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  1. JacobMars

    Poor vampire

    Haha Good Luck for that
  2. it works for me better bro never got 800reds before... keep changing seeds after every win
  3. Yes already in implementation.... Edward told us already I think Edward already working on that
  4. base bet 500sat 99x payout and increase on loss 2%
  5. Reading this 5th time still laughing like 1st time
  6. JacobMars

    Cartagena, Spain

    wow so beautiful places <3
  7. Omg the most hilarious joke i have ever heard
  8. JacobMars

    Birdie! Birdie!

    Haha that was a nice one
  9. I would sell them and live my life like royals
  10. My suggestion is there should be contest for multiple genres that can attract users
  11. i love GOT because of their ensemble cast and i like peter dinklage aka tyrion Lannister his speech was awesome
  12. I also intersted to buy btc with my paypal if anyone is up hit me
  13. one dream in a week is about bitcoin for me and it seems real too I wonder how many btv does satoshi nakamoto has?
  14. Thanks for share will try it seems interesting