rules-eyed/437546/ I personnaly like to see those countries taking advantages of economical difficulties or ban (from USA or else) and trying to find a new way to make things happen, like Venezuela, Iran or now Philippines
  8. It depend what type of wallet you want : online, phone app, desktop, hardware wallet, ... The original LTC wallet is great but only on desktop (https://litecoin.org/). Exodus & Electrum-LTC are some decent desktop projects too. Jaxx is a well know for app & desktop (never used it tho). The Nano Ledger S or Trezor are great and probably the more secure options (hardware wallet) but will cost you.
  9. According to data complied by Autonomous Research, august 2018 was the worse month in term of money invested in ICOs project in the last 16 months. With only 326 million $ spent this august that's an entire market who totally crashed since his all time high in january/february and march this year (around 3 billions a month at that time). The author of the article see a correlation between that drop and the price of ETH going down too since there was a lot of ICOs based on the Ethereum blockchain. Less ICO mean less use for ETH, less transactions & co. But there is also some other factors to take in count like China banning simply all ICOs, all the scammy projects in the past who made new investors more cautious, the mandatory KYC process, ... Source : https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-09-10/crypto-ico-funding-dropped-in-august-to-lowest-in-16-months?srnd=cryptocurrencies
  10. So i'm sharing this news just because some people think there is no more money to make nowadays and they need to wait the market go up again to start trading & co. Having another point of view with coins making their best price ever in the actual state of the market is a proof that (even if it's harder) it's still possible to make profit. BUT i know this article is a little "catchy" in the sense they bend things to fill their needs. For example the "recently" need to be taken with cautious, for most of the crypto the all time high is older than 4 months (so not really "recently" in a fast crypto market). Secondly they "cheat" a ittle, for example with Vechain. The all time high is only few days ago ... but only because the coin was rebranded and started again with a new ticker and no old data. Vechain Thor (VET) replaced Vechain (VEN) in august. Source: https://nulltx.com/top-6-cryptocurrencies-that-recently-hit-aths/
  11. Agreed. But on a trading point of view i'm questionning myself about what is th most probable "quickly" : a 2x or 3x with ETH or ETC ? I tend to go for ETC right now because the FUD like you said is hurting more ETH and I see ETC gaining more traction from that, I already see articles who bring back the story of ETC being the original Ethereum. Will not be surprise if some miners change coins and push (at least a little) the ETC price. Not sure about it tho, that's why i'm doubting right 😛 ... reinforcing my positions on other cryptos to level my prices down.
  12. Stake screenshot = Stake problem. Thanks to post on the forum there (if not done already), it will be easier for everybody to follow the story and resolve it. Thank you. I'm locking this one.
  13. Yes i'm starting to think to buy some ETH to sell them later. But i believe it can still drop a little before going up again. I look at the the 175$ barrier, if it drop under that one i'll probably buy. But i'll try to read more about it in the next few days/weeks.
  14. Today the Ethereum price dropped under 200$ ... his lower price since more than a year, back to before the crypto market exploded. Than the co-founder Vitalik Buterin said there is very little chance a crypto coin will do a 1000x ROI ... and the price drop directly. Right now we are at 194$. Plus we can read that more and more devs are turning their back to the Ethereum blockchain to launch their project and prefer to choose other blockchains like EOS, NEO or Stellar. And not only ETH is losing value in USD $ but also compared to BTC, that's the chart of the last 3 months (the drop in BTC is even more hurtful). It's a 85 percent drop from its all-time high of $1,300 in January. But others still believe in the coin since a lot of existing projects are running on the ETH blockchain, the fact that they have a decent roadmap ahead of them (moving from PoW to PoS & co) and the hope that the actual bear market will turn bullish again at one point in the future + the fact that ETH is well established as a brand. What do you think ? Personally i'm not a big fan of ETH but I believe it will go upward at one point, 500$ don't seem too hard to reach again when the market will boom again in few months.
  15. Jack Dorsey (one of the founder of Twitter) is a crypto enthusiast, he already implement blockchain and crypto in another of his project, Square app. Now he want to implement it tofight what is probably the biggest cancer on Twitter : fight scams and misinformation while improving transparency. It could be a great improvement for the social media, especially because we know for few days that 15,000 scam bots using Twitter to spread fake cryptocurrency giveaways were created in the past few months. Source : https://coingape.com/jack-dorsey-blockchain-twitter-solve-transparency/ Dorsey go against lot of people because he believe Bitcoin will be the unique crypto use on the Internet for most of the actions. Vast majority of people are not following a clear statement like this one, they believe there will be a lot of cryptos for different usages. What about you ? One single coin or multiple ones ?
  16. For the moment I go mostly with Binance and Kucoin (no KYC mandatory yet, link in signature if interested). Also Bittrex because i registered long time ago but not a lot of activity there. And I'm trying Huobi and Bibox too. I believe I still have an account on Cryptopia and HitBTC but didn't connect there for months so I don't know if the KYC is an obligation there or not.
