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    ovelord1995 got a reaction from skanderkrid in 600k won here waiting until 1M   
    good luck bro  
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    ovelord1995 got a reaction from skanderkrid in 100x payout method   
    What do you guys of this method ( i haven't tried it yet and i want to ask you if you have already tried it ) 
    basebet of 100
    payout 100x
    on loss increase by 1% 
    on win reset to base
    should have about 100k in the bank 
    it should strike the under 1 or over 99 in the 230 attempts to make profit otherwise you loose all your money ( a little bit risky yeah )
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    ovelord1995 got a reaction from skanderkrid in 99.83 % win chance   
    I am using a 99.83% win chance auto-bet and i think it's pretty effective since even if you loose let's say 10k you would have already won more money.
    Using 10K i bet on a 60% win chance starting with just 10 satoshis and put 200% increase on losses and a reset to base (which makes 7 bets before loosing and restarting the auto-bet ) . I made a good profit using this method and of course you can use it using bigger amounts. Good luck for you  
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    ovelord1995 reacted to skanderkrid in skanderkrid 10k giveaway for 3 persons   
    Hey that's my first giveaway in here !
    I just earned 100k from the forum and made some earnings with it
    and I want to give 30k as thanks to the PD community
    So I ll just random select 3 persons from the 50 first comments <3
    SO comment with ur pd name
    just 1 comment is allowed
    if u d like to change the selectment method just tell me
    I ll do a lot more giveaways to get more popular lol.
    ty primedice <3