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  1. Yes "Payment Sent" means the payment is done. All my withdrawals there arrived without any problems. I could ask 180k sats today (80k more in the last 4 days and I bought another level for one headquarters + bought for 10k of gems). So without reinvesting i'm making 22.5k sats a day almost on automatic. Not complaining
  2. In the last 3 weeks I updated my Maintenance Hangar up to level 50 (was 20 or something), bought 2-3 more levels on my Headquarters and used some coins to buy gems to rebuild the equivalent of 5 millions-ish gems buildings. But even with all those reinvestments of coins i was still able to withdrew 1600+ Dogecoins and I can already withdrew another 100k sats.
  3. Withdrew and received a second Doge payment of 1.000+ dogecoins. Now i'll start to invest for some times in the Maintenance Hangar to reach level 50 and save 5% more of gems each hour (to rebuild a little quickly my actual buildings).
  4. Is that count as a double Beast Challenge ? Bet: 24,590,666,666 placed by Kargai on 17/10/2018 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 2.00x Profit 0.00000100
  5. I don't know, seem it's a decent faucet but who know if at one point they will decide to not pay anymore. I saw that in so many faucets that i'm almost thinking 100% of them are turning scam at one point or another, so investing is like gambling : if they still pay for a while you'll recover you investment and make some more. If they stop paying in 1 month you'll loose the investment. So it's up to you really. They just added a game "Multiplier" who allow you to multiply your coins. I didn't play the game but it seem they have nice multiplier and some martingale could be interesting to try. So maybe try to multiply the coins. 2-3 minutes now but for months i had to invest way more time. But that's right, today it's really fun to win 18-19k sats with just few minutes on the site I withdrew 50.000 coins in Dogecoin yesterday, which is almost 900 doges.
  6. At the beginning i spent like 15-20 min a day because i was doing at least one survey to win bunch of coins faster and invest in buildings but now i'm just claiming faucets here and there during the day (sometimes launching ads or something) so actually I made 18k+ a day for less than 2-3 minutes on the site. As usual with faucets you have to invest some times the first weeks/months to deserve the reward later (if the faucet don't disappear in the process and is really paying, both criterias are ok for Cointiply). They also plan to release a new game to multiply the coins via some type of bets in the next faw days.
  7. A little update after almost 5 months of using this faucet. Actually I make almost 20.000k sats a day. Like you'll see in the pic i make 504 coins an hour, that mean 12096 coins a day. 1 coin is roughly around 1,54 satoshi, so 12.096 coins is like 18681 sats. I could probably have a better number of coins/hour but i decide to withdrew some of them to verify the faucet was legit instead of re-investing them in better levels of buildings. So if i had reinvested everything since the start I could be at 575 coins/hour = 13800/day = 21250 sats/day Not that bad to be honest. Ref link : https://cointiply.com/r/o1Nw
  8. Not really a surprise since almost all the new techs are use in priority or quickly in the military environment. Internet was used by the army before coming to public, exoskeletons are already in use in the army before reaching the masses, drones were used for a long time, ... now it will be the same with blockchain. The advantages of running a blockchain could work on different levels like managing inventories, lower the costs of operating, tracking and delivering supplies, detect and possibly counter cyber attacks, create new cryptographic algorithms, etc. Source : https://bitcoinist.com/china-russia-usa-blockchain-military/ The thing with the army is : if we start to learn about their interest in the technology, they probably have already something in place or close. When things go public they are years ahead of that.
  9. Yes I believe the good news in all those FUD everywhere is that the market show some strong resistance level that seem very hard to break. Meaning enough people believe in it and it will be hard to make the market totally crash. That don't say when the market will rise again (could take months or years) but I have more confidence today than 6 months ago tbh.
  10. I bought some XRP last year around 25 cents, sold half of them at 3.4$ to recover my initial investment + buy some Stellar and now i'm holding both coins long term, nothing to loose.
