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  1. In a recent interview : Amber Baldet, the former executive director of JPMorgan Chase's BlockChain Center of Excellence (BCOE), saysthat major banks like JPMorgan could be setting up cryptocurrency trading desks "sooner than people probably think." She also said that the regulations need to be active and official before all can happen, but it's definitely on the rails. Source : https://www.cryptoglobe.com/latest/2018/05/major-banks-entering-crypto-space-sooner-than-people-probably-think-says-former-executive-director-at-jpmorgan/ What will happen ? Do you believe that "lambda" people will turn to officials services for dealing with cryptos ? It's loosing the "be your own money manager without intermediaries" of cryptos but I believe that lots of people, who don't know how technology work, will have trust in officials and banks. They will just go with them because they are used to it.
  2. For those who still have a hard time grasping what the differences are between Proof of Work (Bitcoin, Ethereum, ...) and Proof of Stake (Dash, Neo, ...) this video will help you understand it. It's very simple but I believe it can help some of the members to see visualy how things work.
  3. Compound is a startup newly backed by ... Coinbase. They will incubate in the company's new effort to develop blockchain innovations. Most project think about generate interest or dividend income but Compound believe it's not perfect. They stated that "it's not good enough: they are either centralized and have substantial counterpart risk, or require robust order books for each type of cryptoasset, which generally do not exist." They will laucnh first on Ethereum's blockchain and will allow people to earn interest no only on their Ether but also stablecoins and utility token. And important : with a complete liquidity. The interest rates will be decided via smart contracts and will be dynamically update in real time. Compoundโ€™s core technology also eases reporting, since each money market is transparent, auditable, and completely predictable. Basically it mean that instead of holding the coins in your wallet and making no profit out of it, you'll can make them hold it for you to win some interest (if you trust them ofc). Source : https://medium.com/compound-finance/compound-raises-8-2-million-to-create-money-markets-for-crypto-assets-6dfa593f8e5e
  4. Miniera, the start-up cryptocurrency mining business allegedly located in the former biggest coal mine of the Netherlands in Geleen, seems to be collapsing. Co-founder Christian Petermann has been arrested in his home on May 16th. I amost want to say "same old same old when it come to mining business" but making generalities is bad and there is still (few) decent mining project out there. But in this case the guy seemed shady since the start (he was some sort of politician before coming in cryptos, so... #NoGenerality) and the Neblio community start to raise questions about him pretty quickly (Miniera was launched on the Neblio blockchain) : he promoted ponzi scheme like Bitconnect ... meaning he was guilty from the start and deserve jail for that ๐Ÿ˜› Their whole project basically revolves around being located on an old coal mine site, but once some people contacted the owner of the mine the guy plainly never heard about Miniera before. You can read all the story here : https://crypto-scene.com/2018/05/17/miniera-io-from-fud-to-fiod/
  5. You sure about that ? we are in "gambling discussion" and I don't see how the initila post in gambling related ๐Ÿ˜
  6. Kargai

