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  1. Russian players can now play on our official mirror: https://primedice.games/
  2. Hi All, Today marks the end of an era for our Pay per Post initiative on the Primedice forum. For 4 years now, we have been running this initiative to help develop a flourishing community with the intention of encouraging the production of quality content creation and discussion, coupled the ultimate goal to fuel a larger SEO reach. This long journey has been a great learning experience for everyone involved. Thank you everyone who participated in this fruitful initiative, I'll leave you all with some fascinating facts about what we were about to achieve over the years. -------------------------- Total Cashouts: 1528 Total funds distributed: 0.98541273 BTC Number of users paid: 421 Most earned by a single user: 0.05489903 BTC ------------------------- With regards to your forum reward balance, that will remain for a few months until it is also phased out. Cheers, Dan
  3. We have some exciting things in the pipeline for PD, in the last two years we have maintained the site fairly well with constant maintenance and performance improvements. New features have also made their way into the product, but we havent yet released a big enough update to deem a new version of the site. That is still yet to come.
  4. Sorry about that mate, all resolved.
  5. Theming is something that we don't see being on the primedice roadmap anywhere. We have spent a lot of time in the past trying to accommodate such features, only for them to be deprecated soon after.
  6. Realistically forums are probably less used these days. Traditional forum were used as a source of information and discussion on a certain topic, but theres so many alternatives out there now that do a better job on a larger scale. Such as wiki, reddit, etc. Having a private forum is great for SEO, but outside that, it's tough to do much more than that with it.
  7. This already exists. It's called rakeback and is available to all our VIP's. Our rakeback feature is better than bankrupt, because your acquire it for both winning and losing. This is what the vault is used for. It already exists, check here: https://primedice.com/?currency=xrp&modal=vault&operation=deposit
  8. { user { statistic { game bets wins losses currency profitAmount } } }
  9. The vip status is not something that we wish to make publicly available to our players.
  10. Paddyspub was able to demonstrate with the screenshot above. Hope that answers your question!
  11. { user { depositList { amount currency walletFee status createdAt } } } { user { withdrawalList { amount currency status createdAt } } }
  12. Account balances { user { id name balances { available { currency amount } vault { currency amount } } } } Tiplist { user { tipList(limit: 50, offset: 0) { user { name id } amount currency createdAt } } }
  13. Good question! mutation { changeClientSeed(seed: "my1337newSeed") { id seed active createdAt } } mutation { rotateServerSeed { id seedHash active createdAt } }
  14. I have responded on the API topic, closing this as its a duplicate question.
  15. You cant run graphql mutations and queries within your browser console, or at least its not advised. How are you running the primedice roll mutation? You need to add the access token header to your code.
  16. Hi All, Unfortunately, our current server provider is not allowing us to accept Russian customers. If you are trying to enter Primedice through a Russian VPN, or your location is Russia, you will be automatically redirected to our Forum. If you have an account that you can no longer access that has balance in it, please contact Support and they will be able to help you out. This decision is out of our control, and we hope to have further updates when or if they become available. We apologies for any inconveniences this may cause.
  17. You can query the user object once you have authenticated (explained how to in original post.) Example user query: { user { id balances { available { currency amount } vault { currency amount } } } } The betiid implementation was a decision made by the lead developers. It's certainly not ideal, but it's the only solution they could come too with the problems we were heading into. iid is no longer available as a return field from a dice roll, if oyu remove it, then the mutaiton will work, as such: mutation { primediceRoll(amount: 0.001, target: 90.0, condition: above, currency: doge) { id payout amountMultiplier payoutMultiplier createdAt nonce } }
  18. Using the Primedice API Graphql endpoint: https://api.primedice.com/graphql Authentication You can authenticate with graphql via the http header. We utilise jwt token's for authentication which can be found via https://primedice.com/settings/tokens or for an unrestricted token (access to everything on your account) you can obtain it from your browser's local storage. Authenticated requests require that you use this token in your header by adding it to the "x-access-token" property. { "x-access-token": "token goes here" } Schema Our schema is now locked down and private. To help support developers, I have created this topic to provide assistance to those who would like insights into certain queries or mutations. When someone requests details for a certain aspect of the schema, I will append this topic with the relevant details required to conduct such a query or mutation. Terminology: With graphql, queries are the equivalent of a GET request, where you are asking for information to be returned, whereas a mutation is a POST request where you generally invoke an action. API Client When working with debugging queries using our API, theres a fair few API clients you can utilise to test that you are getting the responses you need. I currently use (and highly recommend) https://insomnia.rest/. It allows you to not only do standard REST requests with API's but also GraphQL requests. It's a great way to test that your queries are working before you throw them into your projects. Examples Public Chats Query (search for all public chat channels) [Unrestricted] query { publicChats { id name } } Bet List Query (lookup a players bet history) [Unrestricted] { user(name: "Dan") { houseBetList(limit: 50, offset: 0) { id iid bet { ... on CasinoBet { game payout amountMultiplier payoutMultiplier amount currency createdAt } } } } } Bet Info Query (lookup a specific bet) [Unrestricted] { bet(iid: "house:32361565304") { id iid bet { ... on CasinoBet { game payout payoutMultiplier amount createdAt currency user { name } state { ... on CasinoGamePrimedice { result target condition } } } } } } Roll Dice (make a dice bet) [Authenticated] mutation { primediceRoll(amount: 1, target: 50, condition: above, currency: doge) { id payout amountMultiplier payoutMultiplier createdAt nonce } } Please use this topic to submit a request on how to do a certain action with our API and I will ensure to get back to you with the necessary information.
  19. Dan

    Dice Destruction!

    Your bet is now anonymous, could you submit it again and try linking once more? Thanks!
  20. Everyone who has complained about not getting paid has shown me examples of situations where they simply posted a one sentence response. The system is working as intended, thats not considered valuable contribution to the discussion.
  21. That would happen if it isn't high enough quality. If you would like, you can link me the three posts in that section and I can let you know what is wrong with the quality.
  22. I am also confused. Here is your forum reward history for last few days? Could you let me know whats wrong so I can investigate. Cheers!
  23. Are you adding it here? https://api.primedice.com/graphql
  24. I've clearly been lazy, and so has the graphic designer. I need some form of badge made up for the awards before I can grant them. I'll look into it, as I dont want to recycle the ones that were created for Stake.