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  1. Dan

    Bet archive

    Hi mate, I totally understand your frustrations. We are actively working on solutions to the ever growing problem associated to storing large amounts of bet data. Rest assure, this is a big issue for us also, and something we hope to resolve.
  2. This is a very very foolish thing to do. I hope you learn from your mistake.
  3. Thanks for the suggestion @dznuts8585 I'll make sure it makes its way to the developers.
  4. We recently added advanced autobetting, we also are looking at ways of adding other dice related features that arent evasive, we really dont want to ruin the great thing going on with primedice, so we are always far more cautious with what we add to the platform. Stake is more of a playground, its super experimental and far more complicated. We use this as a development tool to help determine what works well and what doesnt.
  5. Dan

    Bet archive

    No worries mate, we have beefed up our servers to try and prevent any issues like this happening in the future. Thank you for your understanding.
  6. Dan

    Bet archive

    I dont understand what you are asking for here, what are the figures? Roll results? Thos bets are not in the archive because the database was corrupted, we can do a recoery process to try and locate certain bets, but it will take time.
  7. PD forever baby. We are still working on updates for primedice. Just at a more conservative rate and approach. Primedice is a great product, and doesn't need all the bells and whistles that exist on stake.
  8. Dan

    Bet archive

    Hi @DeeBK, We are aware of a current ongoing issue with our database, that is resulting with problems saving recent bets to the archived. We are working vigorously to try and recover those bets and restore the missing archives. Will keep you posted. Thanks for reporting.
  9. Hi All, Today marks the end of an era for our Pay per Post initiative on the Primedice forum. For 4 years now, we have been running this initiative to help develop a flourishing community with the intention of encouraging the production of quality content creation and discussion, coupled the ultimate goal to fuel a larger SEO reach. This long journey has been a great learning experience for everyone involved. Thank you everyone who participated in this fruitful initiative, I'll leave you all with some fascinating facts about what we were about to achieve over the years. -------------------------- Total Cashouts: 1528 Total funds distributed: 0.98541273 BTC Number of users paid: 421 Most earned by a single user: 0.05489903 BTC ------------------------- With regards to your forum reward balance, that will remain for a few months until it is also phased out. Cheers, Dan
  10. We have some exciting things in the pipeline for PD, in the last two years we have maintained the site fairly well with constant maintenance and performance improvements. New features have also made their way into the product, but we havent yet released a big enough update to deem a new version of the site. That is still yet to come.
  11. Sorry about that mate, all resolved.
  12. Theming is something that we don't see being on the primedice roadmap anywhere. We have spent a lot of time in the past trying to accommodate such features, only for them to be deprecated soon after.
  13. Realistically forums are probably less used these days. Traditional forum were used as a source of information and discussion on a certain topic, but theres so many alternatives out there now that do a better job on a larger scale. Such as wiki, reddit, etc. Having a private forum is great for SEO, but outside that, it's tough to do much more than that with it.
  14. This already exists. It's called rakeback and is available to all our VIP's. Our rakeback feature is better than bankrupt, because your acquire it for both winning and losing. This is what the vault is used for. It already exists, check here: https://primedice.com/?currency=xrp&modal=vault&operation=deposit
  15. { user { statistic { game bets wins losses currency profitAmount } } }