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  1. There is a bot farm that has been farming the faucet overnight. We have had to reduce the faucet amount once again Their network had almost 10,000 accounts, all of which had verified gmail emails and continued to grow. All it takes is one asshole to ruin it for the rest of you. With such a large farm of accounts, our only choice is to reduce the faucet and encourage people to sue the forum more, otherwise we would risk banned a lot of innocent players based on the pattern of this particular person. The faucet amount is not changed based on BTC value. The faucet is not a sustainable product and won't be around forever, it's probably time to stop being so reliant on it. Amazing response!
  2. There are a few issues with the Hall of Fame that we wish to address and resolve in a future update. Currently it's not serving the purpose of what we intended and we want to ensure it hits the mark when we re-release it in the coming weeks.
  3. I cleaned up your original post, using correct formatting and such. Good luck with your project, I haven't yet had a chance to look through your source code to critique your project, but will do so in the future. In future, don't forget to use code tags and bullet points if you can.
  4. There is no withdraw requirements.
  5. We are a gambling community, not a charity We already give out far more than any other dicing site for promotional and giveaway funds.
  6. 2FA on tips is to be removed if not already done so. It was just there until the vault was launched.
  7. I want to just add an important bit of contribution to this discussion: Just because a site claims to be provably fair, or have some other version of a fairness algorithm in place, doesn't guarantee they aren't rigging their outcomes. You can easily fool players by branding something as provably fair, but its truly not provably fair until you verify your own bets. I know understanding the concept of provably fair is tough for the average player to grasp, so asking experienced gamblers who understand how it works is also a good strategy to ensure the site you are playing on is operating fairly. I suggest checking out fairness validators on 3rd party sites such as https://dicesites.com to confirm your bets are in fact not manipulated. Staying safe relies on players not being lazy or blindly trusting the site. Be vigilant where you gamble and always ensure you verify your bets and do so consistently. That is the only true way to ensure you aren't being taken advantage of by any operator.
  8. Thank you for your suggestion. We value your opinion and will appoint someone when we find a person who is a good representative of our brand and image.
  9. Try turning off animations and live stats. We monitor the server performance regularly and cannot see any abnormalities. Hopefully you can find a source to your problems.
  10. Oh wow, how unluckily lucky. This is actually more common than people realise, once every 4 days roughly its expected for someone to hit the jackpot.
  11. Thanks for sharing @Hhampuz I'm sure our community will love engaging themselves in the survey. Especially when there's a juicy incentive at the end of it!
  12. Primedice averages almost 25 million bets a day, and the odds of hitting the jackpot is 1 in 100 million. So statistically speaking, someone hits it once every 4 days on Primedice. However, they do need the min wager requirement to claim the prize!
  13. Old topic, Dogeecoin has now officially launched on Primedice. Closing.
  14. I started watching the original dragon ball series recently. Holy shit I didn't realise how much sexual references there were! How were kids allowed to watch this! 😛
  15. Considering the approval of 9 exchanges, you would have to assume the government is supporting crypto as a genuine currency in their economy. It's a great step forward!
  16. Its good to see actions taking place against those people who used crypto as a scheme to steal from others. I honestly didn't see anything like this happening considering how much the governments hate crypto. Its great to ehar those people who got scammed in this case were able to be compensated for their loss.
  17. This is a very similar strategy to what I do. It is a bit more riskier than what you may think. Nonetheless thank you very much for sharing, great video!
  18. This has been recommended many times. Its something that doesn't appear to be a necessary update currently.
  19. When you start adding colours to chat you get issues with readability. I remember when on the old chat tools people would use ridiculous fonts and colours and it was so hard ot read at times.
  20. Certain forum sections are exempt from the recent topics feed. Usually its those sections that don't earn for pay per post. I will review the sections and see if we can add some more to accommodate the mining section.
  21. I like this idea, this is a discussion for Primedice so its in right section. Lets see how many french players we have to support this idea.
  22. This has been requested many times over and despite the support for it, its yet to be created. Perhaps sometime in the future.