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  1. Oh wow, how unluckily lucky. This is actually more common than people realise, once every 4 days roughly its expected for someone to hit the jackpot.
  2. Thanks for sharing @Hhampuz I'm sure our community will love engaging themselves in the survey. Especially when there's a juicy incentive at the end of it!
  3. Primedice averages almost 25 million bets a day, and the odds of hitting the jackpot is 1 in 100 million. So statistically speaking, someone hits it once every 4 days on Primedice. However, they do need the min wager requirement to claim the prize!
  4. Old topic, Dogeecoin has now officially launched on Primedice. Closing.
  5. I started watching the original dragon ball series recently. Holy shit I didn't realise how much sexual references there were! How were kids allowed to watch this! 😛
  6. Considering the approval of 9 exchanges, you would have to assume the government is supporting crypto as a genuine currency in their economy. It's a great step forward!
  7. Its good to see actions taking place against those people who used crypto as a scheme to steal from others. I honestly didn't see anything like this happening considering how much the governments hate crypto. Its great to ehar those people who got scammed in this case were able to be compensated for their loss.
  8. This is a very similar strategy to what I do. It is a bit more riskier than what you may think. Nonetheless thank you very much for sharing, great video!
  9. This has been recommended many times. Its something that doesn't appear to be a necessary update currently.
  10. When you start adding colours to chat you get issues with readability. I remember when on the old chat tools people would use ridiculous fonts and colours and it was so hard ot read at times.
  11. Certain forum sections are exempt from the recent topics feed. Usually its those sections that don't earn for pay per post. I will review the sections and see if we can add some more to accommodate the mining section.
  12. I like this idea, this is a discussion for Primedice so its in right section. Lets see how many french players we have to support this idea.
  13. This has been requested many times over and despite the support for it, its yet to be created. Perhaps sometime in the future.
  14. You can't receive rain if you're muted.
  15. Many more coins to come, this poll is irrelevant so closing now.
  16. Locking this as it has been decided by @Stunna that he doesn't support this idea.
  17. Who are you trading with? I am available.
  18. Got any tips for this week end? I have some funds to gamble.
  19. Hi @joykami, You are so close my friend! What has been changed in the latest update to the back end was adding a state to the game. To access the result, you now have to use the following state union type. mutation { primediceRoll( amount: 0.00000000 currency: eth condition: above target: 49.99 ) { id game amount currency payout state { ... on BetGamePrimedice { result } } user { name } } } I hope this helps.
  20. Just so that you all are aware, the 2FA on tipping was an additional security measure that was added because a lot of members of the site were concerned about account security. This is only a temporary measure until the vault is finished, whereas people will be able to keep their funds secure in a banking system, with extra protection so that if their account does somehow become compromised, their funds are still protected.
  21. It is but people share their details and as a result shit happens. They are usually the ones who lose their funds because of deceit. We do our best but account sharing is not easy to combat without adding additional security measures which sadly effects everyones gambling experience. We have introduced 2fa as a temp measure until the vault is released. 2fa on tipping is not permanent and it isn't something we want to keep around for long.
  22. Thanks @Serlite, I really appreciate you taking the time to put this together.