  11. I'll tend to say Binance have the 4 points you're looking after. Buy some BNB coins there and you'll have some advantages about the fees (who are already low at 0.15% or something like that) You cna read this article, maybe a little outdated tho : https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@davidhay/top-7-reasons-to-buy-and-hold-binance-bnb-coins
  12. If you don't know what Brave is, it's a web browser focused on privacy and using the blockchain technology. Running on a blockchain is not the only great point of Brave, another one is to reward publishers for their contributions. The reward come under the form of BAT tokens distributed anonymously by the users who want to. But how to verify the legitimacy of the publishers ? That's why they decided to use Civic's blockchain platform to verify them. Both together will protect users identities and personal information through their services. Civic's "Reusable KYC" program will ensure that these publishers can verify their identities while maintaining some sense of privacy. These publishers will also be able to use mobile devices or similar platforms to collect payments. Source : https://www.coindesk.com/brave-browser-is-using-civics-blockchain-platform-to-verify-publishers/ With 4 million monthly users on average Brave is growing little by little. I'm using it from time to time and I like it tbh, could be my browser by default in few months. Did you already tried it ?
  13. The ETF (Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund) were suppose to be launch in august by VanEck and SolidX but the SEC delayed them for a month. Now they are postponing the process again because the "need more time to consider more input to help it arrive at a decision on the matter". For those who don't know an ETF is contract you sign and a way for investors to effectively invest in bitcoin without actually holding the asset. That could have a big impact on the prices since (like for gold or silver) they could have more "paper bitcoin" that actual mined BTC, the price could change a lot depending on that. Source :https://bitcoinmagazine.com/articles/vanecksolidx-etfs-delayed-again-sec-seeks-comment-fund-proposal/ Some people were waiting with impatience the ETF to bet on a higher (or not) BTC price, seem they'll have to be more patient.
  14. MyCrypto is an Ethereum and ERC20 token wallet and they announced recently that they were able to schedule Ethereum (ETH) transactions. Meaning you're not limited to only send or receive transactions at the moment you create them but you'll can program them for a further usage like for example a monthly subscription with a recursive paiement, or an future ICO investment and co. To do that you'll have to use the ChronoLogicDapp but it will be possible to use a hardware wallet or an app like Metamask to use it and schedule your transactions in advance. Source : https://www.tecnologia.press/en/2018/09/20/ethereum-transactions-can-now-be-scheduled/ It's still early in the process so they are waiting for feedbacks from users to add new functionnalities & co but it's a great new feature to the Ethereum network !
  15. Currently (and for the last few month) we saw an increase in online casinos based on Ethereum. Why is that ? What's the advantages of ETH over BTC ? This article explain why some of the casinos made that choice (including speed of transactions), how the smart contracts for betting technically work, what's the main advantage of it, etc. Source : https://theblockchainland.com/2018/09/20/ethereum-betting-uses-smart-contracts-to-attract-anonymous-users/ Nothing revolutionnary if you already know how gambling in cryptos is working but still few nice slice of informations here and there, and it's focus on the perfect area for Primedice's players like us : how to mix gambling and cryptos
  16. Primedice was my very first one if you don't consider freebit.co.in as a pure gambling site (i never used the rolling game there anyway). And it's almost still the only one i'm on with Stake
  17. Yes I know that Bittrex is loosing his mojo wince months in profit of new more fancy (and better to be honest) exchanges like Binance or Kucoin, but when they bring few new updates it's still good for the community. Especially since some of us probably registered there last year or before andhave still some funds in balance. So what's new in the last few days ? First the charts are now updated every 30 seconds, they added the ability to save and restore different chart views (saved in your browser tho, so it will not sync with all your devices), they enabled withdrawal whitelisting to allow users to whitelist USD bank accounts, improved how users are notified of wallet status and some interface GUI optimisation were made. All the updates can be seen here : https://support.bittrex.com/hc/en-us/sections/200567324-Changelist Like I said no big moves here but few improvements on really boring stuff who made thei website more difficult and boring to use. Still a long way to give their mojo back tho ...
