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  1. We have some exciting things in the pipeline for PD, in the last two years we have maintained the site fairly well with constant maintenance and performance improvements. New features have also made their way into the product, but we havent yet released a big enough update to deem a new version of the site. That is still yet to come.
  2. Sorry about that mate, all resolved.
  3. Theming is something that we don't see being on the primedice roadmap anywhere. We have spent a lot of time in the past trying to accommodate such features, only for them to be deprecated soon after.
  4. Realistically forums are probably less used these days. Traditional forum were used as a source of information and discussion on a certain topic, but theres so many alternatives out there now that do a better job on a larger scale. Such as wiki, reddit, etc. Having a private forum is great for SEO, but outside that, it's tough to do much more than that with it.
  5. This already exists. It's called rakeback and is available to all our VIP's. Our rakeback feature is better than bankrupt, because your acquire it for both winning and losing. This is what the vault is used for. It already exists, check here: https://primedice.com/?currency=xrp&modal=vault&operation=deposit
  6. { user { statistic { game bets wins losses currency profitAmount } } }
  7. The vip status is not something that we wish to make publicly available to our players.
  8. Paddyspub was able to demonstrate with the screenshot above. Hope that answers your question!
  9. { user { depositList { amount currency walletFee status createdAt } } } { user { withdrawalList { amount currency status createdAt } } }
  10. Account balances { user { id name balances { available { currency amount } vault { currency amount } } } } Tiplist { user { tipList(limit: 50, offset: 0) { user { name id } amount currency createdAt } } }
  11. Good question! mutation { changeClientSeed(seed: "my1337newSeed") { id seed active createdAt } } mutation { rotateServerSeed { id seedHash active createdAt } }
  12. I have responded on the API topic, closing this as its a duplicate question.
  13. You cant run graphql mutations and queries within your browser console, or at least its not advised. How are you running the primedice roll mutation? You need to add the access token header to your code.
  14. Hi All, Unfortunately, our current server provider is not allowing us to accept Russian customers. If you are trying to enter Primedice through a Russian VPN, or your location is Russia, you will be automatically redirected to our Forum. If you have an account that you can no longer access that has balance in it, please contact Support and they will be able to help you out. This decision is out of our control, and we hope to have further updates when or if they become available. We apologies for any inconveniences this may cause.