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  1. Edward is a busy man, I will do my best to get hold of him today. Hold tight and await my response.
  2. I have credited the correct amount to your PD account and fixed the conversion rate. Apologies for the error my friend!
  3. Wrong place posted mate, i will fix shortly. Waiting for Edwards response. Need to confirm conversion rate, please hold tight. All balances will be fixed. I think Edward has some important matters to attend to first.
  4. How to Cash Out your Satoshi To cash out your forum satoshi directly to Primedice is now an easy automated process. Please note before you can successfully transfer to your account you need to make sure you have the following requirements met. Linked Primedice account. Transferring at minimum 2,000 satoshi. Your forum account will only start to accumulate credits once you have 100 post count. Please see following topic regarding account linking here. Now for the part you've all been waiting for. How do you send your forum credits directly to your Primedice account? Well the steps are as easy as 1,2,3! From your spending account click on the drop down menu, and choose option to Transfer. Input the amount of satoshi you wish to transfer. Note: 2,000 satoshi is the absolute minimum that can be transferred. Make sure the account selected to transfer to is Primedice, add an optional note, and click Transfer. Once that has been completed, you will see a transaction on your Primedice account, with the credited satoshi from the forum. If you have any errors during the process, and don't receive a private message informing you of what went wrong, please contact myself, as all transactions are logged and we can track down the problem and resolve it.
  5. It is an abandoned Water Park in Hui, Vietnam.
  6. I'll jump in, I've just returned from travelling for 6 months with a backpack, and got to experience some amazing places, can you guess this one? These are taken from my iPhone and unfortunately it was a rainy day, so the photos aren't that great!
  7. So are you saying you don't recommend them?
  8. Thank you for the suggestion. I will add a travel section.
  9. How to link your Primedice Account In order to be able to successfully transfer satoshi form the Forum to the Primedice game, you need to ensure you have linked your account. To do so, follow these steps: Click on your name at top right of forum to open user menu. Select Edit Profile Type in your Primedice username and click 'Save'
  10. Please give us more information regarding your betting strategy, don't simply tell us the wager % and then leave us hanging!
  11. I need this so badly. I'm the worst gambler I either go big or go home. And I've already had to go home so many times already this week!
  12. Micro is still here, he's just busy with more important Primedice matters, that you will all be extremely excited to see in the near future!
  13. We will look to introduce this in the near future. We are hoping to find at least one representative for each language to assist with moderating that nationality subsection.
  14. This is a very good suggestion, and one that I will discuss with Edward. I will keep you posted on the decision outcome.
  15. This has only been disabled on mobile devices to help reduce clutter.
  16. You can track the status of this request here:
  17. The status of this request can be tracked here:
  18. Dan

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    You can track the status of this request here:
  19. This request can be tracked on this topic:
  20. There is currently a thick blue line in between your last read post and the first unread. This can be touched upon when we do the overhaul of the layout to improve user experience. You can track the progress of this request here:
  21. See this post for progress on this request.
  22. I will discuss with the boss regarding this when we have free time. This is currently not high on the priority lists. See this topic to keep up to date with this request.
  23. We lost the attachment data during the move. If you want me to find a certain attachment that's important I can sift through the backup and try and get it for you. In regards to the reputation, we had to wipe it because we couldn't actually verify some of the bad/good reputation that users had received, as the SMF thank feature was abused and some users had granted themselves more thanks than were possible. To keep up to date with this request, be sure to follow this post:
  24. You can access them in the navigation menu o your mobile device by viewing the 'My Economy Dashboard" The menu system is currently undergoing a revamp.