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  1. We do not have any intentions in developing a wallet product, we believe you should have complete control of your security. All players can confidently entrust their cryptocurrency with us however the philosophy inherent to the nature of peer-to-peer crypto currencies is that players should manage and safely secure their own funds.
  2. I like this suggestion, will forward details to developers.
  3. I have recommended @Serlite's response at the current time. I will mention this to developers to see if its something that can be implemented with minimal stress on the server.
  4. I have deleted and given warnings to people who post ponzi's that I have come across. I'll ensure they are treated more harshly in the future. I will have a chat to the developers to see if this is a viable change to the chat. I do like the idea, and agree we need to stop people trying to take advantage of such situations. Thanks for the feedback mate.
  5. I have now enabled Members the ability to close their own topics. And also close their own polls.
  6. Look after your health mate, we only get one shot at this life.
  7. This is not something we feel is relevant at the current time. Thank you for the idea though.
  8. Everyone has been busy with the Stake project. If anyone is caught posting a PONZI scheme or scamming, they will be banned. Its important that when ti does occur that members report it, as we don't often get a chance to read every topic. As for the chat suggestion, I dont really understand what you are asking but I will email it to a developer and see what they think.
  9. That's an interesting concept, I think what you are seeing is that the more bets you do overtime, the more noticeable difference the house edge makes in the long term. However some people could certainly produce a result that contradicts that graph. I guess that's the beauty of RNG.
  10. This is pretty close to the algorithm. The additional parts are listed elsewhere on the forum
  11. If for some unforeseen reason segwit doesn't work out, or is postponed further, Bitcoin Cash might rise a bit.
  12. I ended up selling all of mine. I also made the decision to trade my BTC for Antshares. Working out well thus far.
  13. Dan

    Orange name color

    I just went through and promoted people who I thought deserve it. At this point it doesn't mean more than having an orange name and respected title. It's mainly just an easier way for me to keep track of the people who are genuine and valuable members of the community. It may have benefits in the future. I looked for people who are active, dont constantly change their IP, haven't had any warnings, haven't begged or ask for anything/expected to be recognised for their participation and have a decent wagered amount.
  14. How long did your transaction take to bittrex? Mines only on its 13th confirmation out of 20 and its been 24 hours....
  15. Not deleted. Reported as a dishonest player. Give up mate, you aren't fooling anyone. Once you have a legitimate concern, then post something relevant. Until then, stop wasting everyone's time with rubbish. You got caught out, there's nothing more to it.
  16. Why would you be posting on your family members account? I only had the conversation with you.. Do you both conveniently use the same vpn at different intervals, on the same dvice, and only post on giveaways with your family member account?
  17. Everything has returned to normal. In the future please post in the correct area, for faster responses. I will move the topic now.
  18. All withdraws and deposits were proactively disabled way before the fork occurred, to help insure that users who were not aware of the situation, didn't lose their BTC. We kept all funds protected and safe for you. This was only done to benefit you. Now that all is done, all services are re-enabled. Please be aware, that you need to check your deposit address as it has now changed.
  19. This is the wrong section. As stated in private message when your account was flagged. Your cash out was frozen, because you didn't read the rules. To ensure you see my message, I am going to lock this post.
  20. It's an alt of @coolpens I had that discussion with him, hence why I was confused when some random user with 3 posts named burp said what he did. As for the issue coolpens was experiencing, he thought he entered a giveaway, but apparently he didn't. I checked the logs and there was no deleted post. It was just an honest mistake of not realising he didn't post what he thought he did, but unfortunately he doesn't see it that way.
  21. Are you an alt? I've never spoken to you before.
  22. https://forum.primedice.com/topic/23874-forum-questions-and-information https://forum.primedice.com/topic/21704-forum-rules-guidelines https://forum.primedice.com/topic/24369-a-guide-to-posting-meaningful-content
  23. There really hasn't been any practice in place to inform why something was done. If you ask a staff member, they will kindly check the logs and explain why.
  24. There isn't a chat feature on the forum, I assume you mean in game? In that case I'll move your topic to the correct location.