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  1. Ok lets solve this issue in telegram. I'll lock this topic for now.
  2. The support button wont appear and/or will have errors if you have ad blocker enabled on your browser.
  3. I have merged vinka's two forum accounts to avoid confusion in the future.
  4. If you are aware of any sites who are known for scamming, report the topic and we will deal with it.
  5. We don't want to run a dictatorship, all players are free to take the risk on other sites. Obviously if anything ever happens on those sites, its their own fault.
  6. Dan

    Link warnings

    I have added this to my list of things to do. I will have to code it in manually.
  7. He was warned in the end. He isn't banned. he posted a HYIP advertisement which isn't allowed on these forums.
  8. I have now changed the messaging limits. Conversations allowed to start per day: 20. Conversations allowed to start per minute: 4.
  9. Generally the only areas that pay are primedice discussion, bitcoin discussion and gambling discussion. This doesn't include the stories section and techniques, because people kept posting the exact same martingale strategy or story every day.
  10. Thank you for sharing, I took some time to clear up spelling mistakes and make the post look nicer with some basic formatting. There are some grammar issues, but other than that, really informative post! I love it I used to do freelance work and can attest to the suggestions you have provided. There are a large amount of great opportunities to work online, and most of them haven't even been invented yet!
  11. I don't see any mention of provably fair on their website.
  12. Primedice is our family. We love getting to know the people we spend most our days with. Having the ability to learn more about all of you and to share experiences between each other, has been so rewarding. We built this community because we felt there was a greater value in bringing everyone together. From all the highs and the lows, its much more fun being able to share our time with others, and build connections with people, we otherwise, never would have realised was possible. I have made friends some really good friends inside this community and met some amazing people.
  13. You might be confused with @vinka76 and @vinka1976 The latter was her alt that she reported to us a while ago. I assume she accidentally logged in on it.
  14. Dan

    Link warnings

    I like this idea. Will try to implement today.
  15. We unbanned @RollingYourHead last week after changing his ban to a final warning. @Bitcoinani got warned twice for alts, then received his final warning and resulting ban earlier this week for creating another alt on forum to abuse PPP. I am not aware of any bans on @vinka76 @FriendlyFire has had two warnings now for alts, and is on his last.
  16. Dan

    Can't Post

    Funny you say that, the people we actually have to limit the posts on are mainly the ones with 1k+
  17. Your design is pretty good, but i still don't think its what Edward is looking for. Out of all the entries you have done one of the few best to be unique and different. I think what Edward wants is something professional, different and groundbreaking.
  18. There's currently no real revolutionary designs, most people have copied the same design and changed a few colours.
  19. Hmm that's odd, it was working but isn't now. I'll look into it today
  20. Does anyone have a list of people I can look into appealing their bans?