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  1. On 13/05/2019 at 03:54, prashblah said:

    Hi @Dan

    I am trying to use the graphql api and i send the api token x-access-token in the http header. But when I try to use any restricted api, I get the below error:

      "errors": [
          "path": [
          "message": "Your API key doesn't have the permission to do this.",
          "errorType": "restrictedScope"
      "data": null

    Do I need to do anything to get access or am I doing something wrong.



    Are you adding it here? https://api.primedice.com/graphql


    Screen Shot 2019-05-15 at 3.13.30 pm.png

  2. I'm not too sure how many people are actively interested in the growth of the lightning network and its adoption, but as of late there has been a tremendous growth, which could potentially see some price rising across the whole spectrum of the crypto universe.

    Now with a total capacity of 601 BTC ($2,053,000), the Lightning network has added over 15% of capacity growth during the first month of 2019. The total node count now sits just below 6000, the equivalent of a 16% monthly rise, while there are now above 22,000 channels – 36% more than a month ago.

    It's certainly hard to argue against the fact that this sort of growth in the middle of a relentless bear market is saying something. Could this be a turning point and a great investment opportunity to buy back in? Only time will tell!

    You can find more relevant statistics about the network here: https://1ml.com/

  3. 1 hour ago, MateuszHDHR1 said:

    That changed a little bit because the price now is far lower, so I'd have to make a lot more posts, it was around 400$ if im right

    At the current price that sounds terrible, but hold on to it and you should be a very wealthy person in a few years 😛 

  4. On 01/10/2018 at 07:44, MateuszHDHR1 said:

    Let's say I make 6250 posts here (the paid ones), I would be able to buy myself a decent phone for the money I would get for that.

    U think this is possible? How long would it take it, ofcourse no spam and stuff, just a decent posts.

    Should I challenge it? XD

    How much money are you anticipating to make from it?

  5. Celebrate Christmas in style by competing in our
    brand-new Tournament feature!

    3 Wiseman races.png


    To celebrate this Christmas season and the beginning of a new year, we are hosting a unique Christmas tournament mode. Compete against all the other players on Primedice for a share in a prize pool unlike anything you have seen before!

    The tournament commences on the 17th and will run until the 6th of January. During the tournament period, the prize pool will grow based on 10% of the accumulated house edge generated by all bets made on Primedice and will be distributed by our "three wise men" to the top 100 players on the leaderboard at the end.


    Prize Distribution

    1st 30%
    2nd 16%
    3rd 11%
    4th 8%
    5th 6%
    6th 5%
    7th 4%
    8th 3%
    9th 2%
    10th 1%
    11th - 15th 0.5%
    16th  -20th 0.3%
    21st - 30th 0.2%
    31st - 50th 0.15%
    51st - 100th 0.1%


  6. 7 minutes ago, MateuszHDHR1 said:

    Is that possible? I would love to have that spreadsheet cuz I had some great, and mega bad bets in my history but it's hard to find them

    From the last 3 weeks or older than that? Because your bet archive is where you can download bets from older than a month.

  7. PD awards.png

    2018 Primedice Awards

    It's been another great year here at Primedice, time to vote for the most iconic people!

    In retrospect this has been one of the biggest years to date for Primedice and its growth, and with that some really great memories and moments have come with it. These awards are all about reminiscing on the year and acknowledging those players and staff who made the biggest impact on your time here at Primedice in 2018. Acknowledge the passion and dedication of your favourite community members and cast your vote today!

    The award categories are: funniest person, friendliest person, forum hero, chat hero, most lovable, most intelligent, most influential, best moderator, funniest support, favourite support and favourite staff.

    All voting will close at the end of the new years countdown, which is a fitting end to our year with Primedice.



    Forum Hero: 
    Chat Hero: 
    Most Lovable: 
    Most Intelligent: 
    Most Influential: 
    Best Moderator: 
    Funniest Support: 
    Favourite Support: 
    Favourite Staff: 



    1. Only vote for one person per category.
    2. You can only vote for the same person in a maximum of two categories.
    3. You can leave categories empty if you feel you don't have an eligible candidate.
    4. You can only vote once, no alt accounts, no family member accounts.
    5. 15 post count minimum to vote.
    6. Voting closes at 00.00 GMT on the 1st of January 2019.

  8. Stake is a bit more invested into having a larger community because it is a full fledged Casino. One thing we have learnt about the player base on Primedice is that they are more particular about being a close knit community and we agree that's how it should be. Primedice is the best you can get when it comes to dicing, and we don;t want to spoil that by flooding people with crappy content.

  9. Rules for the cryptocurrency news section

    Due to the increase in spam, and the number of throw away topics created in this section, I have compiled a list of requirements to ensure that we don't flood this section with meaningless content. Please use the below points to ensure you're making the most of your content.

    • No copyright
    • Always link to the source of your information
    • Provide an original summary
    • Provide an original opinion about why you care for the news piece 

  10. There is a bot farm that has been farming the faucet overnight. We have had to reduce the faucet amount once again Their network had almost 10,000 accounts, all of which had verified gmail emails and continued to grow. All it takes is one asshole to ruin it for the rest of you. With such a large farm of accounts, our only choice is to reduce the faucet and encourage people to sue the forum more, otherwise we would risk banned a lot of innocent players based on the pattern of this particular person.

    The faucet amount is not changed based on BTC value. The faucet is not a sustainable product and won't be around forever, it's probably time to stop being so reliant on it.

    13 hours ago, lint59 said:

    the word indeed starts with f but it isnt faucet .... its Forum.... if you want free money keep the ecosystem engaging , talk to peeps , and pray that you hit 9900 in  your next 100 bets of your free money ....  if not , try again .... faucet is pee pee and only bear grylls can survive on pee pee ....lol 

    Amazing response!