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  1. There is currently a thick blue line in between your last read post and the first unread. This can be touched upon when we do the overhaul of the layout to improve user experience. You can track the progress of this request here:
  2. See this post for progress on this request.
  3. I will discuss with the boss regarding this when we have free time. This is currently not high on the priority lists. See this topic to keep up to date with this request.
  4. We lost the attachment data during the move. If you want me to find a certain attachment that's important I can sift through the backup and try and get it for you. In regards to the reputation, we had to wipe it because we couldn't actually verify some of the bad/good reputation that users had received, as the SMF thank feature was abused and some users had granted themselves more thanks than were possible. To keep up to date with this request, be sure to follow this post:
  5. You can access them in the navigation menu o your mobile device by viewing the 'My Economy Dashboard" The menu system is currently undergoing a revamp.
  6. Thank you for letting me know. Will resolve. This is intentional, if you have a post that you need removed, then report it. If we give users the ability to delete their posts, it will also create issues involving deleting evidence that could be used when scamming.
  7. Dan

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    I have been enjoying this Zomboy mix lately.
  8. Thank you for the feedback @Chinesegandalf, unfortunately I do not work on the gambling portion of the PD website. I suggest if you have suggestions you post it here: https://forum.primedice.com/forum/primedice-suggestions/?id=43
  9. Not too bad at all, however I think the current mobile responsiveness for the site is rather aesthetically pleasing on the eye.
  10. I am using the forum from my mobile. It's a responsive forum software and the theme design is supported for mobiles. We don't need an app when it already works perfectly See screenshot of my current browsing window.
  11. Technically if you delete a post, you also delete any bits you earn for that post or topic. I suggest if you want a topic locked, you report it and we will do the rest.
  12. I genuinely love this idea. Will pass on to the boss. You an track the status of this request here;
  13. Notifications are set to read once you view them.
  14. Nice idea, if the boss wants me to add it I will.
  15. Users would abuse the delete function by removing evidence of scams
  16. Its gone forever, try to update any posts you can manually. The previous forum software corrupted attachment files.
  17. You were given a time limit to cash in your previous forum credits. If you missed out then there is nothing that can be done.
  18. Search and navigation are coming soon. Not sure what you mean by number of posts.
  19. This is not possible as we had people abuse this feature. They would scam people then delete the evidence. Furthermore, this needs to be posted in suggestions. Wrong place mate.
  20. Signatures currently exist, you just need to enable them for viewing form your account. By default they are turned off. See the new addition to the topic.
  21. I will add this to my development list. Thank you for the suggestion.
  22. As long as you post meaningful responses and content on the forum, you won't have any issues.
  23. Further information regarding bits will be included in the near future.