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  1. Dan

    League of legends

    I play on OCE from time to time. Platinum support main. If anyone is interested hit me up. Just send me a PM with your name.
  2. There is currently a strategy that hui and zoltan use for giveaways to prevent alts from receiving rewards for giveaways.
  3. At this point in time, you will need to use a 3rd party service to exchange all altcoins to bitcoins before gambling with Primedice.
  4. Due to how the forum currency handles the pay per post, we couldn't implement a solution to sort out the conversion of previously owned bits to satoshi. Therefore all your bits were nullified. Please see akosiasin's response for more information.
  5. The developers are doing their best to rummage through the old Primedice chat code, so that they can implement this in the near future. We will keep you posted.
  6. I think this is a great idea, I will make sure this see's @Edward's eyes.
  7. Please read all announcements. This question has already been answered. The conversion rate as of yesterday's changes was 1 bit = 1 satoshi.
  8. Congratulations Jenn, well done on your win. Hope you can get more of those in the future!
  9. Your previous post's were deemed as spam. Please ensure you read all the topics listed in my signature. They will assist you with learning how to post meaningful content and obey the forum rules.
  10. Probably because instead of complaining, they have been busy making quality posts on the forum, earning FREE satoshi's.
  11. This has already been answered. All bits have been made redundant, due to new posting award and currency change.
  12. This is not a bug. All is working as intended. We changed the currency for posts from this point onward. Instead of giving you bits we give you satoshi's, and we also doubled the amount per post from today.
  13. @Edward the question was answered by the person above you.
  14. Dan

    Dream Job?

    I personally trade most my money on the ASX here in Australia. I don;t consider myself a day trader though. I tend to take advantage of emotional situations that cause the market to crash, i.e. political events or reporting season. From there I stock up on any share that's incredibly undervalued, and then once it bounces back I usually sell for around 5-7% return. Then I wait for the next opportunity to do the same. I don't personally really diversify outside of the tech and healthcare sectors.'With that and a few dividend holdings, its pretty easy to travel Asia without requiring an income. With the right investments, and as little capital as perhaps even just $20k. You could spend 6 months in SE Asia comfortably living off of only dividends and your profits. When I first got out of high school I tested the waters as an apprentice Chef for the same reason, and then tried out as a Butcher, before deciding to move into IT. Both those hospitality professions you can travel with so easily and was always a big motivator. Hows the industry for you now? (Are you still in it?) Have you been able to travel with it yet?
  15. This is an amazing achievement, what a great day.
  16. Altcoins are in the pipeline and have been for a while. Its a big task to achieve a balanced system that can handle all coins fairly. Thank you so much for the feedback! Its highly valued.
  17. Hi people, to answer your questions, lets use some simple problem solving skills. Notice location of the topic 'Primedice suggestions' not 'Forum Suggestions.' You don't get rewards for suggesting forum based content. I've had to repeat myself way too many times to be worth wasting more time on this topic. I will now be deleting these feature from the website. Too many people have ruined the concept.
  18. I regret not getting into Bitcoin when all my friends where. I remember playing a well known video game back in 2003 with @Edward, and hearing all our friends talk about this elusive currency. I used to think it was stupid and a waste of time. That the power behind cryptocurrecies was just another scam. What a fool i was... anyway. Simple question, simple topic. When was your first coin transaction? Let’s hopefully hear some awesome stories opposed to the horror ones where people buy pizza’s for 10k coins haha.
  19. In all honestly, what do you believe is the #1 Bitcoin gambling website. We at Primedice want to ensure we keep up with the trends and are able to adapt to the ever changing environment. I’m going to say, even though it may be very biased, Primedice. It’s the longest standing website in the Bitcoin world & during its existence has had 0 confirmed scam reports or issues. It has undergone thefts of millions of dollars yet still pays out players on time & with zero issues. But with that said everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I’d like to hear yours! Absolutely no offence will be taken.
  20. Dan

    Dream Job?

    I remember thinking about this a lot while I was recently travelling through South East Asia with only my Backpack and Laptop strapped to me. People spend most of their life pursuing something they aren't passionate about, only to end up dissatisfied and unhappy. Why do we do this to ourselves? Is it lack of confidence in our abilities? Or do we just put ourselves in these positions because its all we think is available to us? I was working as an IT manager for an Insurance company before I decided to sell everything and head off on ym adventure. I was unsatisfied with my life decisions and where I had ended up. Before I quit and left, I realised it didn't matter that I was making really good money, or that I was at the top of my chosen field.'The fact of the matter was, I wasn't happy, and that ultimately is what is important. Anyway I'm getting carried away here, I guess what I want to know, is if people have ever made these life changing decisions and what prompted them? Do you have a dream job? I love reading this sort of stuff as it’s funny how it diversifies between so many people. It's a great conversation starter, and can often tell you a lot about a person.
  21. There has been a bit of a discussion happening around the overall stats associated to peoples accounts and how they can sometimes be a bit of a deterrent to continuing playing on that account and rather create a new one. We assume this is because they don’t like seeing their overall stats. Would you guys like to have the option to reset your overall stats, or specifically stuff like profit? Do you think this is a reason why you have or would want to switch accounts? Is there perhaps any other reasons why you have thrown away accounts in the past?
  22. This suggestion can be tracked here:
  23. Unfortunately I was unable to migrate the poll results over, sorry for the inconvenience.