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  1. it's just amazing i just hate it when i bust worst feeling ever
  2. @BitCoinMNR i think we have an other winner
  3. 10k sats for the one who hits the exact number 97.97 ( 100 sats bet amount at least ) and the bet id should be over : 18,086,285,293 We will have 3 winners ( thanks to BitCoinMNR ) When you hit it juste type your pd username and the bet id good luck everybody
  4. i recommand you watch movies, tv shows or play video games to divert your mind and i hope you recover soon good luck
  5. to make 2x profit or more it's a matter of luck it's not a matter of method anymore because there's no strategy that makes you win if you keep doing it
  6. should the bet amount be higher than 100 sats or something or it can be a 0 stats bet ?
  7. 12 reds on 2.69x payout busted 100k
  8. i found a really good new gambling method using a 100k balance, using a basebet of 5 sats and 250% increase on loss and 5% on win win 70 % win chance . Let it roll until you reach 300 - 1000 profit . DON'T BE GREEDY : each time stop it, change the basebet back to 5 sats and play it again not to bust. i made 60k profit using this method and still trying to get more
  9. that really hurts i know and hate that feeling
  10. i know i won't be a winner but good luck for all of you anyway