  18. The Texas State Securities Board has taken emergency action against three crypto investment schemes it alleges are attempting to defraud local investors. Those 3 alleged frauds are : Coins Miner Investment Ltd, a Russia-based crypto promoter who asked some funds (via an email campaign) in Texas stating he was a representative of Coinbase. DGBK Ltd., or DigitalBank,who is suppose to develop a "hack-proof" crypto wallet device. They were suppose to launch an ICO next week assuring investors they will make a 1900% ROI. Ez pz. They also use Barack Obama's image in their campaign. No pain no gain. Ultimate Assets, is soliciting Texas residents for crypto and forex trading services, making promises of a 10x ROI within 3 weeks ! If you are a pidgeon, give them 1k$ and you'll have 10.000$ in 3 weeks. They just found the solution to deal with poverty all around the world 😛 All the story is here : https://www.coindesk.com/texas-securities-watchdog-takes-action-against-3-alleged-crypto-frauds/
  19. Since the rise of some coins last year proved the point : there is problems for some of them whe it come to scale the use of the blockchain. BTC and ETH suffered some atrocious delay in transactions which made them basically non usable by users. They need to find a solution before all. This article is focus on 4 points: the scaling problems, the solutions, how each crypto is handling the problem and the pros & cons. You will also learn what are the options actually used by cryptocurrencies facing those problems and what that implied for our usage of those coins. Source : https://medium.com/coinbundle/scaling-issues-faced-by-different-cryptocurrencies-1df238297d45
  20. The french government recently approved a new framework to regulate the Initial Coins Offering (ICOs) and the goal is to make the country "ICO friendly" to attract new projects from all around the world. “France has every interest in becoming the first major financial center to propose an ad hoc legislative framework for companies making an initial coin offering,” Practically that mean that foreign companies can know ask for a special visa by submitting their whitepaper for review by French authorities. The very project who's trying to compell to the demands is Blockchain.io, a french crypto exchange, and they should launch their ICO as soon as next week (27th september). Source: https://thebitcoinnews.com/newly-approved-ico-framework-may-turn-france-into-europes-leading-ico-hub/ Let's wait to see how it will turn but it seem it's only the first step taken by the government to make the country crypto ready as fast as possible
  21. At least that's what said the World Economic Forum in a recent report. Even if they noticed the inefficiencies in proof-of-work blockchains they also saw some positive potential impact on the environment. According to PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC, who conducted the study) there is an opening "for fresh ideas to harness this nascent technology to help deliver big gains for our environment... Blockchain could "create a sustainability revolution." " They focused their attention on 6 key areas like climate change, healthy oceans, water security, clean air, etc. But they realize that some of the actuals Proof-of-Work blockchains can hurt that progress if they don't turn to a Proof-of-Stake or Chia protocol. They will continue to explore and develop that first study in the near future. The full study can be read here :https://www.pwc.com/gx/en/sustainability/assets/blockchain-for-a-better-planet.pdf
  22. Bet: 24,090,123,777 placed by Kargai on 18/09/2018 Wagered 0.00001200 Multiplier 17.62x Profit 0.00019939 Bet: 24,090,123,908 placed by Kargai on 18/09/2018 Wagered 0.00001200 Multiplier 17.62x Profit 0.00019939 Bet: 24,090,124,071 placed by Kargai on 18/09/2018 Wagered 0.00001200 Multiplier 17.62x Profit 0.00019939
  23. Most of the big and/or serious forums on Internet have rules. That's something classic and it's needed in all cases when the forum start to grow. If they don't do it it's a total mess. When you register to it you agree to follow those rules. If you don't do it ... you deserve the sanction. On Primedice we have the warning points system who just do that : warn people that they are breaking the rules. If they still continue to do it they deserve whats come next. Regarding the rule to search if a topic about the same subject already exist it's just a way to not launch the same issue again and again and again, which will be boring for every usual user.
  24. Soluna is a new-york based company who plan to launch a 36 megawatt Bitcoin mining farm in Dakhla (Morocco) next year. And they will use the laws in the country to sell 20% of their energy output back to the government. They will use cheap electricity generating methods (wind for example) to cross their goal line and they hope the laws will evolove to allow them to sell back even more than 20% of their generated energy. Source : https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2018/09/construction-to-begin-on-36-megawatt-moroccan-wind-farm-for-bitcoin-mining/ The information is a little weird since Morocco formally outlaw cryptocurrency payments, but still it's a good new for the employment in the country and maybe it will help to change the laws around cryptos there