    ๐Ÿ“ข Half a Decade of Primedice

    Even if I'm around for only 1 year that was already an incredible journey, things have change a lot so I can't imagine how it was at the beginning And I can't wait to see how things will go further in the future !
  7. AWS, the Amazon service, and Consensys will offer a cloud platform based on blockchain to their clients. Based on Ethereum's blockchain the point will be to offer an easy way to build and manage your own blockchain, with minimum knowledge about it. Source : https://cointelegraph.com/news/amazon-and-consensys-startup-to-offer-simplified-blockchain-platforms The news is nice at 2 levels : first because it could bring more people in blockchain with easy ways to develop new projects (Amazon is a giant) but also because if that work, it will make the Ethereum blockchain more important so it could be great in term of value.
  8. Update : they launched the V1 today The main new feature is that you can now exchange and withdraw Bitcore, Potcoin and Peercoin. The second one is a gifts page. You can use your sats and crystals to buy some lottery tickets. Each time a round is finished they will took winners in the pool of participants. So for example if you want to win a Smart Watch you need to but tickets at the price of 128 sats or 109 crystals and each 17 days there will be a lottery. The gits are (for now) : smart watch, gaming headset, gaming mouse, VR headset, earphone, keychain, ... those kind of stuff. Hope that they'll add some crypto related things later. Next week they will work on a special surprise for crossing the line of their first 100.000 users.
  9. In the list I gave you Jaxx is fully made for mobile (androรฏd and iPhone)
  10. Just a suggestion/question Like PD just add Litecoin and plan other coins in the future, I think it could be huge to have the ability to choose one currency for our forum gains. First reason is to show publicly what coin we support (the balance in our profile will be in LTC or else) Second that will allow people who only want to win Litecoin to do it. Maybe PD will have an internal exchange later for easier exchange but that's still a way to have directly the coin you want and send it directly in your litecoin balance on the gaming part. And to see how much you have in LTC directly instead of now having to make the conversion. 3rd it will allow people to have more diversity for giveaways, lending, etc.
  11. The core wallet will always be the best option but indeed it take some space on a hard drive. Online you have multiple "trustworthy" great faucets like Jaxx, Exodus or LiteVault who don't have access to your private keys.
  12. If you wanna trade in the most efficient way you need to find little exchanges where the cryptos are sold first before they hit bigger exchange. Binance was one of those little in the past ... they grow to become one of the biggest exchange out there. Than Kucoin was also a little one where coins were very interresting, but that advantage start to be less interresting each month that Kucoin grow. >> https://www.bibox.com/signPage?id=11365641&lang=en (ref link) Bibox is a new contender and for me it mix the best of both world : little enough to have cheap coins before their price increase elsewhere AND reliable enough. Their interface is the same as Binance (easy to use) and there Bibox is a AI Enhanced Encrypted Digital Asset Exchange who will run on a blockchain soon (decentralized as Binance). They launched in novembre 2017 but were in development since 2016. Their platform will offer spot trading, leverage trading, security lending and contract lending. They will also list security token which is kind of unique as we all know that this will be a hot topic for SEC. Actually they are trading a total of 137 millions $ a day, they are the 18th biggest exchanges and it will probably increase in the next few months. The 3 cryptos they trad the most are ETH, BTC and their own token. Bibox Token They have a token (Bibox Token, BIX, price is 0.8$) and like Binance they will be burning unsold tokens and every quarter, 25% of their total profit will be used to buy back their tokens to burn, until it reaches 200mil in total. So the price will probably increase in the future. Incentive rewards : Hold BIXs and complete a transaction once a week, you can get the bonus of the week ! Particularities You can loan and lend on the exchange. Lending or loaning will be at a rate of your choice between 0.08% and 0.12%, you can take an insurance and can lend in BTC, ETH, EOS or Tether. You can vote for the next coins to be added Cunbi Bao : financial product based on digital assets. Each project has its own lock-up period and interest rate. You can choose freely. The principal will be locked after the purchase and the interest begins to accrue according to the appointed time. The principal and interest will be unlocked and transferred into your account after the project is due, and you will be able to obtain the promised earnings. Without veryfying yourself you'll still can use the exchange but you'll be limited to 2 BTC a day (which is not bad ^^). I didn't read too much bad things about them until there, i mean not more than on any other exchanges especially when they are still young. So my advice is to register there to be ready in case a very promising coin arrive on their exchange and move what you bought on a biggest exchange once the coin hit a bigger one like Bittrex or Binance. Prices are very interresting on exchange like Bibox, you can sometimes buy a coin 4 to 10 times cheaper than when it hit Binance & co. To register on Bibox : https://www.bibox.com/signPage?id=11365641&lang=en Non-ref link : https://www.bibox.com/
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    Forum cash?

    You'll find everything there : PS: try to post your question in the right section
  14. yea maybe it's me who make a mistake on this one. 0.01 was the price at ICO it seem, so maybe i bought in pre-ico or i'm just mistaken the coin (had invested in multiple coins late last year ^^).