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  1. Dan

    Markdown in Chat

    When you start adding colours to chat you get issues with readability. I remember when on the old chat tools people would use ridiculous fonts and colours and it was so hard ot read at times.
  2. Certain forum sections are exempt from the recent topics feed. Usually its those sections that don't earn for pay per post. I will review the sections and see if we can add some more to accommodate the mining section.
  3. Dan

    Recensement des francophones

    I like this idea, this is a discussion for Primedice so its in right section. Lets see how many french players we have to support this idea.
  4. This has been requested many times over and despite the support for it, its yet to be created. Perhaps sometime in the future.
  5. Dan

    [IDEA] Rain-ban

    You can't receive rain if you're muted.
  6. Dan

    [POLL] Next Coin 💰

    Many more coins to come, this poll is irrelevant so closing now.
  7. Dan

    [POLL] Option to Change Skins/Theme

    Locking this as it has been decided by @Stunna that he doesn't support this idea.
  8. Dan

    Trading 411k LTC from stake to PD

    Who are you trading with? I am available.
  9. I cleaned up your topic, good luck with the site!
  10. Dan

    Lint's Sports Bets

    Got any tips for this week end? I have some funds to gamble.
  11. Hi @joykami, You are so close my friend! What has been changed in the latest update to the back end was adding a state to the game. To access the result, you now have to use the following state union type. mutation { primediceRoll( amount: 0.00000000 currency: eth condition: above target: 49.99 ) { id game amount currency payout state { ... on BetGamePrimedice { result } } user { name } } } I hope this helps.
  12. Dan

    2FA on tipping

    Just so that you all are aware, the 2FA on tipping was an additional security measure that was added because a lot of members of the site were concerned about account security. This is only a temporary measure until the vault is finished, whereas people will be able to keep their funds secure in a banking system, with extra protection so that if their account does somehow become compromised, their funds are still protected.
  13. Dan

    📢 Loaning to be phased out!

    Just to help clear up any concerns with existing loans: Any existing loans are still protected under our current rules. So anyone who tries to scam existing loans will be perm banned on all existing and future accounts. In regards to why the decision was made: The people who made this decision did so because they don't want to have to ban high rollers from our casino for things we have facilitated. This is not a decision that was made by myself or support. We understand it was a big part of the community and it will be sad to have to say good bye to it, but you have to understand that at the end of the day as much as we love the community, there are certain aspects that don't leave the best of impressions on our brand and if we can't treat all players fairly, then we shouldn't provide the service at all. We wont ban lenders, you can do as you wish with your own money. However going forward once we close the service on the forum, we wont ban anyone who defaults on future loans made after we close the service provided here. Don't get me wrong, loaning isn't a ban-able offence, the main change is that defaulting on a loan going forward also wont be ban-able. This has been the directive given to me from the decision makers who control how our brand image is defined. I'm sure you can understand why this had to be done. Due to the nature of crypto, and not enforcing KYC for our players, it's an impossible task to facilitate a scam free environment.
  14. Hi All, As you have probably deduced from the title of this announcement, we will be removing loaning from our platform. Due to the increase in scams from multiple parties, especially the High Rollers taking advantage of players trusts, we have no choice but to remove our support from the concept. All current loans will be required to be paid out as of Monday the 24th, where we will be closing that particular part of our forum. Loaning will also become something we will no longer support going forward. Although it wont be a ban-able offence to loan or default on a loan, any people who choose to participate in the activity and then choose to broadcast about their problem on chat or the forum can be at risk of consequences. It is now 100% your responsibility to have complete control on your decision making regarding the matter. This means that if you do continue to choose to loan, that is your responsibility to manage and handle your risk.