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    JacobMars reacted to Bitcoinani in If you're single and have to choose for a date from a PD user   
    First I refer my real life gf here then i will date her lol I know i m smart and handsome please no Claps
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    JacobMars reacted to Bitcoinani in Scam BTC-e.com spoofed email - BEWARE! admin@btc-e.com   
    As usual a scam email written so poorly you might think the person is trolling. Do not send any BTC to any addresses you get in your email, especially to those who address you as a "custumer".

    The email looks like it was sent from btc-e.com (admin@btc-e.com). It wasn't. The email is spoofed.
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    JacobMars reacted to Bitcoinani in Greed is taking me all (   
    I just deposited 0.002 btc on prime dice today and got up to 0.006 btc in order to reach 0.01 btc then I did rage bet and loss it all...  guys its Sunday here and I wanna do fun but I just can't...  I am passing my all time on pd...  guys any suggestions??  How to give time to other things or how to divert my mind (