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  1. done edward, thank u for the giveaway!
  2. congratulations macky!
  3. sad to hear that , get well soon to your mother abbas . family always number one !
  4. i can wait that anyway, thanks for the giveaway @RollingYourHead!
  5. i hope so be patient and wait for the final decision
  6. Closed on August 9 00:00 GMT+1, too late
  7. wowwww so fu*king nice hit , congrats raven !
  8. i will try, how min balance for this strat?
  9. I always play on mobile, make me scared
  10. Cuma mau bagi lahan untuk dapat btc gratis gan, disini kerja nya cuma surf ads dan dalam 2 minggu ane dapat 0.0003 btc, itu pun ane kurang niat kalau ane rajin mungkin dapat lebih lagi. Ini link nya : https://adbtc.top/r/l/134356 Bukti ss wd :
  11. grats, nice hit! wish your third and my first will coming soon