  17. Mostly not profitable if your phone is really mining, it will cost way more in electricity and will hurt the longevity of the phone for peanuts (you will mine very few coins). The only viable option is a fake mining like Electroneum (ETN) do, but like Ultra said there isn't not a lot of chances it will end well. I believe ETN will stay a very low coin almost without interest.
  18. According to Vitalik Buterin (Ethereum co-founder) the crypto market will probably not experience another explosive bullish rally (like we saw in late 2017) again. For him masses are already aware of crypto now and the gold rush already come to an end, we can forget about a 1000x return on investment. There isn’t an opportunity for yet another 1,000-times growth in anything in the space anymore”, Buterin said as he explained that the blockchain community’s marketing strategy throughout the first six or seven years “is getting close to hitting a dead end.” Source : https://www.newsbtc.com/2018/09/08/ethereum-co-founder-blockchain-growth-based-on-marketing-is-hitting-a-dead-end/ Do you agree with that statement or do you believe 1000x is still possible nowadays ? I personnaly believe he's right .... for the majority of the cryptos out there but I still can see ome new projects reaching a 1000x here and there when the market will be in a better shape than now.
  19. Someone sold 10 millions $ equivalent in BTC and the panic selling started right after that. People sold at 7-7.3k$ (or around) and are now buying back at 6.3-6.6k$ making huge profit. Even with only 1 BTC sold and bought back ... it's an easy 500 to 1000$ profit in just 2-3 days. So imagine how much whales made and why this happened (and will happen again in the future)
  20. I don't know for a specific price but definitely i read some good stuff about Stellar for the future (and I don't have enough of them in my portfolio unfortunately ^^)
  21. IBM has launched a blockchain-based financial solution that it says has the potential to completely upend the existing status quo in global payments and remittances. How it will work ? The financial institutions, via an API, will be able to use any digital asset they'll want (a central bank digital currency, crypto or stablecoin) as a bridge between two fiat currencies. All transactions will be store on the Stellar blockchain. The goal is to have faster payment processing, simultaneous clearing and settlement, reduced time to dispute resolution and reconciliation and substantially lower clearing costs. Source : https://www.ccn.com/world-wire-ibm-launches-stellar-based-blockchain-payments-platform/ What is great is the fact that this blockchain (called IBM Blockchain World Wire) is not based on Ethereum or any usual ones but on Stellar. This one have a great potential for the next years.
  22. Rimini FC 1912 is not a very well known soccer team around the world, one of their best moment post 2000 was a draw against the Juventus ... back in 2006. So any news is good news for them. And that's exactly what happened recently when they decided to sell 25% of their total shares to Heritage Sports Holdings (HSH) in exchange for some Quantocoin. HSH is the owner of Gibraltar United, a squad that is set to start partially paying player salaries with virtual currency and they have some well-known ambassadors like Roberto Carlos or Patrick Kluivert. If that transaction catch the eyes the real end goal (pun intended) is way bigger than that since they'll like to end corruption in soccer (and sports) by allowing a better tracability of paiements and salaries via blockchain. Source : https://bitcoinist.com/italian-serie-c-football-team-sells-shares-exchange-cryptocurrency/ Do you think blockchain and cryptocurrency could be used to help fight corruption in global football? One of the biggest bet here is the coin used for the deal, Quantocoin, never heard of it and if it don't work they basically sold part of their team for peanuts. If I was at the head of the soccer club i would at least asked a paiement in an already established coin.
  23. This 14th septembre, Bittrex will delist Bitcoin Gold (BTG) on his exchange. BTG is a fork of Bitcoin who occured last year and who recently suffer a hack (in May) of moe than 18 million $. One of the initial goal of BTG was to change Bitcoin’s proof-of-work (PoW) algorithm from the SHA256 algorithm to Equihash. The idea was to let people mine with their GPU instead of only expensive Asics & co. But the story didn't unfold smoothly for the coin, being under DDoS attack right after the launch, not receiving the support of major exchanges (at that time) like Coinbase, Poloniex or Kraken. Than few weeks later their website was hacked and a link redirected people to a scam wallet. Source : https://cointelegraph.com/news/why-bitcoin-gold-got-delisted-from-bittrex This late 18 millions $ hack and delisting from Bittrex is probably the nail in the coffin of BTG. Even if Bittrex don't have the same power as he had last year I doubt BTG will ever recover from so much bad press and problems in less than a year of existence. At his peak BTG was valued arounf 500$, it's now ... only 20$
  24. Nice idea. Could have an emoji on chat, like a clock to express the idea you're back in time with your old balance you recovered. Or some up and down arrow (going down then up)
  25. We all know that cryptos are growing all around the world and we also know that lots of countries are in trouble with their "classic" currencies (FIAT money). But do you know that Bitcoin already outperformed 3 of them ? Pension Partners, a New York-based investment advisory, made a research this month and they found out that Bitcoin (in comparison to the U.S. dollar.) managed to outperform three national currencies year-to-date despite its steep decline since December of 2017. The Venezuelan bolivar, the Sudanese pound, and the Argentine peso are the 3 currencies beaten by Bitcoin. Source: https://btcmanager.com/bitcoin-fiat-cryptocurrency-outperformed-national-currencies-2018/