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    cocacola reacted to Bojana in 🏆 Primedice Loyalty Giveaway   
    Locking this one  Thanks to all participants, will make sure that it is credited within the next 24 hours, we appreciate your patience!

    Congrats, ppl, and thank you for the loyalty! ♥
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    cocacola reacted to DMTripp27 in Guess when i hit win 100k   
    Right now i'm at 1006 bets on the seed and i haven't hit a 990x guess when it hit and the closest person wins 100k. Leave PD username and number. 
    Example :
    Name DMTripp27
    Number: 9990 
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    cocacola reacted to Edward in 🏆 Primedice Loyalty Giveaway   
    GIveaway for all the loyal Primedicers still hanging around the forum, also possibly some new people who want to get involved.
    Just post your Primedice username!
    100+ posts: 0.00025 BTC
    200+ posts: 0.0005 BTC
    500+ posts: 0.001 BTC
    1,000+ posts: 0.002 BTC
    This will be credited in 2 weeks so you'll be rewarded with the amount of posts you have when the time is up, 
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    cocacola reacted to ravenyvolle in Abbas50 giveaways -- what happened   
    It is but natural that some people are still fussing about this because some spent Money and TIME doing his giveaways which is clearly he has NO intentions of paying the winners. 
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    cocacola reacted to Bojana in [0.5 BTC in Prizes] Redesign Dicing & Primedice   
    Okay, let's awaken this thread... this should be the last week for the users to submit their creativity in action! How do you see Primedice? How would you LIKE to see it? Would YOU be the one we will thank for the new design?  If you have any answer to these questions, please, show us what you have to offer when designing is in question! 

    Good luck, dicers! 
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    cocacola got a reaction from zaky85 in Claim XLM (Stellar) Gratis untuk Bitcoin Holder   
    Beneran dapat ga gan/sist? 
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    cocacola reacted to ravenyvolle in 3x Payout   
    omg i know u like risky but dude, that is way so risky:)
    But glad if it is working for you:)
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    cocacola got a reaction from qwertyzxcvbn in Giveaway! *Roll Hunt*   
    nice giveaway, i'll try hit it.